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February 26, 2006



Krugman's stance - or more accurate, non-stance - is amusing (okay, I'm an easy sell). He can't support Bush psychologically or emotionally (Bush is correct? Never!); but opposing the sale, from his worldview, is a type of corporate-racial profiling and this, equally, he cannot do.

And so, like the dog offered two pieces of meat, one from each hand, he sits there paralyzed over what to do.

The dog that didn't bite.




I don't think it's fair to label it racist or quasi-racist. I hate that argument being used to shame people into shutting up about legitimate misgivings.
I am very interested to see how this port issue will be addressed when considering the global nature of shipping. And the global nature of business in general. I remember when Bush took office my Dem friends were saying he would turn us back to isolationism. Now it's Kerry and Clinton stumping to keep the world away from us (except the UN, of course).


I don't think it's fair to label it racist or quasi-racist.

Nor I.

But from the world(view) according to HerrDoktorProfessor, it is quite fair.


richard mcenroe

Ya know, if the UAE would just slip ole Krug a few bucks in consulting fees, we could clear that indecision right up...


And the fact that the Country of Saudi Arabia runs terminals in 9
U S ports makes it all even funnier.


Year of Incorporation: 1979
Owners: Government of Saudi Arabia, Saudi individuals and establishments
Head Office: Riyadh, KSA

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (NSCSA) was established in 1979 to meet the transportation needs of Importers and Exporters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East.


And the Saudi's run RORO's Roll On/Roll Off ships which they own
in these terminals that they manage.

They are the type of ships our Military use to transport tanks and
those wheeled missile lauchers.

Since 1979!

Bet K/S/S knew that! And so did the members of CFIS - just laying out the rope for the Dems - sad a
few R's got trapped - or were they there to encourage the "rage" of the D's. Easy for Frist to say "I
didn't have all the facts" but can
you imagine how others will strangle on those words.

Neil Gabler on Fox Newswatch was crowing about how bad GW looked.


Neil Gabler on Fox Newswatch was crowing about how bad GW looked.

Someone needs to remind (perhaps inform; I haven't watched all his "performances" since replacing Jeff Cohen) Gabler that he's on a media criticism show and not a Bush criticism program.

News media, Neal, not political matters.

I understand they often overlap; but Gabler would likely find fault with the White House if the topic was why the Washington Post dumped Dagwood from its comic pages ("Damned neocons again!").



Gabler's best last night was during the discussion of Rumsfeld's remark that the terrorists were winning the media/propaganda war over there.

He said, "Rumsfeld seems to be suggesting a Voice of America - but we don't need that."

"Anyone that wants the truth over there can watch
CNN or the BBC"!

Cal Thomas pointed out that the Israeli might have an issue with that. And he said "When I am in the UK and watch the BBC and they are talking America, I don't recognize my country"

Gabler started on before Iraq we weren't hated blah blah.

Cal said "I'm talking about long before the wars"



Frankly I don't oppose the port deal because it's largely irrelevant. The biggest argument that has been made is that the port management company will be privy to some sensitive information on how the Coast Guard would handle some situations on the DPW's docks and terminals. Frankly I don't see this as a major point since anybody with a pair of binoculars and a good vantage point, perhaps atop a ship's bridge, could spy out the same things.

IMHO I think a lot of people overreacted and shot their mouths off before they found out what was really going on. Now these people, many of whom are right-wing bloggers, are dancing around this issue trying to avoid looking like idiots.

Ultimately a port management deal is just a contract. It's not a permanent arrangement by any means. If it turns out that DPW isn't up to the job or there really are security concerns, then this contract can be voided out and replacement bids sought. It's a business deal, not a marriage.

It really is strange how quickly and happily some on the Right will seek to cannibalize Republicans. Trent Lott was cashiered in a rather ridiculous fashion. Delay hasn't been given an ounce of support by quite a few Republicans. In the case of some people, like Chaffee or DeWine, I can certainly understand it but it seems a bit unhealthy for Republicans to enjoy eating their own side quite so much.

Rick Ballard

Yeah, it's really amazing that with all the modeling of mindless sycophancy occuring on the other side that the Reps haven't caught on.



Interesting. You know, I live in Japan and my two best friends are Dems as is my husband. Just the other day, we were having a conversation about the US and world impression. We all absolutely agreed that if all we knew about the US was what we saw on CNN, we wouldn't like America either. Cal Thomas is right, we just can't recognize our country in the way we cover ourselves, the image of ourselves we put out into the world. And it isn't just Bush and the Iraq war. It is everything.
Even the way the press covered the Olympics this year, complaining about the stars letting us down, and carping on Bode Miller. I can't remember the last time I saw a story that made me feel really great about the US.

My friends and I are lucky, because we know we love our country and we know all the good things about it. But I don't know how anyone else out here in this world is supposed to find out our good features.

IMHO I think a lot of people overreacted and shot their mouths off before they found out what was really going on. Now these people, many of whom are right-wing bloggers, are dancing around this issue trying to avoid looking like idiots.

Agreed. The bloggers also disappoint me when they blame their own lack of information on the White House failing to get the story out. As if the bloggers themselves aren't responsible for knowing what they are talking about before the go on attack.

Tom Maguire and Jeff Goldstein are particularly good at gathering facts first, imho.


Eric Burns show gets sillier every week..Pick an item . Ask if press is doing a good job..Jane will always say they are/Pinkerton may bleat a bit/Cal a bit and Gabler will say something totally irrevelant and mindless..What pablum.

They need a blogger who watches the press to give them a jab in the butt.


Gateway Pundit has:

Hillary said:
....." they violate our values and our interests. Now, I don't claim that democrats are always right but we are far more likely to make choices that reflect the values and advance the well being of the American people."

........back in 1997, when Hillary was serving as co-president, the Saudi owned shipping company (NSCSA) began service between North America and Italy, Greece and Turkey?

.........Back in 1999 when a Chinese owned Hutchinson-Whampoa, Ltd. took control of ports at both ends of the Panama Canal the Clinton White House scoffed at the security risks:

Clinton White House spokesman Joe Lockhart dismissed the Insight story about Chinese port control including the Panama Canal and the surrounding controversy as "silly stuff."

.........Chinese owned Hutchison-Whampoa Ltd. today owns 90% of Panama Ports Company.

RTWT at GatewayPundit

Would Hillary's values include rascism and ignorance?

Newswatch- agree, semi listen while I read waiting for the totally inane to pop from Gabler.

Sadly the classes on American History in our schools are similar to watching CNN - there's a post up
at American Thinker about a small rebellian at a Va. H.S. re a "Peace
Studies" class. Something to celebrate.

AEI held a conference on the use of Foreign Law by the US Courts.
Yoo said in answer to a question,
"Over the past century Europe has had many different forms of governments - so exactly which governments law should we consider?" Scalia spoke also, think you can download from CSPAN'S
site. Great stuff!


What happened? I don't know how
to underline or turn posts blue.

Missed closing an /em

JM Hanes

Links automatically show up underlined in blue. Probably left off the [/a] after Hillary (except with carots instead of brackets). You sure posted a hotlink though! Congrats.

Soylent Red


As promised previously

Implosion device yield
Iran is trying to produce a Hiroshima-type device, yielding 20-22 kt (the UF4 conversion and the lower weight point to this anyway).

2004 Commission Report
Notice that it mostly covers the threat from Russia and China, and couches the threat in terms of a large warhead (citing the effects of a 300kt weapon)

EMP Effects
Goes into a lot of the math surrounding dissipation and atmospheric ionization

More effects radius stuff
More description of dissipation and atmospheric effects. Uses a 1 Mt weapon as a model.


Heh, heh, MayBee, people find out the good qualities of America by coming here, in droves.

What happened? Some is just plain ol' green monster, Envy. Authority, and civil authority is now what America represents, is commonly resented, even when fair and just. Another part is that the television media is become cachectic. I think it warped itself into irrelevance and obsolescence because of its lack of interactivity. Blogging is marginalizing Dead Tree press and video blogging will destroy TV as the font that it has been. Sure there will be Battles of the Opinionators shown for the passive for a long while yet, but they'll all be professional actors. Well, it is already, and what you see over there is a canned product, lacking vitality, truth or beauty. I'm sorry.

Then again, look to Madrid. The perceptive among the world either come here or appreciate our role, a role being played as benignly as ever has been seen in human culture.

Florence Schmieg

MayBee you are thinking exactly as I do. I even wrote to THE CORNER at NRO to express the identical sentiment. They are somewhat of an hysterical group who write there, not getting their facts straight first and then blaming the Bush administration for not communicating clearly enough. Just covering their own misktakes by passing the buck. In fact, more and more we in America behave just like the Europeans and others around the world who blame everything that happens on the United States. We blame everything on "the Bush administration". I really have grown tired of this same old tune.


Don't worry, F, the red state roots of our diplomacy by other means will not deviate from their trust. The beat goes on, on the beat, and you can't beat a good cop.


I don't get this strategy of just blaming the Bush administration. People want results and a plan of action. Evidently the dems are formulating some idiotic idea of removing 80000 troops from Iraq with some coming home and others re-stationed nearby and keeping 30000 in Iraq as a draw down plan. This is idiotic. The Iraq people need more time to get their troops up to snuff. The dems- party of cut and run.Pathetic.


Iraq is resolving itself. They are seizing control of themselves and whether it will end up a confederacy or three trucial states we can't know and we can't determine. Trust in ali Sistani.


And the young Sadr seems to be maturing into his father's shoes. Remember, Casey Sheehan died convincing Sadr's troops that America has a secular governing principle worth dying for. He'll be rightly honored over there, one fine day.

JM Hanes


"I don't get the strategy..."
What gets me are the contradictions: withdraw troops to bases on the perimeter, but don't do business with the UAE? There's Kuwait, of course -- whose friendship we won by invading Iraq last time....or Saudi Arabia, which is why OBL says he attacked us in the first place...oh, never mind.


Hot,Hot Link:
OD'd on Hot & Sour soup yesterday,shall I tell Hillary and Schummmy so they can hold pressers in front of Chinese restaurants?

Many thanks for all the links on the EMP.
What about all the half-life and
1000's of years when we see Hiroshima and Nagasaki are inhabited and have tourists?
And as the Dems keep pounding the Katrina drums, comparing Katrina to a terrorist attack,
how many of the WWII nukes would if have taken to destroy the
same number of sq miles? Again, it's my "look at a damn map" rant,
don't think most Americans really understand the extent of the damaged area. Perhaps it is a lack of imagination on my part, but I can hardly think of any thing other than simultaneous Nukes going off that could match what Katrina wrought.

The hot & sour soup has moved the thing out of head and throat and now just sneezing fits. Weird.

Soylent Red


Yeah. As is kind of shown, little bity nukes, as an airburst, don't match up very well with the whole popular concept of nuclear destruction.

As for your snot problems...

Neti pot.

I used to get colds and sinus problems all the time. Got one of these jobbies, and most of the troubles went away. Works great on colds.



My Lord - does he want me "toke up some grass"?

"Neti pot and jobbies"

Then recalled I had heard of before, so to dispell a drug deal here: jala neti http://www.answers.com/topic/jala-neti?method=22

Sometimes go from semi-dense to dense to denser - almost for ready for Keith of MSNBC!


I'm wondering if Bubba talked to Hillary when he approved by executive order, COSCO running the Long Beach terminal

surely, she would have protested just as loudly then, had she been consulted.



Maybee, Completely concur with your comments above about the odius impression of America that is constantly promoted overseas by CNN. My job has me hanging out in various hotels all over the world for at least 2 weeks a month and I've been doing it now for 20 years. It is like a punch in the stomach to drearily find myself in another hotel room being prisoner again of CNN or the BBC and zero other alternatives in English. It would be a rare foreigner, who in attempting to improve their English by a solid diet of CNN, wouldn't come away with the impression that America is hateful, despicable and dangerous, and can only be brought back to the family of man by a complete overthrow of conservatism, and the return to power of the annointed heirs of the talking heads. It'd make me despise America too.

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