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October 13, 2005



As an aside, let me applaud the "Roger and Me" journalistic technique of citing the ducked phone calls.

yes...if I were Tate, I would take Waas's call!


Heh! Newsweek has a stellar line up from Isikoff to Michael Hersh..You needn't go thru all the work TM does to get to the truth. Buy the mag,insert "NOT" before every assertion and you'll be right about 89% of the time.


Hee, Plamegate comedic relief breaktime :)

During a dry spell, Isikoff turned to further investigative reporting:

We have learned from reliable sources that after carbon dating was ruled out as an option, the newly discovered "Notes" were hooked up to a lie-detector machine. A lawyer for the Notes, who cannot leak his name due to strict secrecy rules covering GJ testimony, supplied us with a list of the GJ's Questions to the Notes: Do you solemnly swear… you contain the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and that you were written/typed on the date at the top? And that you were born in the Washington Bureau of NY times, scratch that, Manhattan offices of the NY Times, or in Judith Miller's personal possession? Did Col. Killian's secretary type you or were you created by hand? Whose fingerprints are those you're trying to hide on underneath the staple? Oh, you're the xeroxed second generation? Who's your daddy? Where's your mommy?

:) I know, this is silly. I don't understand how any reporter's notes can be valid evidence in a court. Maybe in a newspaper which would print Jayson Blair's trusted notes, but surely not in a court. (Unless the Notes themselves become evidence of an attempt to mislead.)


My best, as BR put it, "top notch pajama sleuth" moment, my claim to fame and glory in my own mind was this diary I wrote on July 13, 2005. I scooped the NYT and WAPO who didn't figure it out until July 16.

In flights of fancy I even think I may have tipped the reporters off to the memo story, the diary was at the top of the recomended list at Kos for 2 days.

A couple of Isikoff scoops are why I started looking. Obviously Isikoff and Fitz knew about it.


Suppose Russert's sippin' sweet tea?


"Rove has also testified that the first time he saw the State Department memo was when "people in the special prosecutor's office" showed it to him, said Robert Luskin, his attorney.
"He had not seen it or heard about it before that time," Luskin said."



Hi, Polly - I've been off loafing. I didn't know you wrote at DailyKos. After reading your linked scoop just now, I follow the events but think the flow went the other way. Here's the best way I can explain the tangled web - by revisiting David Corn's 7/16/03 article...


Will David Corn Eat His Words?

7/16/03 article: "A White House Smear" - revisited:

First paragraph:
"Did senior Bush officials blow the cover of a US intelligence officer working covertly in a field of vital importance to national security--and break the law--in order to strike at a Bush administration critic and intimidate others?"

Last paragraph:
"The Wilson smear was a thuggish act. Bush and his crew abused and misused intelligence to make their case for war . Now there is evidence Bushies used classified information and put the nation's counter-proliferation efforts at risk merely to settle a score. It is a sign that with this gang politics trumps national security."

[Or, was it actually the other way around:]

"Did senior [anti-Bush CIA, ex-CIA, and ex-NSC-turned Kerry campaign] officials [contrive the "cover" status] of a US intelligence officer working [at a desk job at CIA HQ] in a field of vital importance to national security--and break the law [we'll see what the GJ finds; there was certainly incitement to break the law by the ex-CIA VIPS group, as well as CIA-forged Niger memos] --in order to strike at [Bush and Blair] and intimidate others [from further looking into Iraq/Iran/France uranium dealings and Wilson's own 'gold mine' business dealings for foreign clients in Niger]?"

"The Wilson smear [of the Bush WH] was a thuggish act. [Plame/Wilson] and [the rest of the] crew abused and misused intelligence to make their case [for France, against the war and Bush]. Now there is [reason to believe that Plame/Wilson and the cabal gang] used classified information [a contrived 6/10/03 INR memo ostensibly written to brief Powell, then circulated to conservative news outlets as a Trojan Horse]and put the nation's counter-proliferation efforts at risk merely to settle a score [aka the Bin Laden Delusion Disorder]. It is a sign that with this gang politics [and money] trumps national security."


Polly, I have a question for you regarding your date of 2002 for a classified INR report. I read pg. 40 of the SSCI Report which you referred to in your above-linked diary post. But I don't see any mention of a 2002 report there at pg 40. The CIA analyst who testified is quoted, and e-mails are mentioned, but there's no indication of a 2002 classified INR report, or any other report, on that page.

At first I thought you just had a typo, but then I saw it referenced as 2002 throughout and in your above post. Perhaps you meant the infamous 6/10/03 INR Memo? If it's still classified, neither you nor I have a copy, so we don't even know if it really exists. But the MSM's reported alleged INR Memo of 6/10/03 is what I believe was contrived as a Trojan Horse, with the intention to entrap the WH, as follows:

(1) Inclusion of a paragraph in the 6/10/03 INR Memo about Plame (or by whatever name the memo allegedly describes her) suggesting she sent Wilson to Niger in Feb 02 and she's in the CIA. Since the memo's date precedes Wilson's 7/6/03 NYT op-ed outing himself as the CIA's envoy to Niger, the INR Memo was pre-planned. Prior to the op-ed, two articles were written: NYT's Kristof on 5/6/03 and WP's Pincus on 6/12/03 based on interviewing Wilson, but without giving his name. A well-orchestrated trappola if all four of these elements were coordinated as bait to get the WH to leak Plame's identity. Clearly, Wilson was involved in all three articles.

(2) Inclusion of a security code (allegedly "S" for Secret), in the margin next to that paragraph (the spuriousness of the "S" was much discussed at this site, even by some ex-State Dept commenters familiar with memo-rating procedures); nevertheless, that paragraph and probably the whole memo got rated by someone as classified – it had to be, for the rest of the plot to work.

(3) Placement of the 6/10/03 INR Memo in a briefing pack with other papers for then-Sec'y Powell to take with him on Air Force One the day after Wilson's op-ed came out (the Trojan Horse being the briefing pack containing the now-infamous 6/10/03 INR Memo, with its contrived Plame paragraph as the first part of the trap so that it can later be alleged the Pres. and/or his staff saw the memo on Air Force One). I don't know of any proof that it was even in the briefing pack, but that's being alleged.

(4) Then the leaking by the conspirators in the CIA/INR of this 6/10/03 INR Memo as the other half of the trap to "conservative news outlets," including Talon News. Exact date(s) of the serial leaking unknown.

Some in the media took the bait (wittingly or not) on that half of the trap, but it seems a few in the WH had discovered the plot and, as Rove's e-mail to Hadley stated after Cooper tried to entrap Rove, "I didn't take the bait." The WH probably knew of Plame/Wilson's involvement with the Feb 02 forged Niger docs by then, and must have recognized the next phase of the setup unfolding.

Media – Key early articles forwarding the plot:

Novak's 7/11/03, published on 7/14/03 revelation of Plame's name, that she's an Agency operative and that she was involved with sending Wilson to Niger. Early on in the investigation, even before the GJ was convened, he probably told who leaked to him. Unless he had no source, simply noticed the odd choice of Wilson (an ex-NSC and State Dept figure sent on a CIA mission) and figured it out like we do, combining savvy with the internet and Who's Who :)

Within 48 hours, David Corn and Wilson's 7/16/03 explosive allegations were published in response to Novak's article, but instead of blaming Novak, the article blamed "senior Bush officials" for blowing Plame's cover (Corn & Wilson themselves being the first ones to claim she was working covertly, in this article), for violating national security, breaking the law, abusing and misusing intelligence, using classified information, followed at a later date by Wilson's "frog-march Rove" hysterics.

On 10/17/03, WSJ published their article about the classified [INR] Memo.

On 10/28/03, eleven days later, Gannon of Talon News began publishing a 3-part interview with Wilson, using WSJ's exact wording about a classified memo. (There's where your great sleuthing came in, Polly, - comparing those two articles and finding the exact same wording.)

On 12/26/03 WaPo reported the leaking "to conservative outlets" and that Gannon of Talon News mentioned the classified memo, implying he was a recipient, but strangely omitting the fact that WSJ said it first. More importantly, WP left out who leaked it, leaving the impression that since it went to conservative news outlets, it would have to be a conservative leak source. So they were complicit in furthering the plot.

Corn shilled re: Novak. WaPo shilled re: Gannon. And the hundreds of articles and tv shows by the rest of the hyena pack kept the public's attention fixed on the deception. Hopefully, Fitzgerald will reveal the cabal behind the curtain.


Downright devilish. This may take long shot Chalabi out of the running, though.


Surprised it posted - while crashing my computer!

With TM gone till Monday, and no new thread, I guess back to the fun marathon thread at "Check the Times"...


Surprised it posted - while crashing my computer!

With TM gone till Monday, and no new thread, I guess back to the fun marathon thread at "Check the Times"...


Surprised it posted - while crashing my computer!

With TM gone till Monday, and no new thread, I guess back to the fun marathon thread at "Check the Times"...



My diary on the INR memo, dated July 13, 2005, was before the NYT and the WAPO wrote any articles about the 6/10/03 INR memo.

The main point I was making in the diary was that the information contained in that INR document was the exact information that Rove told Cooper and what Novak had in his original column.

The NYT and WAPO hadn't figured out the link between the INR memo and what was leaked to Cooper and Novak.They didn't write articles about the 6/10/03 INR memo until July 16, 2005.

I repeatedly referred to the 6/10/03 INR memo as the "2002 INR Document" in the comments section was in response to the misconseption that the INR memo I was writing about was a forged document. Here is what I repeatedly wrote.

I would not characterize the 2002 INR document as forged. It is a US State Department classified document.

When I wrote the diary, there were several commenters asking about the date of the memo. I looked in the sourced articles and the Senate Report but could not find date of the INR memo at that time.

Three days after my diary, the NYT published their first article on the INR memo. That article, to my knowledge, is the first mention anywhere of the date, 6/10/03, on the INR (State Department) memo.

The reason I used the 2002 date is that I assumed, wrongly, that the INR memo was written near the date of the 2/19/02 meeting it describes.

On February 19, 2002, CPD hosted a meeting with the former ambassador, intelligence analysts from both the CIA and INR, and several individuals from the DO's Africa and CPD divisions. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the merits of the former ambassador traveling to Niger. An INR analyst's notes indicate that the meeting was "apparently convened by [the former ambassador's] wife who had the idea to dispatch [him] to use his contacts to sort out the Iraq-Niger uranium issue." The former ambassador's wife told Committee staff that she only attended the meeting to introduce her husband and left after about three minutes.

I was more than a little surprised when the NYT published the fact that the INR memo was dated 6/10/03.

The link above (thanks to TM and Clarice) is a much better link to the Senate Report than the link I had in my diary. The page number I used for reference page 40, is the page number in on the Senate Report Document. The section I included above is the same section of the report in my diary.


Dear Polly, I'll go over these things in detail when I'm more awake. In case you check back here before me, in first reading, these questions occur to me:

Do you have links proving what Rove said to Cooper, if anything, besides Cooper's own word and notes? Despite Isikoff's breathless recent "scoop" that the e-mail was missing, it was already reported over 3 months ago that the 7/11/03 e-mail from Rove to Hadley right after Cooper's call, stated: "I didn't take the bait." That would indicate Rove knew what Cooper was up to and didn't fall for it. The 7/16/05 WaPo article which you linked above includes Rove's statement that he never saw this INR Memo. So we have your reporting Cooper's word vs Rove's word.

Then for both Rove and Novak - do you have an exact comparison of their words with the content of the INR Memo? (Like the great example of your WSJ/Gannon word comparison.) The problem, of course, is that it's classified. Belief in what the MSM reports as its content, is still not proof. Since you didn't know its date, I assume you were not a recipient of the classified INR Memo. So your date error is luckily your alibi :) (There'll be no "frog-marching" of our Polly.)

More on the dates: Your diary was in 2005. But as you can see, the "INR Memo" was already reported back in 2003 by WSJ on 10/17/03 and WaPo on 12/26/03. So if the 7/16/05 WaPo staff writers Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei "forgot" about their 12/26/03 article, then I'd say there's something fishy going on.

Perhaps WaPo did not care to remember that 12/26/03 article, written by Mike Allen and Dana Milbank, assisted by Walter Pincus and Susan Schmidt, since it actually shows that the INR Memo has a fatal flaw: a person who was described by the INR Memo as participating in a meeting, wasn't actually there. In fact, the CIA has said it would have been impossible – they must know that person's whereabouts at that time to be so emphatic. Obviously, the person in question also knows and probably been called by the GJ, unless he or she is a target. But the shadow author of the INR Memo did not know that detail and slipped up.

For a quick reference, here are quotes from the relevant paragraph in the 12/26/03 WP article and details, here.

If this INR Memo actually exists, and if it is classified, then whoever leaked that classified doc to WSJ, Gannon and as reported by WaPo on 12/26/03, also to other conservative news outlets, has most definitely broken the law. It's been alleged that it was the WH. I have not seen such proof.

In addition to that, if as I conclude, this INR Memo was contrived as a Trojan Horse by the leakers out to get Pres. Bush, as I described in my post above in this thread, then the law has also been shamelessly broken.

Its date is 6/10/03. Three days later, there was a tremendous coverup in NYT Kristof 6/13/03 article. It contains numerous falsehoods, but its main theme was to distance Wilson from the forged Feb 02 Niger docs Wilson described in the earlier NYT Kristof 5/6/03 article. From Vanity Fair Jan 04: "Wilson and Plame attended a conference sponsored by the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, at which Wilson spoke about Iraq; one of the other panelists was the New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof. Over breakfast the next morning with Kristof and his wife, Wilson told about his trip to Niger and said Kristof could write about it, but not name him…. Kristof's column appeared on May 6."

This thread at Wizbang, starting here (one of over 33 Plamegate threads), contains much about that time in July 2005, including a link to JustOneMinute's thread discussing the spuriousness of the "S" marking in the margin of the INR Memo. While you were writing your diary, wizbang commenters were also figuring out what's what about the INR Memo, the Air Force One angle, and the Ari allegation.

(In that thread, you have to forgive the long, tiresome posts by our pet trolls, JoeMama, Chris and S9 there – sometimes their reactions were telling of the level of desperation people reach when they've been lied to by the MSM.) I remember reading through the transcript of Dr. Rice's press conference on Air Force One, and thought what a shame, here she is trying to tell the reporters about world affairs, the real world, but all they had on their minds was snarling about their petty little Wilson agenda, interrupting her, unbelievable. I could never be a reporter, I wasn't brought up that way! But truly, come to think of it now, it was as if they were baiting her the same way they tried it on Rove. She maintained her composure throughout, displaying a level of graciousness fit for a queen.

Hopefully, Fitzgerald's team already knows the answers.

But we may as well get it straight here while we wait, since so much of what the MSM writes is assumption presented as fact.

I do believe we are on the same page... 40 :) We both want to know the truth, right?

Wow, this started out short… :)


Tell me more about this fatal flaw.


Here is the language comparing the actual INR memo, Cooper's email to his editor, and Novak's column.

The points they all have in common is that Wilson's wife dispatched/suggested/authorized him for the trip.

This is what I figured out in my diary, that that information likely came from this memo.

notes indicate that the meeting was "apparently convened by [the former ambassador's] wife who had the idea to dispatch [him]
Exact Text of the INR memo per Senate Report

"KR said, wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on wmd [weapons of mass destruction] issues who authorized the trip"
Cooper's email to editor

but his wife, Valerie Plame, is an Agency operative on weapons of mass destruction. Two senior administration officials told me Wilson's wife suggested sending him to Niger to investigate the Italian report
Novak's 7/14/03 column

The INR memo had appeared in 2 articles before my 2005 diary. The WAPO and WSJ articles were written in 2003 and I use both articles in my diary to make my point.

What the previous accounts didn't contain was that the information in the memo was strikingly similar to the leaks. After my diary the NYT and WAPO put stories out on the memo with the date.

The thread in Wizbang you mention is interesting, but it was on July 22, a week after my diary and several days after the NTY and WAPO memo articles.

Note: the email I refer to is not the one that Rove wrote to Hadley, it;s the email Cooper wrote to his editor right after his conversation with Rove.

Lastly, I am sure Fitz knew of the memo and that the relavance of the information it contained very early in his investigation.

BR, I absolutely agree with you on your last point, that we are on the same page.


One point I failed to address.

Wilson was leaking as you know, the June 12, 2003 Pincus article had Wilson as an anonymous source. Pincus was calling around the administration for comment on his upcoming story before the 6/12 publish date.

I am guessing here, but I do think that this inquiry by Pincus and probably other reporters prompted the creation of the INR memo.

The date of the memo doesn't make sense any other way since it relates to a meeting held 16 months before the date of the memo.


Hi Polly and Kim :)

I've been up too many hours to think straight on this. Something doesn't make sense. Polly, If you get back before I do, can you help me out - how does that paragraph in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) Report issued July 2004 show that there is any report other than this SSCI Report itself? It's not the INR Memo itself. So it can't be "The exact text of the INR Memo per Senate Report."

For convenience I've copied the section containing your quoted wording in your link to the SSCI Report:

" On February 19, 2002, CPD hosted a meeting with the former ambassador, intelligence analysts from both the CIA and INR, and several individuals from the DO's Africa and CPD divisions. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the merits of the former ambassador traveling to Niger. An INR analyst's notes indicate that the meeting was "apparently convened by [the former ambassador's] wife who had the idea to dispatch [him] to use his contacts to sort out the Iraq-Niger uranium issue." The former ambassador's wife told Committee staff that she only attended the meeting to introduce her husband and left after about three minutes.

(U) The INR analyst's meeting notes and electronic mail (e-mail) from other participants indicate that..."


It describes the INR analyst's notes of their Feb. 02 meeting and other participants' e-mails, doesn't it? Or do you mean someone at the INR later wrote the INR Memo based on that INR analyst's notes? If that's the case, then Cooper is in deep kaka, if he uses the exact same wording, because it might show possession of a classified INR memo. But I don't see that. His words are not verbatim. It's the same concept, yes, that's what the whole Plamegate leak circus is about - who authorized/ picked /suggested that Wilson be the one to go on the Niger trip.

As for Karl Rove, we don't know what he said. Cooper's notes are hearsay and Cooper has a vested interest in his own survival, naturally. Cooper has already admitted that his "super-duper-deep" melodramatics in his e-mail was his own addition. I'd love it if there were a functional WH taping system of all KR's phone calls with reporters. (I shouldn't say that, the Watergate II architects might jump on it.) But if KR is clean, such a tape of their conversation would be great to have. Do you see what I mean about Cooper's notes not being proof of KR's words?

We don't know when in 2003 or 2004 this analyst appeared before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). That makes things difficult.

Cooper's call was around 11 am on 7/11/03. Novak's "outing" of Plame was on 7/11/03 when it was sent off to the wires (then published on 7/14/03). Depending on the date the INR analyst was speaking to the SSCI, Novak's "outing" may or may not have influenced the Committee to ask this question. Somehow the Committee was interested to know. Do you know what date this testimony was given? So many factors here, depending on whether it was before or after Novak (hee hee BN and AN).

But if all this figure-figuring is to prove that KR repeated the same words as the analyst's notes, then we're at a loss: it's a long way from the INR analyst's notes to an alleged 6/13/03 INR Memo to KR's words on the telephone with Cooper as our only witness, and no copy of the alleged INR Memo publicly available, as far as I know. Only press reports and Gannon's interview on the net, quoting the WSJ's exact wording 11 days after them.

Yes, I've also read that Fitzgerald was very interested in the INR Memo. But perhaps for other reasons than we think. To give the CBSgate example: those fake Killian memos were created specifically to prove certain points: "AWOL" and "special treatment." They were dated and worded to fit the desired message. You see what I mean? The odd date of the INR Memo 16 months after the event of the late Feb 02 meeting, seems contrived, especially since no WH staff or exec recalls seeing it or requesting it, that I know of. Come to think of it now, why would it even belong in a Powell briefing pack? Wilson didn't go to Niger on behalf of Sec'y Powell, that we know for sure. But thankfully there is a GJ in progress, soon to complete... or be extended.

Before I get my second wind, I better go to sleep. Let me know if there's something I missed.


What's become of the reports, common months ago, of various White House personnel seen looking at that memo? Who made those allegations?


Kim, I haven't gone to bed yet and I can't remember what day or night I last slept! I'm having some major revelations while I was looking through my old notes to give you some links. Are you in this for the pure poetry or practicality?

Either way, this is the first key to the fatal flaw: WP 12/26/03 article.


Well, Pincus and Schmidt don't identify the administration figure speaking about the CIA's anger, and the 'agency officer' who couldn't have been at the meeting isn't identified. Do you know who that was?

Hey, truth and beauty, what else is there.

Maybe Stout Balboa slaughtering Aztecs.

I just recently heard a new cover of Young's Cortez the Killer. Very impressive.


Sorry, not tracking with you, probably too sleepy. I'll give some links and check back later, to see if you see what I see :)

Yes, one couldn't tell which side a source was on - the way it was written. But no matter, or even who the agency officer was, Plame or not - there's the flaw: that the shadow author created the INR Memo and didn't know the person listed as present wasn't present or even alive. (Much like the use of Gen. Staudt's name in one of the fake CBSgate memos - when he had already retired years before the date on the memo.)

Once I began writing about this, an unusually large volume of trolls descended in those threads at wizbang, drowning out regular voices, including me. After a while, I just went off and researched on my own. If I weren't so tired now, I'd link those threads for you. (Hee, can I just send you my 200+pg Word doc containing all my links and stuff.... joke :)

Anyway, I usually ignore a troll, but that one's 7th paragraph starting with "By the way" piqued my interest. I was googling this, googling that, trying to find a date or copy or something of this damn INR Memo in the midst of all the noise. So I took the bull by the horns. Got no answer. It stuck with me that there was something strange.

But looking at it tonight again, it dawned on me that Polly's "discovery" of a report where there is none, may have played a part in the existence of the INR Memo - her diary being up in lights for 2 days at DailyKos. This could explain why "Chris" had to debunk me and bring up the weird theory of a second INR Memo! They did not want another CBSgate at the INR Memo's high point of attack. So, as you say, how come it died out and went so quiet???

Actually, he succeeded in distracting me enough so that I was never sure thereafter if there were one or two. But since this amazing serendipity here with Polly, it's all coming back to me. It is a fake and those involved tried desperately to cover that with the ruse of "you don't know what you're talking about, there are two memos."

(Regarding the INR Memo's author(s): Threads which I haven't read fully on this INR Memo at JustOneMinute cover data on whose name was on the INR Memo and who the shadow author was:
this and this, It'll be in one of those two. And the discussion of the spuriousness of the security coding also there, I hope.

I think that's the gist of it, gotta sleep :)


PS - The troll got 2 commenters mixed up. His early paragraphs were meant for commenter "S" - how ironic!


PPS - Oh one last thing, the "Chris" troll in another thread, admitted a personal tidbit - that he's been a comedian for 14 years, something about his public speaking abilities being so much better than Bush. And lo and behold, look at this, the 2nd to last paragraph. I don't know if that troll was one and the same or not.


Br -- Too good, too good, the INR memo is a fake, pushed by Polly and her good buddy Colin Powell. But I do wish you'd address my questions at the thread on Nit Picks etc.


Hmm, now Powell claims that Valerie Plame's name is not on the memo?

Curioser and curioser. Can anyone think of a non-fictional matter that has generated this kind of suspense before?

Answer: Plamegate is fiction.


After a few hours' sleep, pondering south-of-the-border conquerors or killers, I got up for a cigarette and find instead I've become addicted to... this thread!

Jeff, I'll go there. But don't malign Polly :) I have no data on Polly or Colin Powell's involvement. She had a good eye for finding the WSJ/Gannon exact wordings. I hope she'll use her stylometrics skills on articles by the moonlighting comedian compared to numerous posts by "Chris" at wizbang. I'm too busy Googling French/African oil and metal scandals.

Kim, what's that about Powell? A recent statement? Has he said he's seen the INR memo?

Plamegate is fiction - le mot juste. What a play, where even the observers become intertwined in the story.


Found the moonlighting-comedian-outing-himself (?) again at wizbang: the bait, the bite, the catch.

Actually, he got hooked by someone else's bait upstream, and was defending his writing skills, but doesn't that first line at 10/11/05 12:55 PM sound like someone who might write "other things"… at Time?

How about it, Polly? Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is... not impossible.


windandsea commenting on Nit Picks at 1:52 this AM. I've not verified Powell's comments on the King show.

Somebody's been trying to tell us that natural resources in Africa are all carefully managed and accounted for.


Kim, I heard that DC was sizzling, everyone from bartenders to diplomats talking non-stop about Watergate, the original! What a pity they didn't have the net then... some major, still-hidden movers and players might not be so comfortable today.


Maybe Chris is doubled over in hysterics, BR. Might that explain his absence since?


J Edgar Hoover reached from beyond the vale with that one, but as with spirits, did it blithely.


Hee, you are tooo much! Actually, last I saw a few days ago, Chris was still commenting at wizbang. The really funny thing is we had cross-trolling of the arsonists at the fire, like this:

At Wizbang, past experts in CBSgate - a Plamegate suspect.
At JustOneMinute specializing in Plamegate... a prime CBSgate suspect posted.

Maybe not so funny after all - "their roots connect them."

(Btw, does it work when I make links directly to comments? Does it go to the linked comment or to the main TM post? Don't know if it only works on my machine.)


Yes, that went to pJ's post on JOM.

At least on my Antique Mac.


Well, your second link just went to the end of the Waas thread. So, I don't know.


Re first link - went to pL, right?

Re second link - it should show a little 4-liner there at the top of your page at Posted by: BR | October 12, 2005 at 07:36 AM.

Thank you in advance for checking - because if this kind of linking doesn't work, I'd like to know.


Check, 10/12, @ 7:36. The first went to pL, not pJ.

They both go to the posts you pick.


And heeeeere's the list of links I was looking for last night in my foggy state - finally! Many links within three wizbang comments back on 7/23/05, all in the same thread. Starting with that 10:40 AM item and continuing at 10:48 and 11:25 AM.

And eureka, the JustOneMinute's thread containing the learned "S" discussions there starting with commenters at 7/22/05.

Enough linky-techy stuff!

I rarely swear, but this is un-f-believable - full circle to this thread today. That's the exact time period when I stopped posting at wizbang on the INR Memo matter, went off into the lonely ether reading Condi's Air Force One transcript, and gravitated to this site. All because of the darn confusion created by "Chris" over a second INR Memo!!! I can kick myself for not seeing through it then.

Now I feel wide awake after hardly no sleep!
Yayyy!!! Thank you, Polly, for your folly :)
Thank you, Kim, for asking more about the fatal flaw!
Now I can turn to other mysteries deep...
And ponder Cortez before I go to sleep.


(Oh great, glad to hear those links do reach their intended tgts.)


Very impressive. Yes Chris is still posting. Cortez the Killer is a dynamite song by Neil Young, it was an irrelevancy in context when I brought it up. My main point there was Ode to a Grecian Urn, and its wonderful historical mistake.

I am very plaesed you have rhyme and reason, I mean rhythm.

How about: I dreamed I saw Ned Ludd last night.


Hee, a comedy of codes, with a link.

In my sleepless state, I wanted to know if more on fatal flaw was wanted urgently or just for fun. Work or play? But when the answer came, then a new dilemma: was it intended or not?
(Like when I asked a Frenchman the way in perfect accent, but then unable to understand his directions!)

Okay, I'll conjure him up in nedland tonight.


Ode to my Erudite Luddite

Assuming business before music,
I found the missing links for you, trudging on
never dreaming it would also be therapeutic!

And being rested now, can enjoy the play…
What delightful treasure hunt you sent me on :)
Some parts I knew and others nay.

Toneless ditties of truth and beauty we have shared
What serendipity - to be endeared by someone
who loved Keats, I never would have dreamed!

Recognizing Young, I found the lyric
To match the soft pipes playing in my ears unheard
Melodies of such sublime music!

And although I may never know you, or what secret lay
between the mystery sheets, you kept me smiling all day :)


Well, I'm just aglow with your serendipitous serenity in the Land of Winkin', Linkin', and nada.

Is that the shrill of the crowd or the lore of the chase?

And what is it with that memo? Shimmering is starting to surround it.


:) You're amazing
what magic is this
that you know so well
my history on earth?
With Balboa I pillaged
And by Hardy described
His love unrequited
He then sublimated:
About me he writed :)
Even this in other war
And many more…

More Plamelinks later :)



Keats from long slumber wakes
Anew as sleeping beauty
And is amazed to see
Man's hysterical mistakes

So much written over one riddle
Such long-winded pomp
As bearded scholars stomp
And with simplicity fiddle

Blithe spirit has no form
Is truth, is beauty, is free
Can create all to view
Beholding without eyes

And being beauty
Can make any rhyme
Can live in any time
Free of endless duty

'If only this, man can understand
He is no longer earthbound'


One of my favorite movies is a wonderfully romanticized version of how I'd like the Arabic culture to be – colorful, adventurous with a sense of humor - "The Wind and the Lion" – especially the ending (see review). There's this tremendous sense of having played the game, risked it all purely for the sake of the game (or a woman) and at the end, two friends sit on their horses in the waves at sunset, laughing, laughing, laughing… with their heads thrown back:

Muli Achmed Mohamed el Reisuli, the Magnificent, Lord of the Rif, Sultan to the Berbers is one of them, he just happens to have a lot of names (probably to duly impress Candice Bergen). His friend, Sharif, says:

"Great Reisuli, we have lost everything;
all is drifting on the wind just as you said.
We have lost everything."

"Sharif, is there not one thing in your life
that is worth losing everything for!"


I promise, really, more Plamelinks to come!
Or am I Scheherazade...


Hee hee, Kim, all of a sudden a few days ago, I became plame-sated. It felt so nice soaring in the light blue deep…

The whole thing is just so obvious… no challenge anymore. There's a lot I could follow up on because I keep finding more and more so easily, like this, for example. I saw it months ago, but only looked at #18 then. Recently, reading the article plus posts #7-35, was like seeing the forest instead of the tree. Sheesh, that guy JohnGalt (apparently known to Gannon as Justin Raimondo – part of the anti-Bush inner clique) gives it all away right there in March 04. No INR memo! I guess he missed something in the marching orders issuing from CrisisPapers.org. You'll notice he's talking about the analyst's notes! And see the post where Gannon taunts him about security, Gannon comes across more like a strong FBI-type, than a perv. Makes me think I might have been right, there, about a counter sting, and Gannon may turn out to be a much-maligned hero.

Hmmm, shimmering surrounding notes, now where did I read that? Sounds so familiar. Is there no search function at JustOneMinute within the site?

I wouldn't be surprised if Wilson's name comes up in connection with these two French Ambassadors currently facing corruption charges re UN kickback scandals, but I'm just too lazy to Google it.

The more MSM articles I read on Plamegate, the more I'm disgusted by their intellectual dishonesty and outright stupidity. This is not a free press; they have enslaved themselves to an agenda, to the detriment of the country, as well as doing a disservice to the rest of the world by sabotaging freedom for others.

I'm glad JustOneMinute is humming with new discoveries and great analyses of who said what when. And even Wizbang has a related thread on Schumer now. (Hee hee, bull-baiting of "Chris" continues there – my spunk regained, thanks to you :) – You don't need to read those links within named, you know it all already. But definitely, pretty please, read these early, unwitting recognitions. Am I right? Or even close as to profession?

I sense there were so many plots and plots within plots when plots didn't work out, that morphed into counter stings… but in the end it's a short story. And we've seen it all before in Watergate – the same designers couldn't even think up a new script this time. It's their unoriginality that will finally get them, because there are people who still remember past yesterday. I just hope truth prevails this time, and we won't have to wait another ten years for a Jim Hougan to reveal the Secret Agenda that was Watergate and now Abu Ghraibgate, CBSgate , Al Qaqaagate and Plamegate...

My interest lies deeper, in still another, untold tale of two pillages by the same usual suspects hiding in plain sight since 1972. The crimes of a century, still hidden. My 20+ newly-arrived, unread books await - I think I'll start with "The Trial of HK."

If there's still life in this thread,
Scheherazade has a treat for you :)


I profess bedazzlement. Keep weaving. I bend to Ye and Windansea. Et Al, of course.

So how to pin the tail on the ass? So, Joe?

I'm gonna go look for Muddy Mojo.


Just when I thought the Prince of Serendip
Had left and done a skip,
Now like magic reappearing
left me smiling and blushing :)

And on the sixth night, Scheherazade weaved another tale - much like a little treasure hunt, that comes before the play - one that began in a far-off land, not so long ago :) in 1954, when a musically-inclined father drove around in his pajama to find the sheets, to find the correct spelling, to name his little girl, sadly prescient, and later on when he sang to her, he changed the song slightly to prevent others from intruding, substituting "queen" for "witch". Gee, not as successful as some in finding lyrics, but no matter the actual words, at least this one has pretty pictures - being a hopeless romantic for Jeanette McDonald/Nelson Eddy movies. And when her ship comes in, she'd like to sail">http://oldgaffersassociation.org/gaffersforsale.html#vilia">sail away to far-off islands, far from the madding crowd, and spend her days, reading and…

Dangerously emboldened by your song, my bounty is as boundless as the sea, and now that I've shared my bounteous gifts with you, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied? Am I not as sweet as CH sugar, yay or nay? But if this makes no sense to you, then I will have my answer too.


Oops, don't read too far below the sea...
It is the Jungle Boy by any other name it's meant to be!


Jeanuliette got some mojo. Ulysses voyaged to Hastings(ballads, not battles) for Fathers and Sons and the register credited a small fortune. Baksheesh, Scheherazade. Near and dear to Clarksdale Rubisoff. Have you ever seen Derek do the Ape Man credit? When is Val going to out Joe?

Muddy, muddy, waters.


Hee, I take back my earlier words that our links are our pitchforks. Methinks they've melted into Cupid's arrows! Who would have dreamed, a plot within a plot, une affair dans l'affair Plame. Are you sure you're not some dem troll trying to distract me from my serious play :) Ahhh, but what blissful distraction. Bemojo'd, bothered and bewildered… am I.

While I'll slowly savour the treat
and follow your arrows complete,
at first glance I'm slightly relieved,
that you are not sugar CH sweet –
It was the spelling and the wit
And mentions of Chalabi
That made me think of that Brit!

I'm still ROFWL over your "winkin', linkin' and nada."

*Here's a musical interlude for you,
Imagine a dance with a the veil
while I follow your trail.
And although it is customary,
Scheherazade is too ticklish
to receive baksheesh as a tip :)

*At webshots.com, search schooner evening Antigua
Click on the picture, then click on "share"
Address it to yourself, and add the message
Ahhhhhh, what bliss…
Then choose a sound – like Ballet
Don't preview it, send it, and forget you ever did it.
Then be Turkish delighted when you receive it :)

And when I've traced your paths into another dawn
It seems I'll live again! - to bring you more…
For your return has made Scheherazade no longer mourn


Are you floating, sailing yet?
I know I have, I sent it to myself too ;)
A beautiful poem, "Stil Waters".


Time for the Big Laugh

Jesus! What a trip! Through Homer, Samuel Daniel (no Circe am I, but loyal Penelope watching for seagulls, well… maybe, both ;), Tennyson and Joyce and thus to Mulligan – thank God, you gave me Hastings, otherwise I'd still be plowing through a drunken monkey's ramblings, although I did say hi to a few familiar Aztecs on the way. Merci, I always wanted to explore the classics and their more recent echoes – just not all in one afternoon! Funny, I once wrote a private ballad, "Jesus in a Jag," shortly after "Woman in a Red Truck" :) Through highways and byways you took me, you rascal! But c'est ma faux, I started in the middle instead of the beginning, and had myself a Big Laugh (as opposed to man's Big Lie):

Comedy of Codes - Part Duh:

So long ago in Camelot
And knightly courtship days
He used to make me laugh a lot
With Rastus in-the-mud forays

He thought it was my button :)
'Cause I'm not Beulah, more like Beau:
Albino origin
But from the land of Tarzan though

Then in US, when Romeo
Gave me Bohemian name,
He giggled me more, oh so
Hilarious, on subject same:

Emme, the Mississippian!
Alas, your M's filled with Rubisoff
And since it closely matched my own
Confused the hell out of me, Mister Prof :)

Tinker, tailor, or musician
Specifics not needed, only a hint
If you're of the same persuasion*
Before I dare to link my next fox hunt!

*2nd to last line


Yes, I love Beau's Tarzan movie, ah that Seychelles beach, and a less known one, so poorly done, but it's the thought that counts, hee hee.
It matches my own fantasy that nothing's impossible. Strangely, just before I became a lustige witwe, I was writing a script set in WWII, Resistance, etc. based on the song, Déjà Vu and Leonard Cohen's "Partisan." But my Romeo never read it.

Whew, like Banderas' boldly accurate sword in Zorro; with a few pithy words, you've unclothed me bare :) But I feel protected by your wondrous screen - we can frolic in plain sight - I'm sure no-one will get past Joyce and stay awake long enough to read another word!


In midst of catching up with other reading, I sense you care for lives of pesky aliens. Too late for me, at least, but not for thee. My nexus was already Kahlil'd (or whoever writ those famous words) early on in net novice days, before knew how to cheat. (Ennumerations for your pleasure were simply the fun of the lore.) But typewriter in tall aspentops is far removed from actual tree, or its roots. Merci :) I play in porous ether, I know, but she-luddites must dare to dance on razor's edge for earthly goal.


PS - Love his South Sea short stories. Coincidentally, he also wrote Moon and Sixpence!


Oh my ...., this is getting funnier and funnier. I hadn't even enjoyed my coffee and doughnuts until just now. At that time, only noticed a name pop up on the main, and left a hit and run "come hither" msg. And someone else took you up on it, in the context of Plame, ha ha ha ha. Sjoe, I'll be reading elsewhere more thoroughly now ;)


Sheesh! I'm learning on the fly and as I fly. I wondered what went wrong with my luddite's weaving skills all of a sudden. True errudition is for the bird.


Flight from Bodh Gaya. Swallows in Bamiyan.


Yah, I've been off on my own Cinzano break working on what's to come, but if thses is how I speak after too many skols, alls I can say is, this nudie pj lady has no govt affiliation (except for being born in the jurisdiction of one and carrying a passport, of course), past or present, free as a bird, hardly ever voted, only game in town for her is truth… and some fun along the way :) She did it for love and duty. In the thses tipsy state, I haven't got the strength left to look at anything but your first word, forgive me. What a day it's been… and I still haven't reads all thses other threads (damn, getting finger-tipsied, shoulders aching). Although still not sure if my presence welcome. Like to keep mine all in one place this time, because earlier scattered, deeper gems at wiz don't make sense separately, unless underlying theme pointed out and seen in full, as I'd like to do in next fox hunt. I've waited for the right time, and it seems like now. At least in re the first of the two perfidies. Oh well, if it falls on deaf ears, at least archeologists can find it ten years from now, hey :) They'll probably wonder if the love story had a happy ending


Someday public spirituality will be Confucian, private will be Buddhist, festivals will be Hindu, and the Cult of Abraham will be marginalized as unnecessarily violent.


What is it with you, I've become addicted to you!
Yes, I suppose in one way it is the wrath of the gods, but statues don't count, just like Grecian urns don't speak...

Bonne nuit!


Oeee, eerie Halloween stuff going on. While I've long procrastinated constructing my art site, I might find time to do it in the future. I still paint. But in the meantime, Scheherazade had been busy constructing a concise treasure hunt from her aerie in the trees – but it's hard to get down to serious play when my computer crashes, losing hours of linking, and on top of that, I'm still surrounded by such a glow, I'd rather be frolicking in Tahiti. (So much to read, so little time… but I promise, soon, I'll go back to visit audrey's funny face with the narrow waistline who celebrated her 21st. I took off center, above, the crazy, wrong way.)


I'm usually one with stage fright, but here goes :)

Now I'm breathless and (almost) speechless.
I guess I've always admired from afar
Since the first time I read last year

How long has this construction been going on?
Just today or all along?
How long has Cortez been waiting?
I'm all out of rhyme, temporarily
But I so much want to …
I don't know what – share with you
all the funny twists and turns
like to Kipling mistakenly
all the while really knowing,
wishing, but denying.
I'll keep it to myself.

Now you've made my cup run over
What magic is this
I haven't even hardly read
The other magnificently crafted vessels here – see what you've done to me, my rhyming is all jumbled up now… :)
And yet I woke this morning
Thinking of my funny Kipling words
And like telepathy it worked
And found an old link from last year!

Now I'm really b, b and b'd
And don't know where to sail next -
Ships in port or far away.
Ach, no mondai, I'll do it all!
But first a long sushi break…
To regain my composure!

And I'm doubly pleased,
for now I know you'll really understand
the ramifications of the next treasure hunt
Your persuasion has worked on me
That's all I wanted to know

We have time, Plamegate is still meandering along
And if the results are as we wish and see
Then my treasure hunt can follow well
the momentum of those results.


Going for a nice long coffee break to read what I have printed. Just wanted to let you know, so you can use valuable space as usual. I'll always watch for news from seagulls, if that's possible. Btw, are my Syrian ocean travels known, or was it just coincidence?


Cleaning up loose ends – I'm gathering all yours from other places, so I can read and enjoy what I missed, over coffee. But in reading through all that noise here at JOM, everything begins to look like code! So I just want to let you know that this was just a joke at the time in response to yours. Nothing I said there about Miller, etc. was other than my actual thoughts on that subject. (The real coded fun affair with you started in this thread after you requested more on fatal flaw :) But I will be more direct when it comes to the next hunt.


Hi! As you've probably realized now, I hadn't read those marathon threads well before, and my head is still spinning from the volume and all the variety of potentials, et al. Can't tell trolls from friends in some cases. In the end, I just began circling the billets-doux I liked and pretended they're for me! It seems all is resolved now in regard to both Clown[s] en Zijn Ander Ik. No more depth than that needed anymore, just a pretty title, right? If not, please indicate if there's some unanswered question. I'm only sad if I missed some gem at JOM. Ah, rhymingability returns.

And after that, I enjoyed the cool waters at the source. Ah, what a delight! Feel like Kathleen Turner in the bath, just relaxing… without making Xhosa sounds, though. Hope I experienced it all.

So, now back to crossing is and dotting ts. Yes, besides the mutual sniffing, that's what I've been working on: how to convey masses of reading and connecting the dots from open sources, with a teensy bit of the other from beyond the vale, which will be explained in a measured way, succinctly and yet with enough links to point the way. Fortunately, without realizing it earlier, I have already strewn the pebbles for Hansels and Gretls to discover. The path is of course related to Plamegate, CBSgate and the whole coordinated attack on Bush, but like the coffin story, goes deeper. So at the crest of the Plamegate wave, when it happens, or even before, if my connected dots can help cut out the original cancer cell, the world will be a better place. We must know the details, but the short-spanned public won't get it unless it's transformed into one-liners. Watergate is so far in some's memories or not at all, they yawn. But a clear connection from Plamegate back to it ought to wake some up. The very same blueprint was used in Watergate II now, it's almost laughable. I even read at some lefty site accusations of a Plumbers unit in the Pentagon! They got the words, but not the rhythm. Plus, Bush is a lot cleaner than Nixon. What a royal backfire, hoist by their own [pe]turd.

I probably know enough to do a Hougan myself, but it's too early for me, like Cohen's song. I need this body a little longer, until the bigger, but related wrong, can be seen. And oh, how easy it will be, once the first one is known. But for sure, if I lose it before then, I will be unstoppable.

I haven't been keeping up with the latest MSM spin, seems to be at Richter 10. Their frantic hysteria advertises their guilt. But I notice on the outskirts, related trees seem to be falling: Galloway perjury in the Senate (blogger Seixon did a great job and sent his research to Congress); the two French Ambassadors mentioned earlier. I left my TraprockPeace Center reading and linking incomplete once I realized the coordinated UK/US anti-war movement in re the Niger docs, Kerry Campaign, Glen Rangwala, Hersh, etc. posted at wizbang that night of serendipity. But I wouldn't be surprised if Galloway and his Mariam Appeal UN OFF laundry isn't also involved in that group. Since that research, also noticed there's a Rangwala/Wilson connection, but haven't had time to follow up on that. It's probably easily googled. If those links would be of any interest, I'd be glad to provide them. A non-luddite installed new software into my borrowed laptop, and ugh, as usual, improvements were detrimental. Lost the ability to quickly find old docs, crashes while I search.

So while I'm emptying the local stores of all their camels, and cornering the coffee market of Brazil, it's so much fun as well. But your making me smile again is best of all :)

Scheherazade will rest and come again.


An intermediate note - do not misunderstand my purpose by what you have found. Events which occurred in 1972 in DC were later relayed. At the time, they were not of interest, irrelevant, considered dynamite too hot to touch. Our purposes are aligned.


*See 03-19-2005 08:42 AM

Just taking a serious break, hee hee.
I thought the news was fake, until I checked reality!

Jacob's Ladder to Elysium

During my half-dream state in nomansland
A thought occurred to me
Of another serendipity

That once perhaps there was a sharing friend
Who now would vouch for me
And my sense of all's security

We met so long ago in nudiland
Enough he trusted me
And my kernel sense of propri'ty

Last name did sound like moon and sixpence lad
Oy, sorta did; liked me
Same beginning as one so merry.

He'd just returned from fertile ar'ble land
Then shared his work with me
And he did so even knowingly

Of our prior sojourns in good wiseland
- been coup'd then recently
Full extent of which has dawned only

On me since ninety six in bookland and…
But back to my story:
(Must confess I typed amazedly)

With pictures of those babies in playland
Some letters to a king
(For his childlike trust left me wond'ring!)

Then oh my gosh he fell from a ladder
While painting his own church
Gave him succor then to heal faster

We kept in touch for many Christmases
Then suddenly no word
Missed his fatherly postcard caresses

Years later after leaving movieland
Sad serendipity
Found a street rag with his eulogy.


May be a late bloomer, but I shall dream on :)


Still enjoying Ponce de Leon's rejuvenating waters, seeing more and more. Is there recognition of the old kernel or am I imagining? Haven't had time to read all old or new marathon threads at JOM. Hottentots are viewing interesting double/dates and deeper in date on origins of Plamegate, etc., but please allow one to sleep.. .. La belle dame sans sommeil :)


PS, been thinking of Hougan and Fox's Rosen all day. What a team they would make to show the comparisons and connections between I and II, plus a fly's data. No disrespect intended, but has anyone followed the Prof. Hailey/Haily/Haley saga at wizbang? He was neither independent nor expert.


Now reading things at JOM from 10/24 to present, although I probably missed tons in the earlier threads when I stopped looking around the 21st.

Kim, it's just amazing. I've never seen such spontaneous synchronicity. I've noted both relevancies. Obviously, you've noticed Scheherazade is taking longer than usual with her main story. I'm still considering how to best present it. The last time I found out three major related things in CBSgate, I went silent at the height of it. The concerned party's site had removed a linkage to a specific doc on its main page within hours after I posted about it. And a sneaky attack was launched against me at Ace of Spades. I had also begun posting at Wizbang in mid Sept. 04. As soon as I began mentioning the hot stuff there, another increase of troll attacks. (To me, it's a barometer: trolls increase = we're getting hot on the trail. Also a useful time to bait and spot oddities for follow-up. In their high anxiety, some of them unwittingly spill the most amazing types of beans, insider data they forgot was not to be mentioned; get their handles mixed up, can't undo errors once posted. E.g., "Chris" at wizbang forgot who he was and posted as "Tiger", then the same long tirade as "Chris."). I'm not speaking in code, or referring to the cornucopia of recent threads. Haven't paid much attention there, except for Kim. To those writing there, if I've missed something really important, say it here, please?

At the time I found a potential 7th fake doc at the site containing the "OETR" acronym mistake in its index pages (created prior to CBS airing the fake docs), and the recognition of how the forgeries were cut and pasted, I stopped posting since I didn't want to alert the guilty parties, changed over to e-mail contact with Kev and cc'd Jim Geraghty of NRO and a friend on some of it. Since Kev's resume showed him as a "techy", I thought he'd see it instantly. But as I waited for his responses and verification of my data, days went by. Then he dropped it. He was busy and thought he needed to do all sorts of techy stuff with it. I didn't realize my movable plasma laptop screen showed it clearly, whereas a fixed screen probably doesn't. Actually, just printing the darns things out from USAT's site, shows the crop markings around text, signature blocks and background "dots". So, at the height of the cybersphere wanting to find out "Who dunn it", crucial data was invisible. The Thornburgh Report has since shown the lineage as I thought, without calling a spade a spade.

Fortunately, I had made screen snapshots of the evidence, so it's saved for future investigations/prosecutions if they ever happen. Recently, I saw all three links at CBS, where they used to have their fake docs, are now inop. Once the Thornburgh Report came out, the fake docs were re-saved at the KLNG law firm and CBS on 1/14/05. So that altered the original pdf creation dates. Not the same as on 9/8/04 anymore. But again, I have the relevant snapshots saved on computer with pdf creation "times and dates" screen superimposed, as they were in Sept. 04. Anyway, it's public knowledge CBS had them and aired them. My evidence stems from USAT's copies of the same 4, plus 2. The "OETR" party's site has tons of docs, one of which may be a 7th, which linked from his main page when I first found it, then the link disappeared entirely, but within the bowels of that page's codes, the link numbering system went awry, last time I looked. Wonderful what macs can see and capture. Then there's also Wayback Machine (google for it) which captures past versions of docs on the net. My limited, but useful, tools. Anyone can do it. All the links to those are now at wizbang. After my silence, I went ahead and said it all there later on.

So, you see the dilemma. Even if no one reads what I write now, at least it's on record in cyberspace. If guilty parties read it, they will try to suppress it, invalidate it, ridicule it… and so expose themselves further. That's good. If I e-mail it to someone like Kev, whom I thought would be able to take it further, and nothing happens, that's not good. If I find someone who can do something useful with it, that's even better. I used to dream of running into Mr. Hougan somewhere and say, look what I found – doesn't this explain all of Hunt's oddities, and this and this and look at this here on your pg 240, that's my Rosetta Stone for Watergate and both contemporaneous perfidies. And now Plame may fit into Dean's category in that footnote. (10:03 AM Guest item.) And there lies the crux of the matter; not just "black" money from the constitutional US govt budget, hidden here and there for national security reasons; no, a much wider, unconstitutional power center, with money sources from elsewhere. And look, here's Dean advising Wilson/Plame on legal strategy. And all these Watergate I players popping up in II. Most of these things and more are already posted at wizbang, scyllacharybdis (ha, Ulysses again!), some at Rathergate.com, [now defunct] Ratherbiased.com, but still searchable via Wayback Machine. Some connecting of the dots only exists in my own sphere.

But it's missing continuity all in one place. I've been looking at it for so long, I'm perhaps inured to its impact. It's like a completed chess game to me. Or blood to a doctor. But I probably underestimate the quake level. Old news to me may be explosive news to others. Even I sometimes get excited when I come across things in older notes – wow, I'd forgotten I found that out earlier!

I wonder if Fitz will extend into another GJ term.

Hmmm… I'll sleep on it all – is this the 1001st night already ? :)


This tale is unending.

I envy you your certainty.(That was a joke).

There is a perfectly divine article in the Smithsonian Magazine around a decade ago whose thesis is that women undergo menopause(the only mammal to do so) because they become too valuable to risk in childbirth.

Now that sounds porpoisely designed.


Whew, I'm typing now as fast as I can before I lose it, what came to me in the seconds between sleeping and waking. Certain echoes from past threads, although I'm not 100 percent sure of their source, whether Kim or gangbangers. I guess my second to last line was unwittingly related.

Tete a trez sound so sexy, sorry I missed it. But hope it went well anyway. Whether Scheherezade has stage fright because of dearly beloved's past – no, not at all, that's water under a good bridge that's been destroyed by the club-footed crowd, seems as early as '72-73, little did we know then! The similarities to pilot so unbelievable, my Rosetta Stone, when once I realized who the co-counsel was, and then that Mullco was a plot to take over an account, physically and financially, when something O'Brien's PR firm (Oct 69 – Feb 71) must have kept got in the way, it all came together like sweet Emma! It became clear, the events of one midnight long ago when a hippie was furiously copying dynamite rags, possibly even 225 pg, and why the fly and the master of my heart had long there had unwitting interest, a source of attack there, but not Watergate related - unfortunately I don't have the exact date, definitely before I first met him in Camelot, around March 74, I can't prove what or when or who the fly was, but that was immaterial to my quest. The point was finding the shared office space, which then explained much of Watergate I and now II, and H&D re a key coolie. Another common denominator was Weathergirl's late father, probably planted in the midst of legal proceedings - and he was the best, oh so clean, used to warn others not to cross the line, oh I loved him so! And my bosslady loved hers too, haven't seen or heard from her since the time I met the old guy who loved Arafat too much and left me so amazed. What amazed me even more in recent years was how come she did not recognize the switch (?) or bending alteration (?!) soooo long ago. There's a verrrrrrrrry long TT full of truth and lies, where I found a nugget by unknown hand, about natives of Morocco, but the dates didn't match known flights, although the rest seemed to fit.

So, I don't know if what I have is a gem for you or not, but its mining certainly brought me great understanding of why things have expanded so, and yet the real products, like I am, have not been produced. I've traced it to Condi's alma friends (hopefully she's clean), amazing the things that are left out of indexes, but found again, serendipitously, last night in '36.

I'm rambling on, I know, but I'm better than Joyce by far. His dust throwing was probably drunkenness. Whereas I am crystal clear. Ha, that's why things have been so full of debt, had to borrow to get those last three gifts left barely intact by a fatherly old man. Had never seen him until the first desert spot, only spoke briefly, so had nothing to compare. What's astounded me in recent years, is why near and dear never saw???!!! Although I've read somewhere, upon return, accidents happened, with months of screaming, shouting, tears, and separate beds. Oee, my cup is overflowing, hope I'm making sense.

The one thing that's left me speechless since my last chess piece was placed, was who do those bounteous brothers in law now report to? Because there are so many such jews in Russia, at first I thought, what a joke, far-seeing projects bore fruit for third parties….???! On taxpayer's dime!! No, surely not. Could it be the one who never paid the piper, who was seen by an unknown fly??? My trail had stopped cold.

Oh.my.god – just went to find the Moroccan nugget by some unknown friend, filed deeply in another drawer – in TT like the chimerical librarian's (who I swear to you, is not me, although I admired greatly her style) - and found a goldmine! Wait, wait, will this take days of reading? And now I'm seeing a square box, can't remember if I put it there or not. No wonder my karma was crashing! And my friend's updating didn't work. I go now. This is tooooo rich!!!

Can I be read as I write in the nude! Hopefully, not seen or heard, hee hee. Will you kindly crash my tree if I say too much? It's been a difficult dance to know who to trust, and not coming out to be a target of future one world weirdos.


Oee, overwhelmed with joy and tons to read! Drudge is like always on top of it all. Still breathless trying to keep up, hopefully I can read all that's there in lightyear speed. First stop MM. Delighted to see ancillary aspens already falling!!!


Jeez, I'm such a procrastinator! Hadn't opened stuff for a week at least. But oh, what fun. Recent delights from friends and heroes who follow my arrows so well, in fonts my own. My long ago joke to AD was right!

Strange threat out of Amazon, but one never knows if Africa is filled with spam.

Breaking off for some hours now.


Relaxing, watching some tv for a change. Damn, missed first 10 minutes. More impressive than I thought. Switching off birds that run across the road.


Mike. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Ike. I don't know.

M. To get the Chinese newspaper. Do you get it?

I ponders, then. No.

M. Neither do I. Neither does the chicken. That's why he crossed the road.


Wheeee! Duplication city! This is amazing!

Although I did see Beauty and the Beast, hee hee
I haven't yet read everything there is to read.
But seeing all the smiles on Miers and on Rove
I know it's all in good hands
or soon will be, MERCI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rendering unto good caesar what is his
Now I can go and play :)


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