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December 07, 2005


Beto Ochoa

The middle bottom.
There are greater things.
Oops! MSWord says thongs.


Silent call,
Blessed put.
Cattle off,
Future market.
Stop all loss,
Never blundered.
Bet a lot.
Get a hundred.

Beto Ochoa

Ever blistered by the wind;
Ice your ass descend.
Christmas Spirits; set the mark
We your freinds will toe the mark.

Jim E.

Man, we really need some Plame news to break.

It ain't much, but the Wash Post does break a little new ground tomorrow: they report that Woodward's source DID testify early in Fitz's investigation. Furthermore, the source did NOT tell Fitz about the conversation with Woodward. Seems that Mr. X might be in some serious trouble.


Icy queen of frigid realm,
Freeze your life with governance.
Never place her at the helm,
No passion but intemperance.


Jim E, probably more like a Rove/Cooper thing, doesn't remember it the same way Woodward does. Not very convincing to juries.

Geek, Esq.

The one thing I love about Hillary is that she drives Republicans batshit insane. You can take a perfectly sane Republican, mention Hillary's name, and they go Tom Cruise-azy.

Jim E.

Woodward claims he repeatedly went back to his source, so the source was reminded directly about the conversation. And when Woodward went back to his source after the Libby indictment, Woodward reports that the source, on his own, decided to go back to Fitz. The source remembered the conversation with Woodward, or at least had been repeatedly reminded of it.


Get her a waffle iron

Jim E.

Well, if Woodward's source is Joe Wilson (yeah, right), I'm happy to see that kim will offer him (Wilson) a vigorous defense against perjury charges.


Why settle for one lying Clinton
When you can have two?
Buy her, get him free, they fib
Until the Bill comes due.


All good points, Jim E., but they may still have conflicting recollections of the conversation.


I didn't even like Hillary when I was still a Democrat.


Jim E, Whether Woodward's source is in trouble or not will depend on a number of things, most especially whether he was even asked if he told any reporter.

Of course, none of us knows for certain the scope of Fitz' investigation, but it appears to me he had an idee fixe that the White House staff conspired to "out" Plame. If that hunch is right, and my other hunch that Armitage is the course is also right, he may have been questioned only about what HE told WHITE HOUSE STAFF.

Rather like , it appears, Fitz' very circumspect questioning of reporters--who never seem to have been asked whether they had independent knowledge of who she was and where she worked.


Armitage is the SOURCE--not Course--sorry for the typo.


This is off topic, but an AP story today on the Miami shooting by an air marshal carries this tidbit:

[quote]Officials say a 50-year old Egyptian man was stopped six days ago at New York's John F. Kennedy airport. Sources say he had a suspicious pair of shoes that tested positive five times for the explosive substance TATP on the interior of his shoes between the heel and sole.

Federal officials say the man's shoes are remarkably similar to those used by shoe bomber Richard Reid, who attempted to blow up an American Airlines jet over the Atlantic four years ago.

The Egyptian man's destination was Des Moines, Iowa, sources say, and he claimed he was a student at Iowa State University, in Ames.

Strangely, after holding him overnight, airport security in New York released him. The FBI was notified after he was released. Now the FBI has put out a nationwide alert.[/quote] Let him go?

Now, if this is true, it seems peculiar.
(1)Is this test for explosives so sensitive we get lots of false positives?
(2)Was TSA too busy to contact Iowa and check out his story?
(3) Wouldn't it be standard procedure for TSA to notify the FBI when they are releasing someone under such circumstances?
(4)Is everyone on the government payroll an idiot?


Clarice -

"Is everyone on the government payroll an idiot?"

Just about.


Well, this IS getting interesting. The Israelis are reporting three more shoe bomber wannabes were picked up at Nairobi airport:

[quote]Cyrus Ombati - Nairobi - Police in Nairobi are holding three terror suspects allegedly found in possession of explosives.

The three Ethiopians were arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport last Tuesday on arrival from Addis Ababa.

Detectives said they were headed for South Africa.

The detectives were investigating the three, who also had shoes that had switches and dry cells.

"We suspect they are suicide bombers and we are interrogating them to establish their motive for having such shoes," said a policeman.

The first suspect was seized at the screening point at the airport before his suspected accomplices were also caught.

A team of detectives sent to Ethiopia to investigate the wired shoes, switches and dry cells returned at the weekend.(more)[/quote] http://osint.internet-haganah.com/archives/000016.html

The article is dated Dec 1.which would mean the arrests occurred on Nov 29 which would appear to be two days before the Egyptian was held by TSA. Surely an international warning went out before the arrest.
That would mean the reported TSA action was beyond stupid..or it could mean the story is deliberately false..we have this guy in custody and he's talking and the government said he was released so his collaborators wouldn't know.


Well, all I can say about that is...make sure you have clean socks with no holes next time you have to fly anywhere. =)

r flanagan


Good question for Bush's next press conference.

r flanagan

Armstrong Williams could ask it.Oops m,
he'd have a conflict of interest.


Hey, rf, how about a press conference where a reporter without a conflict of interest asks Kerry about his Form 180?

C. Either the Kenyans don't have people or TSA blew it. I'll go with the latter. I'm surprised we're hearing about it.

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