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October 23, 2005



hmmm, this make me wonder if that recent Investors Biz daily op-ed, referencing an email Rove sent to Cooper wasn't and error in writing. They haven't corrected.


The Truth.



And all, or almost all shall be revealed ;)


"he might have been jailed for discussing the subject."

Dream on.

Gossip is gossip and is not illegal.

If they go to print, they may be questioned as to whom they got their info from though.

So dot your little i's and cross your t's.

Don't they teach you that in J-School?

All journalism seems to be anymore is spreading gossip anyway.

Toby Petzold

Never mind the absurd spectacle of the liberal Left taking the side of a CIA agent and talking ---with straight faces--- about treason and national security: the next big laugh will come when these people complain that Bu$hitler Imperial War Machine, Inc. is freezing out the press and committing crimes behind the wall of censorship. If these acolytes of Daniel Ellsberg want to see the information well really dry up, let them insist on indictments for everyone in sight. That would pretty much give this Administration all the rationale they would need to never again speak to another reporter. Which, these days, I'm sure would be a blessing.


They can blog instead.

All journalism seems to be anymore is spreading gossip anyway.
Well the thing that makes it "journalism" is that you spell the source's name right. It doesn't matter whether the things that the sources are saying are obviously wacky or just plain old non-sensical. But I suppose a degree in communications doesn't actually equip a "journalist" to notice that the things that a source are claiming are internally inconsistent, or require magic to be true. As long as you spell the source's name right...

cathy :-)


Someone be sure to pass the Sanger article to Michelle who seems not to understand this.

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