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October 28, 2005


Rocco Martino

Actually, it seems like a pretty good political week. The appointing of Miers was the problem. Her withdrawl was the solution. A highly qualified conservative pick is what is needed now to turn this into a big win.

And if the Times is correct and Rove is not indicted but Libby is for false statements and no indictments for the "outing of a desk jockey", then that is good news. Of course any indictment is not good, but thanks to the media going crazy on this story, everyone thought the entire White House would be indicted. Plus everyone knew the biggest liar behind this entire fiasco is Joe "Tea Sipper" Wilson.

Bring it on!

Geek, Esq.

Bush is really besides the point right now. He really can't please the base and get his agenda through Congress--if he does the former then the Dems will prevent the latter.

2006 is the end-game here.


Yup, Bush is at bottom -- I mean, even at the currently accelerating rate, American death in Iraq of 3,000 (and Iraqi innocent, oh, 40,000, and seriously injured American # ????) won't be until July 4th or so of next year....

Florence Schmieg

Why the constant obsession with Bush and his poll numbers? He will not determine the 06 and 08 elections, he just won't. 06 is likely to see little change. Gerrymandering protects House incumbents and even with all the bad press, etc. over 65% of people say they approve of THEIR congressman, just not everyone else's. But they only get to vote for their own. So: little change likely in the House. In the Senate, probably the same. Maybe a 1 seat gain for Dems or even the Republicans. 2nd term agendas are always out of the control of the president, except for foreign affairs. And, by the way, 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan are now free and have a chance for a decent life if they can manage it, all due to Bush. Short term carping here may not recognize that but I truly believe history will.

Jon H

" Monday morning can be Bush's first day on the Comeback Trail."

Yeah, then he can get back to his normal routine of incompetence.


Jon H, you don't know how good you got it.

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