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February 20, 2006



What does Glenn want 'more than anything'? Surcease.

richard mcenroe

So under Jane Harmon's logic, the Government would have needed court orders to wiretap suspected Nazi spies after December 23rd, 1941?

Cecil Turner


Let’s—let’s understand that our Constitution really is the issue here. The Fourth Amendment requires probable cause to listen and seize property of Americans.
Oh nonsense. Why do people keep saying this? Even a casual reading of the Amendment ought to disabuse them of the notion. Conversely, a very thorough reading of the Constitution is needed to find the section on Judicial oversight of warfighting.

Beto Ochoa

Could any house or senate members have communicated with AlQaeda in some shape, form or fashion?


"Meanwhile, I miss the impeachment talk - perhaps Mr. Greenwald can predict for us when the Dems will restart that? Or easier - when will he?"

Silly Tom. The Dems will start the IMPEACHMENT Talks when their mouthpiece, the MSM, starts tilting the Polls to the Left come September. This is just the runnup to the Propaganda; you know, throw it against the wall and see what sticks. So far, it is a teflon wall.

Must suck to be a Dem.


Burbank Ernie:
" Tilting the polls to the left come September"
So true- I always say-no one has polled me and when some dems say "the american people need to know or want to know-no I don't and you dems don'T speak for me.
Also what new pseudo-scandal can they dream up by October or what dirty trick[like the depots with missing weapons; an out and out slur on our military] for 2 weeks before the election.

Lou Grunt

"The heroes in Congress, after a few weeks of Voguing..."

Now that's funny...and fitting! For whatever reason, I vividly remember that Madonna video. Congresspeeps: 'Don't just stand there, let's get to it...Strike a pose, there's nothing to it.'

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

Maybe the Kos Kids will fire up another one of their circle jerk letter campaigns to get the Impeachment talk going again since it worked so well against Justice Alito.


If Greenwald is right, Democrats should seize the NSA surveillance issue and pound away at it for the next nine months. If he's right, they'll reap major gains on election day. If he's right.

Jim in Chicago

Greenwald wakes up in a sweat screaming for his mommy every night as a result of the rhetorical bitchslapping Jeff Goldstein has given him on the NSA issue.

Meanwhile, I miss the impeachment talk - perhaps Mr. Greenwald can predict for us when the Dems will restart that? Or easier - when will he?

Maybe you should read the New Yorker. The Mora piece indicates that GW is war criminal.


The outrage sure died suddenly didn't it? Right after the first closed hearing.

I'm just guessing here, but I suspect that what the administration is doing is allowing congress a face saving gesture towards legislation to 'save' us from potential abuse. They aren't going to pass a real law or have a real debate about it because of the potential consequences of doing so.

And Harmon said the program is nothing like what has been described in the press.

So. False outrage. No abuse. No crime. In reality, apparently an important program.

Sold a lot of newspapers and books though, didn't it?

Meanwhile, I miss the impeachment talk

I do wish you guys would pick a position and stick with it. In the previous thread, comments pop up over and over decrying the impeachment talk and willing it not to start anew. And here you are getting things all stirred up again. Agitator!

The biggest problem with your statement is that the VLWMSM is, as you so often point out, too stupid to recognize that you are invoking sarcasm. They are quite likely to take your suggestion and run with it and then where will we all be?

Contrast that with the fact that, knowing the intellectual prowess of the denizens of this site, I do not need to turn on and off the sarcasm html tags. It is good to be with the truly gifted.


Gawd, talk about writing for your audience.


Hey, Nash, sarcasm and irony are much more difficult to pull off without confusion on the internet than in person, but we're learning.


I find the dead pan more effective in print, though.


No impeachment, and I'll bet Pinch still isn't letting Calame in on the reasons behind the decision to publish so defiantly.


Nash you remind me of an unpleasant character in a forgettable movie. All hotted up in fashionable clothes and sucking up to the clique. Like DougJ of old you probably hang elsewhere.

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