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October 18, 2005



Back to 'imminent' and the passion driving this debate. What is your solution to Saddam?

Trial starts today, by the way. Might be fun. I'm predicting no conviction, maybe no charging, in the Jalaba gassing.


"Sorry about that"

No prob.

"What is your solution to Saddam?"

We've covered that. To coin a phrase, I'm not taking the bait.


It's the fishing that's fun; the catching isn't necessary.


jbg, certainly if we thought there were actual stockpiles of WMDs, then it follows that there could have been launches in minutes. And of course, we were wrong. There were no WMDs (in this case). Of course there were in 1991, when the Demos in the Senate voted against the Gulf War (and immediately played mum about when it worked out so well).

That does not mean that the "45 minutes" was the justification for the war, since we spent 14 months trying to assemble as many allies as we could to do the war. From a strategic point of view, from a secdef, USNI Proceedings point of view, the danger was strategic vice tactical. I would also add that a strong component of the justification of the war (maybe not to you...or to simpletons...but to policy types who argued for doing it) was related to enforcing the results of GW1 and of the cat and mouse game that Saddam was playing in terms of trying to evade these restrictions. (Why did the inspectors only go in with a war looming...why did France, UN et al not push this stuff earlier...instead arguing for weakening things.)


"Why did the inspectors only go in with a war looming"

Bush holding a gun to Saddam's head was a smart thing. Pulling the trigger prematurely was a dumb thing.

"the cat and mouse game that Saddam was playing"

Bush didn't sell the war by telling us Saddam was playing a cat and mouse game, hoping someday to be able to get WMD. Bush sold the war by telling us Saddam had WMD and was ready to blow us up. Big difference.

"a strong component of the justification of the war"

There are all sorts of revisionist arguments we hear lately about why we "really" went to war. But the bottom line is that pre-war, what we were sold was imminent danger and fear. "45 minutes" was part and parcel of that.

You're attempting to rewrite history by suggesting WMD was merely one of the rationales for war. It was by far the leading rationale. Bush's famous pre-war address focused mostly on WMD, with barely a few words of lip-service regarding the "power of freedom." Also focusing very heavily on WMD fear-mongering, and with only passing mention of "freedom," was the prewar SOTU.


Once again, Bush was not the only one who thought Saddam had WMD. So did Joe Wilson.


Look, if nothing else, this may serve to instruct you at how warped the Moorian vision is. Joe Wilson is more in bed with Saudis than Bush is.


Syl - Thanks for making the "Occam's Razor" theory a lot clearer for me!


I this the same John Hannah? Curiouser, and curiouser

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