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February 22, 2006


Rick Ballard


If you are interested in minor details - like facts - you may find this piece of interest. As well as the CSM article noted in the update.

Didn't Plato say something about "first, determine the nature of the thing"?


OK, that's it TM. You're nothing but a LIBRUL!


"good job with his subordinate" may mean that the 45 day review has been done, reported to Bush and decided upon by him.

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

The nature of former President Carter is to be wrong and being in agreement with him has shaken me to my paleo-con bones.


Quotes from Instapundit don't help when Instapundit happens to be wrong. The UAE is an ally, they know how to run ports, and Bush is absolutely spot-on when he asks why Brits are OK but not Arabs. It's typical, though endlessly ironic (considering the lambasting he regularly receives), that George Bush is the smartest guy on the bock.


This is just a false fight designed to restore an image of conscience and independence in the fawning Congressional Republicans, sort of like Roberts purported difference with Bush on FISA.

Lew Clark

I applied Occams razor and decided that the Dems/MSM are against it because Bush is for it. And an extension of that, UAE is bad because they are Bush's friends. Remember the Bush Family - House of Saud connection that was so much in vogue for awhile. It's sad that key Republicans have jumped on the bandwagon for purely political purposes.
Maybe Bush should push back and say, he's rescinding the deal with the UAE and giving the contract to a Hamas/Al Queda joint venture in order to get Democrat support.


I think you guys should just outsource all your ports. We did that in the UK when the Liverpool dockers got a bit stroppy and it worked just fine. It's a bit inconvenient having to walk to Bangalore to pick the stuff up once it's been unloaded, but the labour cost savings are incredible.

(this joke comes from an actual remark made by a manager of Mersey Docks during the strike, when he claimed that Liverpool faced increasing competition from more modern and technically advanced ports like Hamburg).


One very logical explanation for the president's actions is that the bipartisan squealers who are screaming about this are, hmmm, what's the phrase I am looking for, outting a covert agent. And the president just stood up and hissed, "Shut the f*** up, you morons!" Given that he has spent the last five years proving himself to be the world's cheapest tightwad when it comes to expending political capital, I've got to think that there is a very good reason that he is expending so much here.

cathy :-)


Not to put too fine a point on it, dsquared, but we already outsourced our ports. And it's not altogether obvious whether British muslims or Dubai muslims are more dangerous when it comes to terrorism anyway...

cathy :-)


Lileks has a typically humourous take on this (via Instapundit). When I first heard the bare bones of the story, my thoughts were very similar to Lileks' - unbelievable tone-deafness to the politics of it all. Of course, another part of me wondered if Bush had simply let this whole thing sneak up on him, and was unprepared to debate it.

However, in the intervening 12 hours I have read several persuasive arguments as to why the UAE port deal is not bad at all. Dafydd ab Hugh has an awesome post that casts aside the visceral reaction many people on both sides of the political spectrum had when this whole story broke, and examines reality and facts. I came away with a different perspective.

At this point, I think we need to look more closely at the deal before it is finalized. I don't want to hear about excuses for not doing it, this is a prima facia case for Congressional hearings and oversight. At the same time, I think passing a bill to scuttle the deal without first reviewing the case is premature, and I would support a veto.

The President has been folishly blindsided with this, but he does have a few things on his side as well and against him. This thing can be demagogued endlessly from a "racial profiling" as well as a national security standpoint. Last time these two issues came into conflict, "racial profiling" won out over national security. This time, I'm not so sure. A.J. Strata really hits the issues related to the "racial profiling" point hard in this post.

We are headed for some interesting times. This debate has just begun, and is going to grow exponentially from here.

Rick Ballard

"The President has been foolishly blindsided with this"


The President can differentiate between a freight handling operation and port security.

One might consider that peddling against meme is not the function of the executive. The fact that those commenting in ignorance choose to raise immaterial issues is no reason for the President to respond to the ignorant.

Phrase argument as: "It's a damn shame that suckers are born at a one a minute rate and the media sure take advantage of it - why doesn't the President do something?" and you get to the crux of the "problem".

It ain't his job to enlighten the ignorant.


"It ain't his job to enlighten the ignorant"
No, but the Pres SHOULD HAVE been out in front of this issue from the start. Oh. Wait. He did not know about the deal. Ok.
This Admin has lost battles in the past for this very reason: THEY DO NOT GET OU IN FRONT of their actions and PREPARE us Dumb Shit Americans for the Tsunami after the announcement is made in the MSM (Drudge).
Sorry, but the Pres has to inform, not defend.


Well there goes my theory he was holding a card up his sleeve...he didn't even know he was playing poker.


Rove was wearing his Jimmy Carter masque when he explained to Michael Moore at the Democratic Convention how kids fly kites at those UAB ports, and Gore got the message in Riyadh. That explains Moore's silence, now. Or maybe he's busy wondering why bin Laden is holding up progress on the pipeline over there in Allahforsakistan.

Rick Ballard


What battles have been "lost"?

You have stepped into the game without reconnoitering. Step back, look at the real chess board and ask "whose king is in danger?". This ain't checkers.

The MSM is not the measure - in fact they are a "null" value.

Lew Clark

I just saw a news clip on the Powerball winner. The guy is a furiner. Can't even speak good English. Came here in 1988.
Where was Bush on this? Does he know how many suicide bombers can be financed with that kind of money. Bush had better get up-front on this and keep that money away from him! Or just have Cheney shoot him.


Zogby, the great Dem pollster is
very, very PO'd.

I will have to wait for PoliPundit
and Galen to look at the possiblities and to answer this question:

If the Arabs in Detroit and elsewhere in Michigan go against the Dems, will Michigan turn into

How many Black Muslims will also be
PO'd and maybe stay home?

Yes we want hearings! Possible that Kennedy's, Schummmy's and Biden's performances at the Alito
Hearing could be bested!

Loving it!

Bill H

Are they buying the Coast Guard? Are they buying Customs? Are they buying the Dept. of Homeland Security?

Listening to the hysteria you would think they are.

Who do you think should run the port operations?


Rick Ballard said:


The President can differentiate between a freight handling operation and port security.

Your comment reminds me of posters over at MyDD and Daily Kos, bemoaning the ignorance of the great unwashed electorate and asserting intellectual superiority; "We needn't inform these fools about our decisions in government". Unwise.

You might think it isn't the President's job to "enligten the ignorant", but a failure to do so in this case will likely result in providing the Democrats an issue that they will exploit to the detrement of this country. Your glib reply is a testament to your own apparent failure to grasp the politics of the UAE purchase. If Bush doesn't find a way to get out in front of this, the visceral opinions evident on both sides against the deal will harden and the unenlightened ignorant will deal him a major political setback.

And funny enough, Bush didn't know about the deal until a few days ago, according to the White House. But while the President talked about energy and what-not, he should have been coming up with a strategy to deal with this. When I first heard about it, I knew it was going to be a problem. Bush's political instincts aught to be a lot better than mine, but if he can't see an onrushing truck like this, I may have to revise my opinion of the man.


When do we stop receiving cargo from ports controlled by DP World?

Rick Ballard


How many elections have you won?

I really do understand your viewpoint but it's not one that is focused on the battlefield. Who cares what the scribblers think? Perhaps they did marshal 15 points in 2004. Who won?

Bullshit has to be shovelled - it doesn't have to be sifted.


Easy, T&R,l he misses these things because his heart is pure. He is actually a fairly poor politician, that's what Rove and Cheney are for, but as an executive, foreseeing, and functioning, he's not been excelled.



"When do we stop receiving cargo from ports controlled by DP World?"

Don't you think we should immediatly target shipments from the oil company controlled by Chavez.

He is big buddies with Iran, North Korea, China, Cuba and the really scary Cindy Sheehan and the "Day O"

Extrapolate the Left's argument and we can freeze all those blue states to death in no time, as long as that darn global warming doesn't save them.


The great unwashed in this "ports" story is the MSM who repeatedly report that a foreign company is going to operate our ports.


DP World will not, nor will any other foreign company, be "operating" the port.

In this case--as regards New York--a foreign company (DP World) will own one-half (a joint venture interest) of a company operating one freight terminal. Several other companies, including foreign, operate the bulk of the freight terminals in the port.

These "ports" companies are in reality "freight-handlers," who load and off-load cargo from freighters. Their security interest regards theft, shrinkage, and other casualty losses.

The port is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey--who has their own police department. Port security is provided by the Coast Guard and US Customs.

And as regards security, as in the airlines, the security is addressed prior to departure, and not upon arrival at the destination.

As for those making political hay out of this "story," if you knew what you're taking about, you wouldn't be making the sort of dumb ass statements you're making.


Yeah it's his fault he didn't foresee the Democrats pulling the fear and the race card together in such a blatantly hypocritical fashion. Do I forgive him? Do I forgive his opponents? What's to forgive, it's in their nature.


"Democrats pulling the fear and the race card together in such a blatantly hypocritical fashion"

A week or so ago they were the
"we're not afraid" party and the
politically correct multiculturalists spouting all cultures are equal and only a few
are "freedom fighters"

Makes you wonder if any of the DEMS
have TIVOs?

Patrick R. Sullivan

About the only thing that will change because of this is some names on checks. The same people will physically control the ports and terminals. Who pays the bills and collects the revenues will be different.

Big deal.


he can't see an onrushing truck like this, I may have to revise my opinion of the man.

When will people begin to understand there are NO surprises when an R and a V reside in the same last name. Hint: ROVE loves ROPE


OT: Libby's response to the government's reply to his discovery requests and an affidavit are available here--they strongly attack the greymail implication and demand the right for the reporters' info; also make a good case for the presidential breifing materials--http://www.scooterlibby.com/news/Read.aspx?ID=75


As Matalin says....Deeeliccious this is

"...Such relatively less important events include alleged snippets of conversations about Valerie Plame Wilson's employment status...."

Could someone hand me a fly-swatter, in other words. You can almost feel the arrow penetrating Wilson's over inflated and enlarged heart.


Hier cum da Judge.


While we are OT, clarice, here's the most fascinating story. Remember the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development? Remember how this is Fitz's case, and Judy Miller (yeah, that Judy Miller) massively screwed up the case by tipping them off by calling and "asking them for comment"? Remember how they started massively destroying evidence and Fitz had to move in and make arrests prematurely? Well it turns out that Fitz's staff goofed up and xeroxed a bunch of classified documents and handed them over to the defense.

You know, I can't think of any way that this is anything more than a really weird coincidence. But man, is it ever a weird coincidence.

cathy :-)


Yes, I saw that article but didn't realize it was Fitz' team that goofed.


I also recall reading that when the prosecution realized they'd made a mistake, there first move was to try to get into the locked defense counsel room in the courthouse and simply retireve them. They were stopped by court security and then and only then sought court relief for their error. PHEH


"...Both government and defense lawyers are barred from discussing exactly what was turned over, but defense lawyers have indicated they believe the information would help their case..."

things that make you go "hmmmm"


Jeez, wouldn't that want to make you act with the secrecy and isolation of the Inquisition.


Let me amend that to 'act with the secrecy and isolation of the excesses of the Inquisition'.


And subject irritants to durance vile.


Interesting, Fitz doesn't even want to turn over to Libby his OWN notes..Hey, why not make the Star Chamber complete?


Ed Lasky breaks this:
Democrat officials' firm helped Dubai purchase ports

Little noticed in the kerfuffle over the takeover of major US ports by Dubai Ports is the key role being played by former Democratic Party leaders. Lobbying firms associated with ex-Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Madeleine Albright (Clinton’s Secretary of State) have been working (paid subscription only link) to secure approval of the purchase by Dubai.

Soooooo......this deal has been in works for more than months and the
Dems have been mentioning mentioning mentioning ports for months
and then this!

Sounds a lot like Rocky's memo on the planned attack on Bush via
Intelligence committee.


Ah, the perfidy.


Rove knew, didn't he? But, how? Musta' just smelled it. "Ports? Ports? What's all this 'Ports' in the air?


Now there, C, is a scandal. Why didn't court security make a complaint of attempted burglary?


nteresting, Fitz doesn't even want to turn over to Libby his OWN notes..Hey, why not make the Star Chamber complete?

No, he's waited this long to have Libby read them to Fitz, he's just not gonna give them back now

"the government has expressly withheld the identity of the sources who disclosed Ms. Wilson's employment status to Mr. Woodward and Mr. Novak"

Armatage or Tenet?


The administration's review of the deal was conducted by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, a body that was created in 1975 to review foreign investments in the country that could affect national security.

Thats great, really it is. But if we set aside who reviewed the deal, and look at who is behind the deal in the first place, you will find that it is the cities and states in question who drove this forward.

It's pretty funny to watch the NY and NJ senators complaining about the actions of what are, are the end of the day, their own states. Perhaps Chuckie could place a phone call to his buddies at the Port Authority?


Huh. Thanks for the link Clarice. I'm about half way through it.

Interesting how things seem different when you start to read both sides of an argument isn't it?

Gary Maxwell

maybe is Libby gets lucky the hapless folks in Fitz's office will make a mistake and just give him back his own notes? I am certain Kafka had avision about this prosecution and then wrote about it.


I have installed something which allowed me to copy the brief as it is impossible to work with in pdf format. I'm trying to see if Rick wants to print it at YARGB. If he doesn't and TM wants it here in that form, whistle.

I think Libby was particularly outraged by the "greymail" defense whisper campaign and does a good job with explaining why CIPA was designed to and prevent that.


Heh. I love this part:

In a case that essentially pits Mr. Libby's memory of certain conversations against the recollections of three reporters, in which knowledge by the reporters as well as by Mr. Libby is at issue, it is astounding for the government to assert that Mr. Libby should not have the opportunity to investigate the state of mind of any other witnesses."

And wow. Read the bottom 2 paragraphs on page 8 if you want to know where this is going.

"Mr. Libby is entitled to investigate whether the reporters who will testify at trial are mistaken, biased, or otherwise not credible."

OK. This is going to be really fun.

Rick Ballard

As insignificant minion to the goddess I can only say that what is sent will appear as soon as human hands are capable.

PS Those interested in the formation of Local 1 - Workers in the Temple - are urged to contact the undersigned if interested in the possibilty of - ouch, dammit, OK, so it's not permitted - can't we even talk about it?


It's not enough that Fitz never had a predicate for the investigation and Libby couldn't plead the Fifth--Oh, and I like the effort to avoid giving him the CIA referral stuff and his notes and catching Fitz on his own presser..

Rick Ballard

Per the command of the goddess:

In re LibbY


ouch, dammit, OK, so it's not permitted

Those finger swats of Rove's are wicked, aren't they?


ah ah ah, . I saw a 4 and a 1 and a 5 at the end there Clarice..




"ten foot pole"

Well someone finally had to eyeroll out loud to that little bit of drama. I have many times.


Senate Hearings in Armed Services
Committee scheduled for tomorrow morning announced by Sen. Warner.

Reported by CNN


I was trying to be discreet...sunny side of the nation, with bridges!wink:wink (really, I'm teasing)


Clark? Clarice. Nevermind, no more cryptographs for me.


Rick, there are no unions in heaven..no need for them--it's like the old CCCP..

Rick Ballard

My God - it's the Big Rock Candy Mountain!!

Why couldn't we see it?


Republican Rep. Myrick NC has written a letter to President Bush regarding UAE port deal. It's probably an understatement to say that she doesn't seem keen on the idea.

"Not just no...


Thanks for the link to Libby's court filings, Clarice. Of the three discovery briefs (Libby's initial brief, Fitz's reply, and this, Libby's reply) this once seems to me to be the best. Not only that, but the argument on pages 27-28 concerning the materiality of Plame's classified status and any damage done by her exposure is quite similar to one I made on another thread.


Sen Warner was on Fox laying the trap that will be the Senate Armed Services Hearing tomorrow.

Will Hillary risk getting Zogby
even more angry with her? Will
she show up and lose lots of $$$
and maybe Michigan if the Dems are
dumb enough to nominate her in 2008??

Now the COO of Dubai Ports, Ted Bilkey - looks and sounds like an
American to me - is filling Wooooof
in on the details. He also mentioned how American Military are
in the booths at the UAE ports watching all the operations at the ports and all the American Military

He also said the Israel shipping companies are his biggest customers.

Tomorrow will be great fun.

Let's see what Dems show up for the

Cecil Turner

It's probably an understatement to say that she doesn't seem keen on the idea.

Heh. It's also one of the clearest bits of communication I've seen in ages. Worth reproducing, even:

Dear Mr. President:

In regards to selling American ports to the United Arab Emirates, not just NO--but HELL NO!


Sue Myrick
Member of Congress


Today I am appalled by being on the same side as Jimmy Carter. Gad.


And what, pray tell, do Clinton & Gore have to say? Based on recent oration, they both surely must support the administration on this. Inquiring minds want to know.


This excerpt from Selwyn Duke's column at American Thinker today
is exactly why we should be looking forward to the Senate Armed Services Com's hearing tomorrow.

Clinton and Schumer are Profiling Muslims

Liberals aren’t thinkers, they’re “feelers.” Thus, they are not governed by absolutes but by expediency and what feels right at the moment. Profiling Muslims within the context of the port situation feels right, whereas doing so at airports doesn’t. It’s that simple. For this reason, a given liberal “principle,” for lack of a better word (it’s not quite accurate to call an ever-changing emotional preference a “principle”), is only pulled from the magician’s hat when it can be placed in the service of a liberal agenda. It’s the closest thing to a religious experience the Clintons and Schumers of the world will have. Their “principles” undergo a continual cycle of death and resurrection, the latter phase being animated by the desire to breathe life into deadly fallacies in need of buttressing.


Will Hillary and the other Dems show up tomorrow?

Do any of these people understand that if anything went wrong at
any of the terminals - we do not have to invade the UAE.

We already OCCUPY the UAE.



Maybe instead of thinking of it as being in line with Carter, think of it as Carter being in line with you for a change.


Yeah, AC, Sue's right. Jimmy Carter might be on the right side once or twice in his life, though I actually doubt it's for the same reasons as for me.


This is some pretty interesting politics, but I think Rick's post is about the only thing I've read so far that was particularly intelligent. I'd count myself among the staunchest of anti-Arab-extremist extremists, but really, how can anyone be hysterical about this who a) doesn't know what these companies do; b) isn't willing to change the laws allowing foreign companies to own American businesses, or at least manage port operations; and c) isn't an anti-Arab profiling racist? I mean, is UAE on a terrorist watch list, or at least a junior member of the Axis of Evil? What legally distinguishes them from Great Britain? Most Favored Nation trade status?

No offense to anyone here, but the whole premise for the concern is illogical -- especially the bit about how we need the Congress to teach the Administration about Middle Eastern terrorism.

I was listening to the great Karl Rove discussing this on a talk radio show today, and was struck by the fact that he didn't refer to anything even slightly political until the very end, when he simply mentioned that this deal had been public since October, I think it was, when it was reported on by Bloomberg News. Strangely, nobody took exception to it until now. Of course, Schumer's been talking about port security since then, as larwyn points out, but for some reason this particular deal never came up.

Does anyone happen to know if this company is pro-Union, or if the Longshoremen's Union is pro-Dubai Ports World or contributed to any of these great patriots squawking about this?


What happens to our bases in UAE if Congress scraps the deal?


Thank you, Sue. A much better way to look at it. Some of my fellow conservatives find themselves (shudder) in bed with Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. We have in common that we all feel...dirty.


Well, Ex, the Longshoremen have a contract with the Port Newark Container Terminal LLC. In this transaction, DP World is acquiring the joint venture (one-half) interest owned by P&O. The other JV partner is A.P. Moller-Maersk, who themselves have other large operations at the port. Labor would be a moot issue, IMO.

This is mostly a story dominated by people who don't know what they're talking about--and who continue to mischaracterize it. DP World will be one of many companies operating in the port--they will NOT be operating the port.

Charlie (Colorado)

Extraneous, you should be a reporter. I discussed that over at YARGB, pointing to a New York Sun article that notes every one of the big voices from the NY area are recipients of Longshoremen largesse.

BTW, I also fixed Rick's link earlier today.


Just one question: if we nix this deal, what company is going to be managing the ports?

Have any in the Chicken Little crowd even thought as far as that? I doubt it.


Good one, Charlie. That makes a lot more sense. Still a minefield for Bush, since not too many people are reading about this stuff.

And Seixon, I heard Peter King say last week that no American company even bid on this deal.


Albright and Daschle firms and companies have ties with the Dubai Group. Let's see dems try to spin that!


I've already pointed out that we not only know the UAE's address,
we already occupy the country.

Dinocrat, factual and perceptive:

America's Cartoon Riots

The Dubai Ports deal to purchase UK-based Peninsula & Oriental is very old news. NYT, 11/30/05:

Dubai to Buy P&O, British Shipping Line, for $5.7 Billion

LONDON, Nov. 29 - Dubai, the upstart sheikdom of the United Arab Emirates, agreed Tuesday to purchase the storied British shipping company Peninsular and Oriental Steam

Here’s the January 12, 2006 article in the Wall Street Journal called Investors Expect
Battle for P&O:

Smelling a battle between a pair of rich bidders amid a boom in cargo volume, investors pushed shares of port operator Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.

We think that one of the key things that has changed now to inflame this issue is the cartoon riots we have observed over the last few weeks. Americans have seen out-of-control Arabs and Muslims threatening mayhem and slaughter over some stupid cartoons. They have seen the Arab and Muslim governments either instigating the riots or unable to control the marauders. They have seen a craven response by the MSM and a feckless mealy-mouthed response from the US government over wanton destruction and threats to life and limb. And the American people are now saying: screw this! The last thing we want is to be told we must be sensitive and understanding and these are really our allies and so forth.

But, before the Dems/Left begin to take bows and think they have won continue reading:

The outpouring of outrage from the Left and the Right has opportunistic elements of course, but beyond that we sense that the American people are fed up with being told they have to be sensitive to the wishes of the Arab and Muslim world — a world in which the man-in-the-street appears to be either directed by anti-American forces, or so out-of-control that he will take it upon himself to kill Americans any way he can.

Dinocrat thinks America is saying - "shove that P.C. Multicultural nonsense" and that
isn't good for the Left.

IMHO don't think the "elite artsy" profs at Harvard should be celebrating too hard -
Summers resignation will do more to expose them than his toughing it out.



Where did you get the information that Albright and Daschle have ties to the Dubai company? Can you link it?

Rick Ballard

Pop Quiz:

I am the ruler of one of a handful of small ME fiefdoms surrounded by ravenous wolves:

My title is _______

I am the ruler of one of a handful of small ME fiefdoms surrounded by ravenous wolves, one of whom invaded my country with the pretext that it was the 19th province of his country:

My title is _______

I am a ruler of one of a handful of small ME fiefdoms surrounded by ravenous wolves (one of whom invaded my (or a similiar) country with the pretext that it was the 19th province of his country):

My very, very best friend in all the whole wide world is Uncle _____

There are those who support terrorism agains my very, very best friend, I will:

a) Support and encourage these terrorists in any way possible.

b) Introduce these terrorists to Achmed Surestroke who holds the position of head headsman in my fiefdom.


More stupidity. Everywhere, we can see that Bush doesn't know what every agency is doing at all times! That just shocks me. I always thought the Pres was on top off all these details, and that the rest of the beuracracy was just waiting for direction from the charismatic leader.


I read it on the internet news page this afternoon and I am unable to link it. Perhaps someone else can?


Ed Lasky reported about the Daschle,Albright connection to Dubai Group connection.


http://americanthinker.com/comments.php?comments_id=4515>Democrat officials' firm helped Dubai purchase ports

Thanks Maryrose. That was what I needed to find it.


Well, dang. The meat is behind the WSJ subscription wall.


Bush doesn't know what every agency is doing at all times!

David Gregory says he's secretive, closely guarding every detail.

JM Hanes

Sue, Here's the salient bit:

"Dubai Ports World executives plan to visit Washington this week to brief congressional leaders and staffers and administration officials on the deal. Girding for a battle, the company is tapping well-connected consulting firms for help: Downey-McGrath Group, founded by former congressmen from both parties, and Alston & Bird LLC, whose advisers include former Senate Democratic Leader Thomas Daschle of South Dakota.

"In the background is Albright Group, a firm founded by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The Albright Group doesn't lobby but has provided strategic advice to Dubai Ports World, specifically on expanding the company's presence in China."


The pattern here should be getting
obvious. Just as no Dem complained to any briefer on NSA for four years - they suddenly with the help of the NYT make big

The Dems well knew this was coming
down as it was in the papers and as
American Thinker linked to the article that exposed the Albright and Daschel connections to the deal/UAE.

That why the mentioning mentioning of ports began and then they waited until only days before deal was done to raise the "Two Lantern - Arabs are Coming".

We know about Rocky's plan memo on
intelligence attack.

We must pay attention to the next
mentionings, mentionings, mentionings.

I watched most of the briefing today and compared to others, Levin, Kennedy, Byrd and Hillary were subdued and emphasized the law
- none were swinging those two

Bet that we soon will see videos that remind Americans of the terrific Airbases and seaport we have over there.

DP is willing to wait for investigation and delay deal - so
we will see what Hillary does to
try to get back her cred with Arabs. That "no vouchers" for
"jihad schools" notwithstanding.

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