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November 27, 2005



Whisking his tail among the flies, so to speak.


Nobody answered JeanneB's question. I am not a lawyer but I think under discovery rules Fitz would be forced to disclose everything outside the GJ process. So was that Fitz's motive for reconvening a GJ...avoiding discovery?


MJW - I got what you were saying, more or less. But TM added the reminder that in his public statement, Woodward explicitly said that the interviews with the three officials in June 2003 were partly research for his book about Bush's second term. Regardless of that oddity, though, your point stands that Armitage could be a confidential source in the present for Woodward as he works on the book on Bush's second term, so the comment to Howell does not rule him out. I still find it strangely misleading, if Armitage is Woodward's source.

As for AJ Strata, I wouldn't spend time being confused; from reading his contributions here, he gets most things wrong.


"Fitz seems to be doing everything except trying to get to the bottom of who leaked classified info. How is Luskin's conversation with Novak going to help him find out who started leaking Plame status, or name, or whatever?"

What Fitz needs to do is obtain a schedule of every Cable TV news program that Wilson appeared on from 2001 through 2003 and get a list of anyone who may have been in the green room with him prior to each appearance. Add to that a list of anyone who may have sat at the same dinner, lunch, breakfast, coffee or picnic table with Wilson during the same period. If he questions as many of those people as possible, he will more than likely discover (surprise!) that Wilson "outed" his own wife and that her "employer" was common knowledge throughout the Eastern seaboard if not the Western World.


Jeff totally disagre about AJ.


Jeff, I don't why I felt the need to clarify (or repeat) what I said in my first two posts. I guess I just wanted to make clear that I think Armitage was likely a source for both books, and that no matter who was the source for the Plame information, it's unlikely he or she was being interviewed in June 2003 for a book on Bush's second term. Not that I'm sure I made that clear.

As far as the comment to Howell being "strangely misleading," it wouldn't be the first time -- or even the fifth or sixth time -- in this Plame Game case. I favor Kate's explanation: "It sounds like Woodward is shamelessly pushing his new book and trying to increase interest by linking the mystery person to that book as well."


If Ken Starr had researched every possible "obstructionist" communication between the press and the lawyers of the various witnesses before his grand juries, he would still be deposing folks and probably be doing so for another decade or so.


Fitz is young. This is his second grand jury, not his second childhood.


Some confirmation of the MJW/TM line, making the point toward Armitage a little sharper, from Franklin Foer at TNR's The Plank:

This is what I'm reliably told: Colin Powell has been aggressively jockeying to manage Woodward's current book project on the Iraq War. He has been especially irate that Cheney--the Newman to his Seinfeld--has managed to successfully outmaneuver him by currying favor with Woodward. But has Cheney really secured Woodward's ear? Or is he just making it seem that way, so that Powell preemptively gives him all the goods? We can be sure that Woodward's footnotes will never tell.

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