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January 28, 2006



He forgot to salute while reporting for duty. He also didn't ask permission to come aboard.


Senator Byrd's constituents called the Alito hearings an outrage and a disgrace. Someone must have bought and paid for and gift-wrapped those constituents. I love wrapped presents. There are always two things in them, first a puzzle, then a surprise. Are you puzzled, Mr. Byrd?

My delightful present for the day? Everyday anyone listens to John Kerry is Christmas for the Republicans.

Beto Ochoa

So now the Times is a fifth column to the Democrats?
Wonders never cease.
One note of curiosity; Does Kerry have to use a video phone exclusively so his hands are visible when he talks? I worked for a Sicilian once and he wasn't as effusive with his hand as John Kerry.


"Kerry will be back in Washington tomorrow," Ms. Boyd said.

Why do I feel like she was giving us a warning. ::grin::


The handiwork is to mesmerize you; it's an effort to conceal the fact that the box he's constructed just isn't quite right.


Sleight of hand. Magicians do it all the time. It's to distract you, so you don't see what he's really doing. Or is it a cantrip?

Beto Ochoa

"Were on a talk only land line Senator Vader! Your Jedi Mind Tricks aren't working now!" "Bwahahahahahaha!"


I really love TM's sense.

Short and sweet, no parody necessary. Hey, maybe that's the strateegery....if NYT's keeps it up they won't be fun to blog about.


I do not believe the editorial and the call by Kerry were unconnected. Call me cynical. And I hope he continues to take his cues from the same place.

richard mcenroe

Confusion among one's enemies is always wonmderful to see.

Of course, one must be prepared to strike and take advantage...


So the NYTs was for the filibuster before they were against it?

Isn't that Kerry's line?


After seeing our local midwestern paper give Kerry an inside the paper page 6 or 7 top headline , my conclusion is rather than be deemed irrelevant Kerry is at the point that any publicity is good. Besides he can't let Hillary get all the headlines. He and Gore surface every couple of months', throw some red meat to the base and then slink back into oblivion. To think that these two almost became president is truly frightening. On their best days they seem divorced from reality and on their worst days they seem incapable of making any sense at all.


Byron York leaves this:

Left-wing bloggers -- "netroots" activists -- are feeling their oats these days. This morning, the biggest of them all, Markos Moulitsas of the DailyKos, comments on a Washington Post story which contains the following quote:

"The bloggers and online donors represent an important resource for the party, but they are not representative of the majority you need to win elections," said Steve Elmendorf, a Democratic lobbyist who advised Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. "The trick will be to harness their energy and their money without looking like you are a captive of the activist left."
That might seem a sensible strategy for a candidate seeking election in all but the bluest areas, but by saying it, Elmendorf unwittingly set himself up as the newest target of "netroots" rage -- and revenge. Moulitsas writes:

Mr. Elmendorf almost got it right. The trick, in reality, is to stop appearing like our Democrats are held captive to sleazebag amoral lobbyists.
Here's notice, any Democrat associated with Elmendorf will be outed. The netroots can then decide for itself whether it wants to provide some of that energy and money to that candidate.

There's nothing "extreme left" with demanding Democrats act like Democrats, no matter how much these out-of-touch and self-important beltway insiders think it is.

I think this demonstrates Dem officials have let this get out of hand (i.e. NOT defending their vote for Iraq, because the believed in it, but then trying to backpedal and then dream up they were tricked excuses)

So they are hostage to this faction -- silly symbolic filibuster that won't achieve a thing --- but at the same time will marginalize themselves to the overall electorate (i.e. loose elections)

ALSO, notice the quasi- McCarthy like quality to this, making targets by association

Not a good spot to be in.


wow, that was long. Sorry.


Markos, the Minister of Propaganda. Kos Dancers.

That has its flaws, though. The original Ghost Dancers acted out their agony with futile noble truth and compelling beauty; these modern Kos Tyrantellas have neither.

Truth=Kerry's integrity



I met a fella at a bar one time; he looked like a pencil necked geek. I told him "It must have been the bar bix you ate".

Lew Clark

Where have I seen this before? Unelected, radical, self-appointed "keepers of the true faith" who threaten politicians of dire consequences if they don't toe the line. Does Markos have a secret signal to alert the faithful to "let the beatings and beheadings begin" or will we be warned by an open post?


Not long at all, TS. Great post.

Isn't this Kos phenomenon the greatest thing to happen to Republicans in a long time? The only thing that could make them look good these days is the extreme left gaining even more power in the Democrat party, and it's happening right on schedule.


Careful, Kim. My accountant has the guy who trademarked "pencil necked geek" for a client. Some ex- "pro" wrestler, who gets paid a royalty every time they find out someone used it on TV, etc. Bet they use Google by now. (Ooops.)


OK, either I or TM can tm 'Bar bix you ate'. Hablo Francesca.


Besides, I think 'pencil neck geek' is like kleenex, or jello, it's now the proper name for a generic product. Also, both pencil necked geeks, and the term 'pencil neck geek' probably pre-date the trademark. Just google. Say I wonder how many trademarks and patents can be shown to have been awarded in error, by Googling.


I think this is him. Anyway, he made money off of it. :-)


Very interesting, E, and thanks. Maybe he did originate it.


Another great scoop, that sums it up completely. As long as dems are held hostage by the fringe left they are destined to be the minority party.

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