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October 28, 2005



A bitter sweet Fitzmas for the libs today. FOX News confirms no indictment for the Rovenator, but they at least get to slime Cheney's office.



Then why is Fitz meeting with the GJ today if it's totally settled?

Mayhaps they haven't yet agreed?

Mary T

It's traditional that at the end of all GJ's, the last day is a cake and ice cream party. Oh, and they try to remember why they were impaneled in the first place.


One word for this outcome:


I realize it's a hyphenated word, so technically, it's two words, just like, technically, Scooter lied to the grand jury.

But who honestly gives a crap?


I partly don't like to retail rumor, but firedoglake has heard something that would help to resolve the issue of why Libby would be in trouble if Fitzgerald has had his notes indicating he heard about Plame from Cheney for so long, those notes having been handed over by Libby himself:

the notes that hung Libby were part of the original document discovery but they were on a hard drive Libby tried to wipe and Fitzgerald reconstituted .

Perhaps too much of a just-so story, but it would explain how Fitzgerald has known the deal for a long time and yet Libby lied. Who knows, we'll see soon enough, I assume.

Rick Ballard

Lucianne and Drudge both report (same source?) that Fitz will release docs at 12PM followed by a presser at 2PM. If he's continuing with Rove I hope a journo addresses him as Inspector Jouvert during the presser. I know I would.

The Unbeliever

One of the talking heads this morning said documents would be released at 12 noon, with a conference at 2:00 PM. I'm lost, what's the point of doing it that way?

More importantly, do we have enough journalists, analysts, and pundits on standby to make wild, ill-informed speculations and predictions during the 2 hour interval before we get official word?

Rick Ballard


I find that I have great difficulty in caring which of the lefty sites tells the definitive tale of 'The Grinch That Stole Fitzmas'. As Fitzmas becomes Fizzlemas (ht Ordi) I have no doubt that the left will come up with all the fantasies necessary to concoct a mythos suitable for the Alterman Reality.

Perhaps it could be done as an epic poem suitable for inclusion in the Mahabharata - Josh Marshal could publish it in installments under the heading "It's Just As True As Anything Else Printed Here". Keep hoping for a change of luck, Jeff. It's all in the world that the left has left.

Cecil Turner

More importantly, do we have enough journalists, analysts, and pundits on standby . . .

I'm available! (Just kidding.) Hey what's with the "remain under investigation" thing anyway? Is that even possible? I thought when the grand jury expired, it was over, no? Is it like "double secret probation"? (Speaking of which, does anybody else misread "David Wurmser" as "Dean Wormer" when skimming articles?) Inquiring minds . . .

sammy small

So who first divulged Val's employment status to a reporter?

Isn't that what started this whole thing?

This is just like the Clinton Whitewater deal which morphed into a blowjob investigation.

The initial concern is quickly dropped in favor of more newsworthy pursuits.


I continue to be amazed (though less and less as the years go by) by the Republican devotion to party above country, to party above the rule of law. A White House official will be indicted today for the first time since the days of the corrupt U.S. Grant administration, and pubby partisans are giggling that the whole thing is a fizzle? Wow, what happened to that "moral core values" thing you all used to try to sell? What happened to bringing honor and decency to the White House? Not so important, after all, when all that really matters is vicarious power grubbing by impotent citizens who identify with the bullying hack politics of Republican sleazoids.

This is a "special" grand jury and can be extended another year, which looks to be one of the liveliest rumors. In truth, as the lovely Ann Coulter was saying this morning, this is a worst case scenario for the Pubs, since it means not only indictment in the VP office, but an ongoing investigation into all the unAmerican acts that brought us to this asinine war, the war MOST Americans now despise and do not wish to support. Sure, I'd have loved to see that fat slut taken down, but all in good time. I'm patient. A year ago it was hard to believe the lies of this dirty admin would be unraveling at the pace they are today.

Have to laugh though at the partisan wingers who think the American people will ignore a Libby indictment...but will be fixated on the joy of watching a hardcore conservative go through confirmation. Do you all ever actually speak to any Americans who don't follow politics, i.e. 99% of them?


...the notes that hung Libby were part of the original document discovery but they were on a hard drive Libby tried to wipe and Fitzgerald reconstituted .

Interesting, but...

How techno-stupid is Libby? I realize he is a bit older, so maybe he is stuck in the generation that does not even know how to turn his computer on.

But as a lawyer, the notion that electronic files can be recreated, and that "Delete" doesn't really delete much, should not be news to him.

Even I, with nothing to conceal, know about Secure Delete software.

The Times said this, at the bottom of the linked story:

In Mr. Libby's case, Mr. Fitzgerald has focused on his statements about how he first learned of Ms. Wilson's identity. Early in the investigation, Mr. Libby turned over notes of a meeting with Mr. Cheney in June 2003 that indicated the vice president had told him about Ms. Wilson, the lawyers said.

But Mr. Libby told the grand jury that he learned of Ms. Wilson from reporters, lawyers involved in the case said. Reporters who are known to have talked to Mr. Libby have said that they did not provide him the name, could not recall what had been said or had discussed unrelated subjects.

And who would leak that - one of Libby's lawyers? Well, we should see it soon enough of the indictment is detailed.

As to the 12:00 release, 2:00 conference - I like it - people have time to read the indictments and ask intelligent questions.

Well, other people - I am hoping to find some time.


RB - amusing to see your reference to Javert. I'd thought, should Fitzgerald issue a batch of indictments against administration officials, TM could have created a thread entitled "Les Miserables" where like-minded souls could congregate, commiserate and plan their barricade strategy.

Some good commentary at The Corner (McCarthy) today wrt the reasons Fitzgerald won't let loose of Rove. Again, reminds me of Les Mis (with Karl Rove singing the part of Jean Valjean): "One day more! Another day, another destiny. This never-ending road to Calvary. These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a second time. One day more!"


I read, somewhere, that the wizards can recover even overwritten data - and it might be the the incriminating memo was on more than one hard drive. If Libby's technowizard wiped one, but it was on another machine......


I continue to be amazed (though less and less as the years go by) by the Republican devotion to party above country,

do you mean like how your party defended and continues to defend a President that not only committed, but suborned perjury?

This is a "special" grand jury and can be extended another year, which looks to be one of the liveliest rumors.

-Yes, you believe in rumors.
Not fact, rumor.
To be clear, this isn't true.


TM - Agreed. The notion that Libby, a 2 million/year lawyer with additional lawyers watching out for him gave notes to Fitz and then testified differently – plus tried to wipe a hard drive – is beyond believable.


Rove is "technically" still in legal jeopardy, but for all practical matters, he's out. The prosecutor leaves this cloud throughtout the entire legal process, giving Rove fair warning that if he says something in the future that is at odds with what he has said in the past, he may be charged.

It also prevents Rove from saying "No thanks" if he is ever requested to assist in the investigation in the future.

The talking heads and wishful lefties may take solace in the fact that Rove is still in jeopardy, but for those of us in the real world, its over for Rove.

(Assumptions based on NYT being right...big one, I know)


I agree. Something about this doesn't seem right.
Didn't Libby go to Yale Law School??

Gary Maxwell

Hey Jay Dee

How is the s*** sandwich tasting man? You have been one of the most insufferable blowhards on this board consistently. Go back to KOS you will blend in just fine there and no one will laugh at you.


Ace, what's my party exactly? I've never defended, nor care to defend, Clinton, though I'm damn sick of hearing wingers drag his name out of the closet any time they don't want to be responsible for any of their own trash. What cowardly putzes.

And please give me the citation that "Special" grand juries can't be extended 18 months.

Appalled Moderate

Look at the Murray Waas article in the National Journal today (it's linked at Andrew Sullivan). Libby, as described in the article, is someone who has been taking the criticism personally. Is it too much to believe that he would retaliate in a personal way? Using this theory, it may well be that the Veep was unaware of what his p.o.-ed chief of staff was up to.

I have come around to the view that Rove darn well knew Libby told him about Plame, though he may not have known she was covert. That would explain why Fitz has kept the heat on him. If that is the case, I think making Rove sweat without indicting him was the act of a good prosecutor.

Well, soon we will know. Wonder if we find out who Novak's leaker #1 is.


Gary, getting laughed at by anonymous yahoos online is the least of my worries. I come to this site for two reasons. One, TM is fastidious with the facts and is a useful resource. And two, I enjoy keeping current with Pubbie pathology, with the breed of snivelling cowards who have leeched on to these sleazy elitists to sublimate their own humiliating powerlessness. It seems if they can feel superior to "lefties", their personal failures feel vindicated. Pathetic.

This is my country, man. I don't intend to give up on it just because it's been temporarily hijacked by elitist crooks and their redneck minions.


Ace, Yale and Columbia. I think they cover this sort of thing at these schools.



"How techno-stupid is Libby? I realize he is a bit older, so maybe he is stuck in the generation that does not even know how to turn his computer on."

I resemble that remark and would pit my knowledge and interest in computers against most people half my age. And I'm older than Libby.

Just sayin'


I've never defended, nor care to defend, Clinton,


And please give me the citation that "Special" grand juries can't be extended 18 months

It would be a new grand jury.
He'd have to start all over.
Considering there was no crime, it makes zero sense.

Rick Ballard

This is my country, man. I don't intend to give up on it just because it's being governed by a legitimately elected majority.

I'll lie, cheat, steal, defame - hell I'll do anything to regain some semblance of power. There is nothing beneath me and nothing I will not attempt.

By any means possible is my cry - as the great Saul Alinsky taught so many of us.

JayDee - decontextualized.


You're calling me a liar, Ace. Back it up, jerk. Clinton is ancient history to all but those queer little wingers who still want to sniff his panties.

And learn something about Grand Juries before you open your stupid yap.

Federal grand juries are of two types--regular and special. Regular grand juries sit for a basic term of 18 months, but that term can be extended up to another 6 months, which means their total possible term is 24 months. Special grand juries sit for 18 months, but their term can be extended for up to another 18 months; a court can extend a special grand jury's term for 6 months, and can enter up to three such extensions, totaling 18 months.


Notice of Press Conference and Release of Public Information is up at Fitzgerald's website. It might be worth checking regularly now.

jay dope

JayDee got a lump of coal for Fitzmas!! LOL!!!


While waiting for Chris Matthews’ head to explode last night, an interest factoid was brought up.

No White House employee has been indicted since the Grant administration. Seems they resign before the hammer drops. Doesn’t look like that’s happening here.



You are a cultist. 'nuf said.


The fact of the matter, the basic premise on which this investigation started, has proven to be a yawner. No damage to national security. Just some embarrassment for the CIA.

Wilson twisted his findings to accuse Bush of twisting intelligence. And Wilson adds insult to injury by yelling that his wife was outed.

No wonder Libby was pissed. Too bad he may have stupidly tried to cover up whatever it was he may have done.

Karma is coming. I don't know how or when. But Wilson can be sure of it.

I don't call this a waste of time, for blogosphere folks anyway. I wrote a little about that fact over at YARGB.

I do, though, want the Karma sooner rather than at some time when nobody cares anymore.



this is a regular grand jury, which is why this is all happening today.

Yes, you are a liar.


Jay Dee,

I'll take a shot at your party affiliation...it ain't Republican. :)

Rick Ballard


Nobody lies in the Alterman Reality. Fantasist or fictionalist is more accurate - it's always Red Queen Rules there.



"No White House employee has been indicted since the Grant administration. Seems they resign before the hammer drops."

Hey, he broke his ankle. What more should we expect. :)

Creepy Dude

Most people forget the end of the story:

“But he has nothing on at all,” said a little child at last. “Good heavens! listen to the voice of an innocent child,” said the father, and one whispered to the other what the child had said. “But he has nothing on at all,” cried at last the whole people. That made a deep impression upon the emperor, for it seemed to him that they were right; but he thought to himself, “Now I must bear up to the end.” And the chamberlains walked with still greater dignity, as if they carried the train which did not exist.

Gary Maxwell


That temporary hijacking has been 5 years heading for 8. And it sure looks like it will be another 4 after that. Hard to predict much beyond that as my crystal ball has its limits. Congress for 11 years and the Senate but for one liberal bastard turncoat about the same. And when the oxygen in Stevens tank runs out the Supreme Court majority too. Dont seem too temporary to me.

But hang to er BubbaLouie. It just a summer squall nothing to be too concerned about. Heck you still have Massachusetts (well except for the Governor but pay no attention to that either). Probably another temporary hijacking.


From the Department of Wishful Thinking (which has both lefty and right branches): I observe that the media advisory released by the Special Counsel's office refers to "criminal investigations" -- in the plural -- as the subject of this afternoon's news conference. Maybe that's just conventional language here, but I was under the impression there was only one criminal investigation. Or does each subject get their own investigation? Or each potential crime?


Is it me or are the Dems/Libs/DU/KOS posters on this site a little touchy this morning?

Creepy Dude

Meanwhile-TM you know I been commenting here awhile and I love ya man-but good lord krishna almighty-this new idea that a Libby indictment is a victory for the white house and a defeat for daily kos is just mindboggling in its raw stupidity.


jay dope,

Make sure you are polite! Ask if him if he wants 1 lump or 2. LOL


It baffles me that Libby would have deleted a file the he had to know could have been retrieved.

The media talking heads are in denial this morning, hoping against hope for a way to tie the expected indictment to Rove. Headline says: Rove Not To Be Indicted Today. Is that pathetic or what?!


Gotta say it's made my day seeing (right leaning) folks basically gloating about Libby lying to a grand jury.


Ordi -"Is it me or are the Dems/Libs/DU/KOS posters on this site a little touchy this morning?"

It reminds me of a line from an old Bette Davis film: "That sound you hear is the crunching of sour grapes."


It is more a Defeat for DKOS et al rather than a victory for the WH. Remember Frog Marching Mr Rove out of the WH.


Do they want Cheese with their WHINE!



If the paraphrase is correct, I don't see where Russert said anything new.

"...he testified that he had never before heard of Valerie Plame, and that he was not the recipient of any leak."

"...never heard of Valerie Plame": Yes, but had he heard "Wilson's wife works at CIA"?

"...he was not the RECIPIENT of any leak." Yes, but did he TELL anyone that "Wilson's wife works at CIA"?

When you look at it like that, it's the same squirrely statement he made before. We DO need a transcript.

Gary Maxwell

That sound you hear is the crunching of sour grapes."

Now that is DAMN funny!

Anybody else here just laughing out loud at the DUmmie parade sputtering and slathering. And they know that Tom DeLay is going to turn the political withchunt against them BIG TIME.

Creepy Dude

I'm with you Ed. I watch conservatives gloat over stabbing Bush in the back over Meirs and now celebrating the indictment of Cheney's Chief of Staff as a victory. Talk about turning shit into shinola.


I do think that the righties here are themselves falling prey to the sort of near-sightedness lefties often suffer from. For those of us who have been following this really really closely, it is of course either (for the lefties) a big disappointment or (for the right) a big schadenfreude-filled day that Rove is apparently not going to be indicted. But remember most people have not been following this nearly as closely, and for them it might be a bigger deal that the VP's main advisor is indicted (assuming that's happening) than it is for all of us, since it is not so surprising nor is it Rove. Plus remember we still don't know what else is going to happen today.

On that last note, from the Department of Wishful Thinking, left-wing branch: I'm saying Hadley is either indicted today or named by Fitzgerald as being still in his sights. Plus maybe another indictment or two.


In regards to Rove,

An Old English axiom applies here

'If you're going to kill the king, make sure you kill the king,'"


dude, Fitzgerald wasnt here to kill any king he was investigating a suspected leak. any indictments are gravy. also every bit of information leaked from the administration these last few weeks have only added to the country's suspiciouns about the war in Iraq.

And please give me the citation that "Special" grand juries can't be extended 18 months.
13th. Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

cathy :-)



The Dems have been aiming at Bush thru Rove for damn near 5 years! Face it, as it stands at "This" moment they have missed again.

only added to the country's suspiciouns about the war in Iraq.

PLEASE! Go peddle your ware somewhere else!


It is more a Defeat for DKOS et al rather than a victory for the WH

Very true.
Posted last night:
“Screw the United States of America. I’m done with it. Whatever happens from this moment forward, this country deserves it.”
by independentchristian on Thu Oct 27, 2005 at 07:27:29 PM PDT

The "fitzmas" that fizzled.
*sigh* it really must suck being a lefty these days.


not peddling anything. just saying, is all

and no one thought this would hit bush directly, no one. just more trouble to throw on the pile


I can't deny, I am disappointed that Rove apparently will not be indicted today. I honestly think his actions were improper and illegal.

My guess, minutes before the document dump, is that Fitz will have indicted or reached plea bargins with at least four people, one being Libby. I also think parts of the information will be sealed.

On the others indicted pick three , Fleitz, Wurmser, Hannah, Fleicher, Bolton, Hadley, Bartlett, Harlow, a Senator or staffer, a reporter..

Also wanted to mention that I think windansea has this right.

the comments section of this site has been wide open and democratic...there are not many sites where total open discussion is allowed...no censorship and for the most part pretty cordial...pretty amazing and note there are no posted rules.



the others indicted, should read the others indicted or who have plea bargins.

Gary Maxwell

I am suppose to be crestfallen that some guy I never heard of is to be indicted ( not convicted mind you) of making a "false statement" to a grand jury. I have listened to endless crap about "frogmarching out of the WH" et al for two years and Joe Wilson showing up all over the airwaves talking about grand conspiracies and sinister motives and lies etc etc etc etc etc ad nauseum.

All of the outing of a covert agent NADA
All of the conspiracy to smear Liar Joe NADA
All of the Rove has met his match ZERO

Yup you are exactly correct. I should be ashamed that I am laughing in your faces!!! Oh look I am doing it again. So Sorry.

Have any of you morons ever had to give a deposition on anything? Do you realize that the other side tries to set you up, they ask questions six different ways, and only show you documents after you give them an answer off the top of your head. Heck a jury may find the charges dont amount to squat. IF he is convicted and I know all the facts, come see me then.



no one thought this would hit bush directly, no one

that is such BS! The Dems have visions of impeachment. They think this will be last straw on the camels back.


man, cool it with the "!." get a grip, it's noon. let's see what happened. queen coulter's not happy by the way :

O’BRIEN: So there you have it, Karl Rove apparently escaping indictment, but that’s the good news. The bad news is, on goes the investigation. What are your thoughts on that one?

COULTER: That is like the worse possible outcome.

O’BRIEN: Oh, an indictment would be better?

COULTER: I think so. I mean, I don’t think indictments are particularly big deal politically. They’re a big deal for whoever gets indicted, but I don’t think it really matters to the White House. I’ve just been thinking, this is going to be lancing the boil. Let’s just get it done one way or the other this Friday. Either they get indicted and they leave, or they’re not indicted and it’s over. To stay under investigation — that is not the best possible outcome.


Has anyone gone over to assess the Doc dump yet? I'm not going to bother due to the traffic.

The Unbeliever

I think the "problem" for lefties is that they haven't spent the last 5 years demonizing Libby as a Machiavellian mastermind. (If you didn't read JustOneMinute or DKos for the past 2 years, would you have ever heard his name?)

So if, after a two-year investigation where the WH cooperated and a journalist went to jail, a guy with no name recognition gets indicted for obstruction while the evil genius Rove just sweats a little, I'd call that a bit of a defeat.


funny you say that. the plank has a post outlining a bunch of reporting they did on libby over the last few years and of course talkinpoints memo has been all over him since this started.


if it's the mainstreem "liberal" media you're referring to, than yes, they let the left down once again. bastards.


Hmm, what am I missing? All I see that's new at Fitzgerald's site is a media advisory telling us about a 2:00 press conference.

Que pasa?


Last minute deals? There are no new docs and it is well past the witching hour.

Rick Ballard

The nice ladies on the GJ baked Fitz some pies and now they're throwing them at him.


Most American parents will think

Scooter of Sesame Street?


TM...I wanted to say thank you too but thought it would message 287 of 500 in the last post and little chance of reaching you....muchos garcias for all you hard work, astute observations and the generous use of your bandwidth.

...the notes that hung Libby were part of the original document discovery but they were on a hard drive Libby tried to wipe and Fitzgerald reconstituted .
Ok, to inject a little levity here...

Scenario: you are a member of a criminal conspiracy, and you need to get some incriminating files off of your hard drive before the order comes down to "retain all documents." You can't just erase them, because this will be obstruction of justice. So you use internet explorer to link on one of those sites that exploits one of those "back doors" that Bill Gates ordered be inserted into all free microsoft software so that they could somehow rip you off, and it totally infects your machine with that virus where everytime you click on something in IE hard-core porn pictures come up. And even if you quit and deinstall IE, the AVG anti-virus pops up a panel every 30 seconds telling you about a different infected file. And no known anti-virus or anti-spyware program will kill this thing. So you call IT, and they come and reformat your hard drive and re-install windows.

I'm the only mac user in an office of windoze users, and I'm just amazed that you people put up with this crap. But I guess now I have to admit one advantage that windoze has over unix -- if you are engaged in a criminal conspiracy and need to lose data, windoze can help you out!

I have to say that if you really want to kill a hard drive, there is nothing quite like administering the Pepsi Challenge while the machine is plugged in. And in the "don't ask me how I know" category, there's always carefully packing it and shipping it via FedEx...

cathy :-)


Still nada...


Fox radio just said confirmed he was indicted?


Maybe the NYT printed the rumor because they wanted to destroy Judy Miller absolutely>The left hates her for her war correspondence.and, if true, the rumor would make her hated as well by the rihgt,LOL


Maybe they said confirmed...he will be indicted today.


Only 5 Count indictment

What happened to the 22 indictments?


You would think that if we are forced to wait at least FEMA would bring us some ice, water and a MRE.


cathy, If I ever run a criminal enterprise, I'll engage your services..


Libby indicted on obstruction of justice, false statment and perjury charges

5 Counts


obstruction of justice 1 Count

false statment 2 counts

perjury charges 2 counts


I guess Libby is an idiot - based on the televised reports, he flat-out lied about his talk with Tim Russert - Russert says that Libby alled him on July 10 to complain about a broadcast, and Plame bever came up; Libby apparently said that Russert told him about Plame.

There was a discrepancy in Libby's Cooper testimony.

And of course, Judy went badly for Libby.


What's Fitzgerald holding over Rove? According to Fox, his attorney, Luskin, was told by Fitzgerald that Rove would be indicted this week adding that Luskin provided some additional information that held off Fitzgerald for now.

Creepy Dude

Why would he lie so much though?

This is just the first crack in the dam.


ReddHedd heard this from on MSNBC

Libby asked "Undersecretary of State" to investigate Wilson's claims -- Undersecretary used State Department resources to look into it.
(Shuster -- MSNBC)

Grossman? the guy with the INR memo, maybe Bolton?


scooter just resigned


AP is reporting Libby has resigned.


At soem point, however, it's worth discussing how inappropriate it has been for journalists intimately involved in this story to have continued to report on it.


Documents are up here.


I am suppose to be crestfallen that some guy I never heard of is to be indicted

This is what the successful dumbing down of America has wrought - blissful fools who KNOW they are having "truth" manipulated for them so they can vote based on emotions and images and who are PROUD of this kind of stupidity.

The Chief of Staff of the Vice President of the United States just got indicted on FIVE FELONY counts. Now the wingnut media machine, which apparently has no respect whatsoever for the laws of our land, will spin like tops to explain that perjury really isn't a crime at all, but the fact remains this is a huge disgrace and dishonor to the White House.

And like it or not, this is not the end. Fitzgerald will continue with a sitting grand jury - this is just breaking now, so details probably won't be available til presser starts.

As Sweet Ann says, this is "like, the worst possible outcome". It just goes on and on and on. And tonight America hears FIVE FELONY COUNT INDICTMENTS AGAINST VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY'S ....

Enjoy. More football fan fun for the goobers.


Libby should have hiden his notes in the WH attic.


Here is the Libby Indictment..http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/1028051plame1.html


Based on a reading from Dan Abrams of MSNBC, Libby was told by a sr. CIA agent on June 11 that Wilson's wife was involved in sending him to the CIA.

That sort of undercuts Old Joe.

No word on Novak's source.

Gary Maxwell


Who appointed you the sole arbiter of inteligent thought? Or even common sense? It aint like your show much of any in your vitriolic posts.

And remember this 3.25 more years of Bush. Dont ya just love it. I am still laughing at you too. So are all us here.


Giminy, I don't watch cable television often, and wathing Chris Matthews reminds me why.

Matthews is going to go into the White House and personaly arrest Cheney in the next five minutes if Fitzgerald doesn't announe something sooner.

His "thought process", which is prompting repeated eye-rols from Dan Abrams, is that Cgeney must have ordered Libby to lie, and that, any minute now, Libby is going to strike a deal and get Cheney indicted for, well, It's not clear. But Cheney is vulnerable!!

By comparison these left-wing bloggers look like voices of calm and reason.


"Official A" Gotta love it.

Valerie was definitely classified btw per the indictment.

This is just the beginning. How it got from the Undersecretary of State to Novak is going to be oodles of fun.


The press release says the grand jury expired today. Does that mean that that's that?

Geek, Esq.

Step away from Tweety.


Not earlier than June 2003, but on or before June8, 2003, the Assistant to the Vice President for Public Affairs, learned from another government official that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA, and advised Libby of this information.
PG 7 The Indictment

Must be Catherine Martin

Appalled Moderate


What's pretty clear from a skimming of the indictment is (i) Libby is an idiot and (ii) there are a number of people scattered around the White House that knew what he was asserting was a lie. (Dick Cheney, Ari Fleisher are the two I noticed). The man should have been encouraged to spend more time with his family a year ago. And, frankly, Russert could have broken this wide open in 2004.

I don't think a non-indictment of Rove is going to let the GOP off the hook as much as some might hope. Even if Chris Matthews is having a spittle spaz attack, and that gets one's contrary partisan juices (or is that counter-spittle), there are legitimate questions to ask our VEEP. Like why did you permit a bad liar to keep working for you?

Geek, Esq.

Not to mention that the Veep is now a witness for a criminal trial.

That's under oath, Big Time.

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