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February 18, 2006



I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. Let them get lawyers and try to prove their cases but if they are insurgents al queda members they belong behind bars until they are deemed not a threat. Some have already been released.

Brad DeLong

You do need to renegotiate...

Lou Grunt

Lefties for terrorist rights. Now that's a surprise!

Jim in Chicago

I'm not sure what part of Greg's post I disagree with most:

Is it the hubris of: "Guantanamo will be viewed by historians . . .".

Or is it the, unfounded (I mean, this has already been investigated and shown to be false w/ regard to AbuG, which is what he seems to be talking about, no?) claim of "they 'migrated' to Afghanistan and Iraq".

or is the belief that stress positions, loud music, and temperature extremes,were the "worst abuses by the US military since My Lai" and "morally reprehensible."

I eagerly await his "look forward" but if it's anything like his look back, it won't be worth the pixels its printed on -- or something.

'morally reprehensible

Jim in Chicago

Of course, I've just found out that I'm a member of a cult, so disregard the above . . .

Charlie (Colorado)

It's one of those wonderful predictions, too --- "At some point Gitmo will be closed."

Well, duh.


The Cult will tell us what to disregard, Jim.

He does say, "in the next Administration".

Lefties for terrorist rights. Now that's a surprise!

Yeah, they wish he was a lefty. He scored some points for our side in the 2004 brawl, IIRC, and I bet he will again.

Cecil Turner

Belgravitas conflates criminal due process with detainees of combatants in wartime. I'd thought the legal issues were well settled over the last couple of centuries, but apparently not. I'd suggest that those who wish to rewrite the laws of war bear the burden to make a coherent alternative proposal. An airy suggestion of sending POWs through the US court system (as is essentially the UN proposal) does not impress.


Those were gentleman settling the issues over the last couple of centuries. Mostly dead white ones.


The UN, in their report, make the same mistake, CT, that since this isn't a 'war between states' they should not be detained. I knew there was a reason we didn't depend on the UN to prosecute this conflict. Or resolve it.

Barry  Dauphin

An alternative to Gitmo.

YARGB - Flares into Darkness: OK, release them from Gitmo and send them to...France?


I got an even better idea. We know a lot about these guys now, fingerprints, voiceprints, DNA data. Turn 'em over the the UN or the Red Cross, and track 'em. Or recover them, if tracking would violate the 'Rules' of war. What better way to gather intelligence?


Our own Constitution allows electronic shackles. Hasta la vista, baby. Until we meet again.


Don't forget that, in the fog of war, many of the principals slipped away, and many relatively benign foot soldiers were captured. Isn't that typical? Not many generals are taken captive.

Lew Clark

Hopefully history will not read like this:
"In their misguided protection of the human rights of terrorists the opposition to the Bush Administration were able to get Guantanimo and Abu Ghraib closed down and all detainees released. We know now what a horrible mistake that was as these detainees played a major role in the attack and destruction of New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles 18 months later."

Jim in Chicago

But Lew that'll never happen. We know from Greg's post that these guys have high-powered gen-yoo-eyne NYC atty's from bigshot world-wide firms representing them.

So they must be innocent.


Robin Roberts

Any real historian will note that Guantanamo was the most humane, compassionate prisoner of war camp in the history of humanity.


That map with red "Jesusland" and
the blue coasties and Canada looks
like a very sensible solution.

Poor Blues, Canada has a least pulled a PURPLE on them.

Perhaps, we could trade the LEFT
for the State of Israel, if Iran
would give up their Nukes.

A big jump in our GDP would surely
result, not to mention productivity
numbers and check Dinocrat's great post on the Muslim's world patents.

Hope Condi thinking of this!

richard mcenroe

Charlie (Colorado) — Gitmo will not close. The State Department will need someplace extraterritorial to give the Cuban government sancturary when Castro dies...


RM, no need, they'll turn into entrepreneurs at the drop of a cap. I mean capital. And Guantanamo will be a Club Med. Castro is such a curiosity.


You'll enjoy this, and I've been assured that it is true. One day after taking over Cuba, with its economy in shambles Castro called his closest advisers together and asked "Who among you is an economist"? Che Guevara, a physician, responded that he was. So Castro put him in charge of the economy. Several months passed and when what had been shambles was no longer recognizable as even that Castro tasked Che with his former response. Che then answered, "Oh, I thought you said 'Who among you is a communist?'".


I guess the Venezuelans can be grateful that Chavez is no communist, just an old fashioned tyrant.

Sic semper.

Jim in Chicago


You think Greg at Belgravia wants a do-over?


A movie, pizza, whaddya bet they got sex workers, too. Club Med in spades. Har de har har.

I should have lawyers like they got.

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