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November 23, 2005



I give thanks for Joe.

richard mcenroe

"...we have many well intentioned and well informed people on both sides of the aisle. "

Yeah, but they ain't arf the fun of the rest.

Jihad on the turkeys!


Got me a fine big plastic turkey to go with my EverGreen ChristmaTreen. Or is it that explosive new dressing that's plastic?


Happy Holidays--I will miss not being here much over the next few days and reading so many interesting posts.


As a Guru of Gobbler Gastronomic Greatness I will today be Fixing the Farenheit of the Fickle Fowl and ensuring the Felicity of the Gathered Gobbler Gourmands, who will then retire to the Family room for post-Feast Gridiron Gazing.

Not only that, but I'm also gonna cook us up a turkey then we're gonna scarf it down and watch the football games.

Happy Thanksgiving! 8^)


Dude: we are all thankful for this blog. All the best from Delaware,



Thanks to TM for the best blog.

Gobblers to all the rest of you turkeys


Beto Ochoa

Thaks for Tom Maguire. Hardest working blogger on the net.


TM. Thanks for the blog from "Flyover Land".


Thanks to the best and the brave:

Despite acrimony at home, the politics of two national elections and a third on the horizon, and the slander of war crimes and incompetence, those on the battlefield of Iraq have almost pulled off the unthinkable — the restructuring of the politics of the Middle East in less than three years.

And for now that is still a strong hand to bet against.

by Victor Davis Hanson

Thanks to windansea for the url and TM for the best of bloggery.


Man. That's the best turkey I ever made - bar none.

I brined it, first time I ever tried that. Worked very well.


As a new reader/poster on this blog, I want to thank all who make it so informative and interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving to all - especially to our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coastguardsmen and special forces!

JM Hanes

Thanks for the brilliant blogging, the hard work that keeps it coming & (somehow!) keeps it fresh, and thanks for hosting the conversation that your observations inevitably spark -- very generous, indeed.


Garlic, onion, celery fried in oil with cupboard cleaning Italianate spices and a pinch of anything Indian(Bengali 5, yest.). Add a stick of butter and canned green beans, drain, serve, gobble, and dribble. Play ball, or do leaves.


TM, Generally your posts are excellent but this one's a real turkey.

JM Hanes


Alas, it appears that there are thankless tasks ahead. You may need to close your archived posts to comments ASAP. That's where spam like this and this commonly starts out and rapidly turns into a virtual deluge which will eat up space and take over your "recent comments" list.



Guess TM's going to have to put in one of those anti-spam word-thingies.


Come back soon. All of us redneck Texans miss your wonderful posts.


Oh don't worry, he was somewhere around here just one minute ago. He can't have gone far.

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