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October 12, 2005



Yeah, and I wondered about Bob Dole hoving to lately, and now Bob Bennett.

Will the truth Bob to the surface, or will it be forever beyond the reach of plumb Bobs?

Mark Many Twains.


And you notice, leading Dems are not exactly beating Joe's drum lately either.


Meh. I think if they knew anything that group would be forced to hint around about it. That's just a CYA memo in case there aren't any indictments - or the indictments involve the wrong people - so they can scream and bitch.


Yeah, and the irony and hypocrisy of claiming to ask for the report in order to insure it's non-partisan nature is a real laugher. It will become an article of faith for the left that Fitz was corrupted by the White House if none of them end up convicted. Har de har har.


Once again the Dems are being done in because they believe the media and the media is reporting this wrong, I think.


By that I mean that I read this differently--yes they asked for a report but I think because they believe the rotten reporting and eant the report to drag it out and keep it on the frontpage. TM's inference makes sense but I don't know if it was they were thinking/


Naw, they're just hoping to keep the meme in the 'true beliefs' of the core constituency, now a more extreme left than it used to be.

It's pandering really. Fools.

Jon H

On the other hand, they might be thinking that, if left to the Republicans, we might *only* hear about the indictments, and not any and all unindicted individuals.

For the Dems, in order to make the best political use of the results of the case, they'd want to know everyone who got a little bit dirty, not just the few who fell in up to their necks.

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