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November 16, 2005




Pure genius!

The Unbeliever

Aha, I knew I was missing a connection somewhere! Not surprising that Scott Ott uncovered it, of course; we all knew the investigative reporting at Scrappleface is far superior to that of many newspapers and CNN/NBC spinoff channels.


well, this certainly explains why my Florsheim's keep ringing...



The Apologist

Tom, have you re-read the Oct. 27 Larry King transcript with Gergen, Isikoff, Woodward, Graham, and Dodd? I mean, in light of Woodward's new revelations and the Dem. push to illegitimize the war? Dodd's comments are especially creepy. You can see Bob pushing for his interpretation (special knowledge) and Dodd/Isikoff panic to push it back the other way. Dodd overplays his hand in awful ways especially considering J.R.'s (D. Fantasyland) memo.

Lew Clark

I'm surprised someone hasn't realized they can go to a really big pond full of really big fish now. It is illegal for a government official to release classified information to persons not cleared for that information. And, you aren't protected if your not the first. If Tom releases it Monday, Bob releases it Wednesday, and, after it's all over the news, Harry releases it Friday, Harry is still technically guilty, if the information has yet to be declassified. Now all the news types are safe, because they are not government officials who obtained the information in the conduct of their government jobs. But, if the woman (whose name must not be spoken) and her job (which must not be identified) are still classified, then all government officials presently saying "she" works "there" are as guilty as Scooter Libby. And, since Fitz is, at present, a government employee who learned this great secret through his official government duties. He too would be as guilty as Scooter, on the day he publicly read the indictment.

The Apologist

Sorry, link to King is here. Start after second commercial break.


Grand Jury testimony of longtime Washington Post editor Bob Woodward, leaked by Rove-ing reporter (humor).

It is posted at: Bob Woodward Tells Grand Jury Who Leaked First

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