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February 18, 2006



Surely Fitz will object to being made such a fool.


Everyone running for cover and still trying to look like they didn't do anything wrong{CIA}. Tenet needs to step up now and lay his cards on the table and stop this pussyfooting around.


Prosecutor says Libby seeks to thwart criminal case? A defendant trying to thwart a criminal case against him? What will they think of next?


According to ABC news a status report on the case is due to be given to Judge Walton on Feb.24th so then we will see where we are with this case.


An early clue came when Libby pleaded "Not Guilty".

now THAT was funny!


Dang....now we'll probably need a new classification of lawyers...Maybe we could call them "defense" lawyers or something crazy like that.

Who wrote that piece? Sheesh....


This was about as predictable as the sun rising in the east. Prosecutions involving national security issues often run into such obstacles, which is why so many of them end up getting dropped or pleaded out.


I 'm waiting for the pretzel twist on this. Not sure what form it takes...maybe a Fitz conspiracy to help Libby cover-up? Knew "greymail" would be a factor?

Frankly from the "don't ask, don't tell, PRETEND" © approach I can't say I'd blame them.


Many of the commenters on this blog saw this coming whent he indictment came out.

The allegations in that document coupled with Fitz's bravura performance at its unveiling made it likely that the defense would put up this kind of attack on the prosecution.

Then when the defense team was finalized, this approach became inevitable.

Clarice and the gang were right on it then and they were right.

Whe didn't the Post or the Times pick it up then?



This--An early clue came when Libby pleaded "Not Guilty". is one of TM's all time bests..

Say, you're Porter Goss. Say you know this was a scamarama the SP fell for. Why not use the no mas docs approach and get the thing pitched rather than subjecting the agency to more grief and keeping this nonsense going? Just a thought from someone who plays chess with ALL the pieces,not just the pawns and knights game Fitz prefers.


TM--you were joking about "cogent" weren't you? Or does it mean preposterously paranoid in JOMish?


Reddhead was quite cogent. Perhaps too much so. To paraphrase Dickerson, she walked the reader right up to the line of "materiality" without taking the extra step of explaining just why "materiality" matters. That must have taken some carefully crafted writing.

In short, she does note that a "lie is a lie". She does not, however, discuss the difference between "lies" and the "lies that carry criminal sanctions".

Materiality: a lie is not a lie when a spy is not a spy.


What? Mount a defense? The chutzpah of that little thwart.


OK, C, the answer is that one hopes Porter is playing with a full board and doesn't want this laid to rest.


It's his broom.


I think Goss is on the case. He looked really upset at the hearings and someone will be held accountable in the NYT NSA leaks.


If Fitz won't investigate Joe and Val then his most graceful move now is to drop charges against Libby and pursue bad guys in Chicago, while the DoJ takes over and helps Goss clean house.


I hope he uses the bristle end and the stick end.


Too corny for Monday morny, huh?

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