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September 30, 2005


Geek, Esq.

Two other things about A-Rod vs. Papi:

1) The obvious--defensively, A-Rod is an asset in the field, while Papi is a liability the Sox hide at the DH spot.

2) A-Rod also stole 20 bags this year.

That said, it'll come down to this weekend.


Is it possible that the American League could have a MVP that might regularly sit on the bench in the National League?

Is it possible that a sport admired for its multi-talented atheletes would honor a one-dimensional player?

Or is this merely a circle jerk by sportwriters in need of filling column inches--realizing that while Ortiz is the Most Dangerous Batter, that alone doesn't earn MVP awards?

Charles McLean

First, Big Papi actually plays first base pretty well. The Red Sox have two capable players who regularly play that position -- Millar and Olerud -- but when the Sox play National League teams at their home parks, Ortiz does very nicely at first, thank you. Second point: MVP should mean just that. Ortiz is the most valuable player in the American League because he makes more of a decisive difference in the outcome of games than any player in the League. He is a tie-breaker, a walk-off homer hitter, a game-changer. He deserves to be MVP.


Would A-Rod loose points in the MVP race if his fielding was poor? Then you have to give him credit for the gold glove caliber third baseman he has been since the All-Star break. That A-Rod contributes to his team in the field as well as in the batters box is why he is more valuable than Ortiz.


What Would James Do?


go papi

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