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November 18, 2005



Do those flamethrowers use aluminum tubes?


The US military, contrary to algorejr, does not use flame throwers any more. They do use sawed off shot guns. For some reason US SUpreme Court held that sawed off shot guns could be banned because they had no military use contrary to facts. If they had watched WWII movies US Supreme Court would say that flamethrowers are appropriate military equipment for unorganized milita

creepy dude

You have to be world's worst cocktail party guest. Last time you were you jawboning some poor sap about abortion. Now you want to go debate prewar intelligence-at a cocktail party!?

Here's a word association test: MANHATTAN

Did you think one and a half parts rye to half part vermouth or Ground Zero?
Don't answer, I already know.



The atomic bomb?

creepy dude

Believe it or not TT-when you say atomic bomb I actually think of the shot. I am (was) from New Orleans you know. Used to drink those at the old Nick's on Tulane Avenue to excess.

Here's one for the cognoscenti-Sheep's nuts.

creepy dude

Now you got me all nostalgic-Nick's one of the all time great bars, "established in 1918 by world renowned mixologist Nick Castrogiovanni. Inventor of specialties like 12 Italian Virgins, Sex on the Beach, and the Atomic Bomb, Nick's colorful cocktails with colorful names are still made today using the originial secret recipes by an exceptional barstaff. Recipes, never written down, are passed down orally through an apprenticeship that can take years."

12 Italian Virgins-what a work of alcoholic art-I guarantee you can't one worth a damn in anytown USA.

Sadly, I don't know if Nick's is going to make it back.

Richard of Oregon

The Oregonian rooting for Bush? I quit reading that paper years ago. Maybe it is worth a second look.



"Sheep's nuts"

Haggis? In New Orleans? Did I just lose my "cognoscenti" membership card?

creepy dude

Yep. Sheeps Nuts is another classic Nick's shot where two maraschino cherries that have been marinating in Everclear since Prohibition days are sitting at the bottom the glass.

creepy dude

To clarify-all that enhanced red maraschino cherry color is long gone. Those cherries look nasty, grey, shriveled, and well...like Sheep's nuts.

Of course, they also get you totally wasted.


Yeah for the Oregonian! Can't believe they would risk this considering their customer base.

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