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October 05, 2005



Hmm, I wonder why the information was released now. What else was I just reading about that the White House might want to counteract? Oh yeah, that's right.


Big Left Wing rumor being spread like the Topanga Fire is that 22 Indictments will be handed down in MillerGate.

Wish I had started that one.


Yeah, it's hard to imagine 22. Talk about playing the expectations game!

Jim E.

You think that's hype? A spy working in the White House? Well, I can only imagine the spin you'll offer if there are ever any Plame indictments.

In the words of Frank Drebin: "Nothing to see here. Nothing to see."


the fact that the guy was hired in 1999 (pretty sure) and previously worked for Gore...well lets just say I am not entirely pinning this on Bush, other than thinking now that Bush should have fired a few more holdovers from the Clinton era

Go here to see the checky Gore/Aragoncillo photo (does Bush have one of those?)



oh and doesn't this slightly vindicate the kooky Gary Aldrich, who wrote the book "Unlimited Access" in charge of background checks for Clinton...and to think, Aldrich WAS NOT awarded a "correspondents post" on ABC


So, does this explain why Al "Mr. Internet" Gore managed to have his "crack" team of IT experts lose all records of his e-mails ?

Maybe the Philippinos have them.

Tom Bowler

Jeff, It will undoubtedly come to light that Aragoncillo was spying on behalf of Al Gore.


It's pretty clear for those with eyes to see that the 'Aragon' part refers to Somerby's high school, hence the Gore connection. I wanna subpoena on Aragon High's principal. Who else was at that reunion? Any bulgy fat men visit their library?


"...Aragoncillo began working at the White House in 1999. Officials are now trying to learn how he landed the job, when he started spying, and how he escaped detection for so long..."

hmmm this is odd and well um, ironic no?

(Rep. W. Clinger (R-PA)

"...we still have no answers to the simple question of who brought Craig Livingstone into the Clinton inner circle as Security Chief. Does Craig Livingstone really not know who hired him or is he just not telling us?..."

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