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November 18, 2005


Rick Ballard

TM has performed well over the last quarter and recent results have seen the mark break through previous highs. The sharp move upward is a definite buy signal as there are no known limitations to future growth.

PK, on the other hand, is a mark for the serious day trader willing to make strong bets on swing moves. PK's ups and downs within a narrow trading range make it a decent play for the trader who is unafraid to short. Interest in this mark is relatively limited and light volume increases the risk of being trapped in a long position should the erratic behavior of the principal result in a cessation of activity. Shorting at the top of the trading range is the preferred play.

richard mcenroe

The question is not, "how much are people willing to pay for the privilege of reading the TimesSelect editorials?" but, "How much is the Times willing to pay for the privilege of not being talked back to by the proles?"

Rick Ballard

I think of it as keeping a loony aunt in the attic and charging kids in the neighborhood for a look at her.

Eric Lindholm

Tom Maguire, more popular than Paul Krugman? What is this world coming to? Congrats.


I like it. I like it! Congrats, Tom! My bet's on the orange taking the lead permanently. The blue will be red-lined in short order.

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