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January 31, 2006


The Unbeliever

Jack Bauer does not jump sharks. He kicks them in the gills until they move out of his way.


24 is still agood shoe; jump the shark is when the shoe declines. This year's show is not in decline.


shoe should be show though many times we are waiting for the Shoe to drop.


"Shoe" is approximates Ed Sullivan's pronunciation of "show" decades ago.

Karl Maher

I see big things ahead for Jack Bauer. And the NY Times is not happy about it.

Cecil Turner

Jack Bauer makes sharks glad they have no cojones to twist. They only wish he'd jump 'em.

steve sturm

I've updated my list of 24isms. Lots of plot holes and "that can't happen", but no shark jumping...


steve sturm:
That is one great list of 24isms. I agree with almost all of them. You have to admit that the constantly ticking clock and the fast action keep you on the edge of your seat.


'24' sounds like 'a really big shoe'.

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