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October 23, 2005



Typical Houston post season game.

Damn good baseball - but I've got heartburn.


You can't fault them for failing to entertain - that was some show.


Wow, great game.

Interesting how it's always the lesser stars who shine: Vizcaino, Podsednik (regular season 550 PA w/0 homers), Brian Doyle, Al Weis.

And this does magnify the dominance of Rivera, as if he needed it. First ballot Hall of Famer for sure.

Rookie closers? No way.



So I get that you're a dreaded Yankee fan--one can't help one's primary loyalties. (Though don't you live in New England, where, by rights, you should pull for the mighty Sox?) But Houston? I suppose you're a Cowboys and Lakers fan, too...

Brad R.

Yes, I;m sure they could learn a lot from Rivera's consecutive blown saves in the 2004 ALCS...


Rookie closers? No way.

Lucky for the Rally Monkeys that they didn't take that advice in 2002 and gave the ball to K-Rod during crunch time (if not actual "closing").


Well, the Houston thing is out of loyalty to a long-suffering friend of mine, in addition to an old fondness for Earl Campbell.

I don't like the Lakers or Cowboys at all.

As to Mariano's blown saves in 2004 - he also blew one against Minnesota that year.

But I remember his 2003 effort a bit more clearly.

Brad R.

But I remember his 2003 effort a bit more clearly.

Yeah, I remember how he led them to a World Series title that year.

Oh, wait a sec...

Bob Kunz

So this is what it's come to, hasn't it?

I'm sure you could convince the Astros or White Sox to take Mariano.

Meanwhile, however, baseball is still a team sport.

Ssseee yaaa!


K-Rod was a good example but, as you intimated, Percival was still doing the closing.

So, my record at this site of never having been proven wrong on anything remains unblemished.


Jeff Hauser

1. Rivera has averaged more than 1.5 innings per postseason appearance, which is highly notable.

2, Many of his "blown saves" involved inherited runners and/or atrocious defense. (of course, re defense in 2001 he was 1/2 of that defense (bunt mishandled), and the other half was Torre not playing a 5th infielder against Gonzales)

Thus, 2/3 of his blown saves in 2004 did not involve his being charged for a run, earned or not. In 12 2/3rds 2004 posteason innings, he gave up 1 run and had as many hits allowed (8) as Ks (against 2 BBs, and allowing no HRs). Basically, blaming Rivera for anything in 2004 reflects real ignorance.


Rivera still has 32 post season saves and 0.75 ERA.

The law of averages was bound to catch up with him considering the Yankees have made the playoffs every year since 1995.

In 1997, he gave up that home run to Sandy Alomar in the LDS. That was the first and last home run he surrendered in the playoffs. That's a span of 8 seasons.

In fact, until he gave up that 'gimme' run in Game 1 of the LDS this year, that homer by Sandy Alomar was the last the last run he had given up in the LDS.

The series loss in 2003 had nothing to do with Mo, and I suggest you go back and watch those two blown saves in the ALCS. There's one thing you will not see: a ball hit hard. The balls took those kind of bounces and drops that seem to always happen to a team destined to win.


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