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October 06, 2005



You know, I don't think this guy is beholden to anyone, nor to his legacy. But he may be righteous enough not to let it corrupt him or make him careless.

And he's an exceptionally good judge of people. Better than anyone criticizing him for this choice.


I guess Gillespie has been taking his talking points from Boxer or something. Just about the last way he should push this nomination is by accusing folks on the right of sexism or elitism.

Jim E.

"And he's an exceptionally good judge of people."

Mike Brown?
Rafeal Palmerio?
KGBer Putin? ("I've looked into his soul.")
Karl Rove?


Noonan is good, but also part of the Eastern Elite. Besides, I like any Texas broad who packs heat


I trust the president's judgment. He knows this woman's character well.

Your resume isn't the only thing about you that matters.


I don't know who Palmeiro is but Brown was fine, Chalabi is Master of the Bazaar, Putin is master of more than you are and Bush didn't say what he saw there in his soul, but he is certainly being circumspect with him..

Karl Rove: I'd say he and Bush are probably equally good judges of people.

You don't think the same of these people as Bush does. Maybe you should. Defer to a better judge.

Jim Miller

How can she win? By getting the votes of 51 senators. (Or, most likely, the votes of 50 senators and Cheney. I am pretty sure the vice president can break ties on nominations, but haven't checked.)

And which senators might vote for Miers for political reasons? Any who are worried about the votes from women; that's all 100. And any who want the votes of evangelicals; that's most of the senators.

By the way, those who are attacking her as unqualified should admit that nominating Clarence
Thomas was a mistake for exactly the same reasons. (If that argument isn't obvious to you, read Kevin Martin's op-ed in today's Boston Globe.)

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