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September 17, 2005



The Democrats are going to complain about EVERYTHING. The whining started when Bush waived the wage standards under (don't remember the name). The whining will cover everything that Bush has done or will do that enables a faster, more efficient rebuilding and relief process.

Remember the complaints from the Dems about those firemen who were required to go through sensitivity training before FEMA allowed them into the city?

Multiply that times 100 and you have the red tape of regulations and processess that will hinder the rebuilding and end up costing so much more.

But why let political correctness ruin a good rebuilding effort.

The Democrats can't even manage their own party. But they'll sure try to manage the recovery from the worst disaster America has seen in a century.

Roland Patrick

'I am surprised that the Senator considers this an appropriate time and these the appropriate circumstances for a partisan debate on vouchers.'

Exactly. And, it would appear that to deny equal aid to children from private schools would be both a 14th Amendment violation as well as a 1st Amendment 'free expression' violation.


"Vouchers are divisive", so sayeth the NEA poohbah.

And why are they divisive?

"Because we're against them".

And critics have the gall to say that some (many? most?) liberals are becoming reactionary ideologues with no new ideas.



Upon further reflection - my guess is that Kennedy's position is that *all* the kids should get aid allowing them into public schools, which would address thr equal protection question.

And one obvious compromise would be to (a) let the 11,000 private non-Catholic school kids get aid for any school; (b) let the 50,000 Catholic school kids get aid for any Catholic or public school; and (c) require all the public school kids to choose a new public school.

That strikes me as absurd, and maybe even more absurd than Kennedy's idea that they all must go to public school if they want aid.


They must be opposed to vouchers now, because to let them in the door the Kat left open, is to fail to ever justify opposition.


For those interested:

I've received many of my credit card and other bills for last month (I live on the east side of Mobile Bay)

In each case so far, each of the companies have waived all finance charges and payments for this month.

This includes my Texaco/Shell and Chevron gas bills for last month ($280 for Shell and $50 for Chevron - we were on the road alot three weeks ago) and also my USAA and Chase bills.

They've also included with the bills special phone numbers for those financially strapped to call to re-arrange future payments.

And Emigrant Direct, an online bank (3.5% interest yield), has given each of their customers who live in the Gulf region $1,000 to help them out. We gave our grand to Catholic Charities.


Fortunately, we've got no problem financially although my brother (private consultant to LA Dept of Education) and his wife (teacher) are out of jobs probably until the end of the year. But they're okay financially too.

A few other family members are scattered here and there but are okay as well, at least physically. Most have been helped out by just ordinary folks - although they're not really ordinary folks, if you know what I mean.

Lots of real good people in this country. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.



Thank God for a NYT story that isn't about Palme or that reporter from the Times .. Miller or something like that.

.. and Karl Rove is still works at the White House.


Fasten your seatbelts and take the dogs and children out of the room.

A Time magazine reporter actually thought it was a great and, evidently, newsworthy idea to ask the Iranian "President" about the US government's relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina.


This is not a spoof or satire on the ridiculousness of the US media.

Is Time being run by 4-year olds? I mean, can one walk in off the street and get an editorial position? Or even work as an international reporter?

Geezus, this is something a high school newspaper would run.

Cannot believe this.

Oh, by the way, the Iranian leader was critical of our response.

Don'tcha know.



The only problem with the school voucher idea - because really, the kids need to get into school, and it doesn't matter where at this point- is the very sensible suspicion that the Goopers are exploiting this tragedy, as they did 9/11, in a coldblooded attempt to get their agenda thrust upon the American people, bypassing the lawful process of doing so.

For example, we have this incredibly shameful story, Looking for a Corpse to Make a Case :
Federal troops aren't the only ones looking for bodies on the Gulf Coast. On Sept. 9, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions called his old law professor Harold Apolinsky, co-author of Sessions' legislation repealing the federal estate tax, which was encountering sudden resistance on the Hill. Sessions had an idea to revitalize their cause, which he left on Apolinsky's voice mail: "[Arizona Sen.] Jon Kyl and I were talking about the estate tax. If we knew anybody that owned a business that lost life in the storm, that would be something we could push back with."

If legislative ambulance chasing looks like a desperate measure, for the backers of repealing the estate tax, these are desperate times. Just three weeks ago, their long-sought goal of repeal seemed within reach, but Katrina dashed their hopes when Republican leaders put off an expected vote. After hearing from Sessions, Apolinsky, an estate tax lawyer who says his firm includes three multi-billionaires among its clients, mobilized the American Family Business Institute, a Washington-based group devoted to estate tax repeal. They reached out to members along the Gulf Coast to hunt for the dead.

It's been hard. Only a tiny percentage of people are affected by the estate tax—in 2001 only 534 Alabamans were subject to it. And for Hill backers of repeal, that's only part of the problem. Last year, the tax brought in $24.8 billion to the federal government. With Katrina's cost soaring, estate tax opponents need to find a way to make up the potential lost income. For now, getting repeal back on the agenda may depend on Apolinsky and his team of estate-sniffing sleuths, who are searching Internet obituaries among other places. Has he found any victims of both the hurricane and the estate tax? "Not yet," Apolinsky says. "But I'm still looking."

So the Senator from one of the Katrina ravaged states is using his power....to hunt for a corpse valued over $2.5 million, so he can use it as a club to push through repeal of the Paris Hilton Tax....at a time when his president just promised at least $200 bill in federal dollars to rebuild the region.

It is wise to distrust this party, using their unchecked power to once again exploit America's tragedy. It is a weakness to give them an open door of any kind, a weakness America will pay for down the road. Starving the government of the 2.5 billion it would have cost us to properly construct the levees in New Orleans, just yielded us a nice little invoice of $200 billion dollars. Let's not continue to be so foolish.


Hee, hee. Poor levy construction and maintenance was a Republican problem?


Vouchers. I don't know a whole lot about them. Let's see, it looks like some sort of plan to have the village fund the rearing of children.

Might it be possible to discuss community? It is obvious that in small groups we function communally, and for common good even over individual good. We are herd critters. But as the groups grow bigger, that impulse to group benefit seems to get lost. Why?

Frank IBC

What's "shameful" about looking for hurricane victims who will be screwed once again post-mortem by the estate tax?


A liberal may try to claim moral superiority on the basis of a different point of view about property, but that's all it is; Point of View. It's an illusion that it is elevated.

The Kid

Er, were there any Islamic Centers schooling young ones in the Big Easy, preferably black Islamic Centers?

I wish there were, that would really confuse the Democrats.


There's an irony. Vouchers good at a Madrassah.


Given the history of judicial judgement regarding military recruiters on campuses, the vouchers should be free of strings, like appearances of Sen. Kennedy, while the students exercise their 1st and 14th admendment rights.

Frank IBC

It is wise to distrust this party, using their unchecked power...

"Unchecked", because the Democrats can't get anyone to vote for them anymore.


It is a weakness to give them an open door of any kind

They are the elected representatives of America. Get used to it.


So the meme is to be 'Fact Based'.

It sounds like a coming out party for the blogosphere.

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