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February 08, 2006


Gary Maxwell

"We seem to be losing our voice ..." Sen. Dodd

Does not that happen when you scream at the top of your voice about anything ( everything?) for a long period of time?

Gary Maxwell

"Our megaphone is just not as large as their megaphone.." Sen. Kerry

I got an spam e-mail this morning that could help you with that problem Senator.

Too too funny.


It's mornings like this that I kinda regret cancelling my subscription to a publication that was always good for some laughs.


Well Kerry you were loud enough to be heard from Davos with your filibuster campaign so I guess it's not a matter of volume but more one of message- guess what your party doesn't have one!

Rick Ballard

Nagourney is an excellent choice as mouthpiece for the bigmouths. The incoherence of his writing perfectly matches the incoherence of his party leaders.

I don't see any rush for the Dems to gather to gether, pool their ignorance, and come up with a disunified theme. After all, it's still eight months to the election and look at the progress they've made in the sixteen months since their last defeat.

They should consider getting together with Greenburg and Schrum in a couple of months, those boys are pros and can pull together the strategy necessary to put the Dems over the edge.


That burp from Pelosi is music to Rover's ears... and mine too! Do the Dems really think the "defeat" of SSR was some triumph for them? Given the antics at the SOTU, obviously they do. YOUWZERS! How can they even call themselves "Democrats" while declaring that elections are not the deciding issue on these matters? Hilarious! If mainstream Dems don't open their eyes TODAY they will be rubbing their butts in bewilderment yet again in, what? eight months?


How can supposedly intelligent dem leaders- be so clueless on how they come across to others. Dodd's comment is a wake up call for them but once again they are tone deaf from all the shouting and screaming from Kos and Moveon.org.


Kudos TM on the brilliant commentary following the cited Dem
comments. Know that make it easy -
but love to laugh. And thankyou
for giving 3 OL's!

Florence Schmieg

The New York Times begins its 2006 campaign.


Barbara Boxer closes on what might be a note of hope:

...then she moves on to plead with Cindy to be nice!


"Our megaphone is just not as large as their megaphone.."

These people are just so dense and arrogant. Do Democrats really think the American people just haven't heard their message? That if they could just say one more time or hijack another funeral people would finally hear them and come to their senses?

Geez, they are all hear, and the message is clear --our sole purpose in life is demonstrating whole much we HATE George Bush. I remember thinking why Cindy Sheenan had to wear a t-shirt for her expected screen shots. Does Cindy think people aren't clear on her message? One more stab of shock will rattle us in siding with her?

It's not about hearing them, it's just they have only one thing to say, and I've quit listening.


I get such shadenfreude (sp?) over hearing the leaders of the Democratic party crying "please someone tell us what we stand for!".

Though I'll give them some credit. I think they know what they stand for; they just want to come up with something they stand for that the American people will agree with.

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

Quick, somebody get the donks a bigger microphone!!


Today, Rush was on Cavuto, he said "Remember the movie "the Wedding-Crashers, well, the Democrats are "Funeral-Crashers".

But this is the point of my comment:

On January 28th, 2006 American Thinker posted
Gallantry: What Liberals can Learn from George W. Bush
by Vasko Kohlmayer

The other day, the American people saw George W. Bush once again addressing his critics in connection with the NSA’s surveillance program . Despite the fact that he has been accused of the worst of possible motives – of willfully and deliberately breaking the law to spy on his fellow citizens – the President tackled this and other gratuitous charges without a trace of anger or bitterness.

A relative few presidents in this country’s history have endured the kind of vicious and spurious attacks that have been leveled against George Bush. Completely abandoning any sense of decorum or statesmanship, some of the highest officials in the Democratic Party have repeatedly called him a liar, a loser, an election-thief, an airhead, and a fraud. Regularly likened to Hitler, there have been books discussing his assassination. Recently he was even dubbed the world’s greatest terrorist by one of America’s once-prominent entertainers . There are just a few of examples. Sadly, such views are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream liberal outlook.

But no matter how malicious they have been, George Bush has always faced his critics with affability and goodwill. Even his most bitter enemies – hating him as they do – would be hard pressed to fault him for being uncivil or personally unpleasant. He displays none of the unkindness, harshness or anger one would normally expect from someone engaged in a political struggle against those who frenziedly seek his destruction.

In fact, Bush’s gallant manner has become something of a trademark. His comportment has served him well, for he has triumphed in almost every great battle he has fought, including two heatedly-fought national elections. His successes tend to drive his opponents into what can only be called spasms of political hysteria, and not knowing what else to do, they crank up even further their already outlandish rhetoric. Their near-madness is indeed a sight to behold.


You'll want to read and save the entire essay at:

Click here: The American Thinker

MacsMind had this :

UPDATE II: Quote from Rush Limbaugh today, "George W. Bush is a classy gentleman. He doesn't care what these people say about him at Coretta Scott King's funeral because he knows that they're the ones that look very small and petty. It's not affecting people's perception of him."
Exactly the point - Character - something these clowns can't comprehend. Whether it's giving up our National Security Secrets or undermining our ability to protect ourselves, the left has made it's true colors known and come 2006 and 2008 the Country will remember as well.
UPDATE III: Yep Clueless! You know that they know they're screwed when they try the Blame Gaming to reverse their Shaming.

And last evening I received my Mullings E Mail:

A Tale of Two Cities;
A Tale of Two Men

by Rich Galen
Wednesday February 8, 2006

* From the Washington Post's coverage of the funeral service for
Coretta Scott King:

[Former President Jimmy] Carter delivered some of the most pointed
comments, noting that Martin Luther King Jr. had been "the target
of secret government wiretapping and other surveillance" in his
* From the Atlantic Monthly:

On October 10, 1963, U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy ...
authorized the Federal Bureau of Investigation to begin wiretapping
the telephones of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. [To be fair,
the Atlantic Monthly says this was "one of the most ignominious
acts in modern American history."

* From the New York Times coverage of the funeral service for
Coretta Scott King:

The Rev. Joseph Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian
Leadership Conference with Dr. King [said pointedly]: "She extended
Martin's message against poverty, racism and war," he said. "She
deplored the terror inflicted by our smart bombs on missions way
* From the pool report by Joe Curl of the Washington Times:

Afterward, Lowery moved down the row of Presidents. Bush 43 shook
his hand, and even pulled him in for a hug with a big smile and a
twinkle in his eye.
* Go back to the top and re-read the first bullet point. That tells
you everything you need to know about Jimmy Carter.
* Then re-read the pool report. That tells you everything you need
to know about George W. Bush.

* On a the http://www.mullings.com/dr_02-08-06.htm

Hope one of the 527's that support Republican candidates uses the
shot of Jimmy at the podium with Pres Bush and First Lady Laura
seated behind him.

The Democrats may want to grab a dictionary to look up Gallantry

While most Americans look and say - that's not a club I want to join-
those megaphones are really annoying.


American Thinker link
(new to tag use will try again)
You'll want to read and save the entire essay at:

Gallantry of George W Bush

The American Thinker


I read that article when it first came out and found it to be very heartwarming. It has captured President Bush exactly.
On Imus today,while he was talking to Lieberman the I man said what a bitter, whining old fool Carter has become. He mentioned his Habitat for Humanity work but found his behavior and speech at the funeral to be inexcusable.


I remember Wonkette doing a bit with a drawing on a photo of Kerry that showed he had a very big-un-megaphone.

Didn't help him.


i/> I agree Larwyn. Some days I can hardly believe how civil the President remains in the face of such non-stop vituperation.



Rick Ballard


The President has Karl Rove. The Dems have Bob Schrum. I'd be civil and keep smiling too.

Rick Ballard

Well, it was fixed in Preeviw.


Remember at any given time Rove can become Scrummy or Shrummy can become Rove.

Rick Ballard

Rove is Schrum - that's why Bush is so civil.

JM Hanes

I was once given a pillow with a cross-stitched expression on which frequently seems appropriate, nevermoreso:

I'm so far behind, I think I'm first.


Mad scientist Larry chortles with glee as he craftily designs MOAM (Mother Of All Megaphones). Hurry Igor! We have to get pre-production models to Kerry, Boxer and Pelosi ASAP!

Gary Maxwell

You know I thought it was bad and then I hear Arianna Huffington laughing at the Dems. See for yourself:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arianna-huffington/dems-have-yet-another-i_b_15310.html>Huffing and Blowing


I just wish you'd all quit calling Valerie an analyst. what she and Joe do in the privacy of their own bedroom doesn't have any bearing on the question at hand.


*Thwacking Larry on the kneecaps with the ivory knob of my furled umbrella*


Oops. Wrong thread. Bad joke, too. Sorry. Pass the whiteout, please.


Oww! May I ask which bad joke you're thwacking for? I mean for which you are thwacking?


Must be getting late. I'm getting all kinds of double entendre's and weird visuals. I always aspired to be a dirty old man. Now I are one, I forgot why.


Well, I'm a mean old lady , you beast.LOL


I suppose you'll deny that this, "*Thwacking Larry on the kneecaps with the ivory knob of my furled umbrella*", is literally fraught with a plethora of suggestive words and phrases? Hmmm? I love it when you talk dirty! Th..th..th..that's all folks! G'night and g-d bless.


Good God, look what the morning's unfurled. You don't have to get that gleeful about the Death of the Dems. For a wicked stepmother she used to be cute.


Memo from VRWC HQ: Anyone revealing the law of holes to any useful idiot on the left will be immediately expelled from the conspiracy. Further measures, if necessary, may include continuous surveillance by men in black, black chopper hovering, paramilitary tribunal or extreme sanction.

Rick Ballard

The "New" DNC - Digging in for the Coming Battle


Yeah, she wasn't so cute anymore after she got so big.


looks like it really is a bipartisan scandal,Reid in the cookie jar...wonder if there will be a WAPO style email spam crusade to AP? Open letter to AP? Anyhoo, file under "no duh"

Gary Maxwell

Wait a minute I heard Mad How say that this was a Republican scandal. Even said that only Republicans got money from Abramoff. You mean he was being too cute? He just forgot that the scandal was about influence peddling and Abramoff clients trying to buy friends? Oh.


He coulda been a contenduh.


Wasn't there a recent commenter just lecturing us that this was not true? hmmm. Anyways, I am sure James Brady at WAPO blog is laughing.

"According to knowledgeable DNC sources, Dean about ten days ago was shown opposition research documents generated by the Republican National Committee more than three years ago, which laid out facts regarding Reid and his family's lobbying and ethical conflicts.

Dean, according to the sources, was fascinated by the details, and asked that his staff research and independently confirm everything on the documents. "Basically he oppo'd a member of his own party," says a DNC source loyal to Dean.

"Basically, we were looking at three- or four-page documents that made Jack Abramoff's lobbying work look like that of a rank amateur," says the DNC source. "Between the minority leader's past in Nevada and here in Washington, and the activities of his sons and son-in-law, there probably isn't anyone in this town with more conflicts. The Reid family is the symbol of what's wrong with Washington; it's their behavior that enabled the culture that spawned people like Abramoff."


'"When you bring it out early, you are going to leave it open for the spinmeisters in Rove's machine, the Republican side, to tear it to pieces," '

Because maybe....your ideas suck?

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