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September 15, 2005



Where is the cultural sensitivity.

: stands straight
: raises right arm with fan extended
: stamps left foot
: stamps left foot again
: takes large step to right
: brings down fan across face
: extends left arm straight up
: brings left arm in front
: wiggles fingers on left hand
: raises eyebrows
: stamps foot
: holds pose


Hmm, you left out "crosses eyes".

Of course, the perfomer might have crossed his eyes looking for my question mark after "sensitivity".

A special technique of kabuki known as mie is perhaps most in keeping with this principle of formalized beauty. This is employed in certain climatic moments or at the close of a classical play by the principal actor who momentarily pauses in a pictorial posture and assumes a stare and crosses his eyes. This unique type of acting is an example of the tendency of kabuki to place maximum emphasis on statuesque beauty.
Stink Finger

Are you implying that Biden plagiarized Kevin Drum? It wouldn't be the first time for Joe.


It means they're going through pre-programmed motions in the hearing. Just something to watch as theater, nothing deep.

Asking questions you know won't be answered then complaining that the questions weren't answered.

Hoping the lady drops her fan, or forgets to cross her eyes. Never happens.


Sumo is as formalized, and more fun to watch.


Watch Bush throw salt around tonight just before getting down to business. CEO and Sumo Champion of the World.


Why are many (most?) of these leftist/leftwing sites often filled with profanity-laced posts?

Atrios must be the leader in this juvenilia but his lead is quite small.

Very odd and very ugly stuff.


richard mcenroe

SteveMG — Well, they haven't had a policy that didn't result in a pile of brownskinned corpses in the last 30-some years. Can't blame them for being a little testy.

As for "Where is the cultural sensitivity?"
Maybe they need to take a FEMA briefing...


Well, they haven't had a policy that didn't result in a pile of brownskinned corpses in the last 30-some years.

Don't tell Rwanda.


LOL, Mr. TM!

BTW,who is this "Stink Finger"? Have you been on some other forum somewhere that I have read?


I believe Kaus is the most frequent user in the blogosphere of the "Kabuki" metaphor (he sometimes raises it to the level of meta-metaphor), but it's an old Beltway press cliche, like "gravitas" or "the ship of state".

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