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December 24, 2005



"If you dolts want to know my position, read the damned FISA law for yourself. I think it's simple enough even for you, but you will have to read it. I'm done with trying to explain it to you. Read the assignment class, and don't bother coming back until you are able to answer the following questions when called upon. You're wasting my time as well as yours."

Posted by: Rider | December 25, 2005 at 06:01 AM


You hysterical, limp-wristed weanies have been bamboozled into giving up your Constitutional rights so the divine emperor can supposedly protect you from the sky falling. It's not going to happen. We need to do a lot more to prevent the next attack, but there is absolutely no need to have a hissy-fit and throw the Fourth Amendment under a bus to get the job done.
Rider | December 27, 2005 at 07:05 AM

Harry Arthur

Thanks for the quotations, Pete, have been following this thread on and off. Very interesting, though on more than one occasion tending to the pedantic.

Many familiar names have made excellent observations and superb arguments. Must have been frustrating for some visitors.

Rider was correct on this one point, though, I am willing to give up my constitutional right to talk to OBL, so I can feel "protected". I'll also be very interested in the upcoming investigation into these leaks, ala the Plame "scandal". As usual, I trust "Joe Sixpack" to connect the dots.

Not sure "professor" Rider yet understands the 4th Amendment but I'll leave it at that, being an hysterical, limp-wristed (not that there's anything wrong with that) weanie and all.

I'm hoping y'all have a great New Year.




Peter - Too much of this thread has been about Rider as it is. It's really going to be long if you and boris insist on re-pasting my old posts over and over. Must I apologize for or explain each one individually?

Not sure exactly what point you're trying to make. Humiliating to have to explain my humor repeatedly: Both posts you quoted were not so much name-calling (unless you are really sensitive, which I somehow doubt) as examples of outrageous re-framing. The first was after having been painted as an infant, so I reframed the discourse with me as the professor. The second was after having been painted as a wimp on national security, so I reframed with you guys as wimps on the Bill of Rights. Trying to give as good as I get, that's all.

Invective I'll apologize for and have several times now. For my humor - however weak - and my hyperbole I won't. Remember, I am seriously outnumbered here. Being outrageous is just part of my game.

Lighten up. Don't make me resort to emoticons!


Just another role player Rider?


Student article on Echelon & pre-Patriot Act law on signal intelligence posted at volokh.com:


Gary Maxwell

Hey Rider

When I asked if you were that stupid, I was just outrageously reframing. It was not name calling at all. And when you got mad and cursed, well you just missed my humor. It may have been hyperbole but I guess we will never know.

And I want to apologize too, to all the truly stupid people, I hope they did not take offense at the comparison.

Hasta la vista


you said that they were "racist and hateful"

Another stupid lie. Here's the quote:

Rider: anti-semitism to defend Hitler, Göring, Himmler, and Göbbels, because I referred to them as neoconservatives

Let's review:

you are all neoconservatives (as are those other fellows I mentioned)

Those other fellows Rider's referring to:

But let me just say that if Hitler, Göring, Himmler, and Göbbels were around today, we'd probably call them neoconservatives

Clearly referring to a group known to contain a high percentage who are Jewish (compared to the population) as fellow travelers of Hitler, Göring, Himmler, and Göbbels, perpetrators of genocide, would be considered deliberately offensive. Hateful even.

Deliberately Offensive. Hateful even.

So much for "My apology was sincere

richard mcenroe

I know Tom's probably been off frollicking nekkid thru the snow for the holidays and more power to him, but between Rider's resusal to encrypt his posts and the general repetitiousness, maybe this subject might be better served by a new thread?




I'd have to take back one "stupid lie" on Rider because an earlier post did use the phrase "racist and hateful". Well before Rider's apology the more accurate "deliberately offensive" was substituted and supported. However, the claim of sincerity likely qualifies as lie.

outrageous is just part of my game

As in deliberately offensive. The subject chosen to do so suggests racism.


Clarice's excellent article is up on Lucianne.com. I'll be checking the comments there.

Gary Farber

Here, to
to put an end to that story.


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Ask your doctor if probenecid would work for you; it's cheap. Professor Planet Clare and his pooch, Private Fido.


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