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February 08, 2006



And you got a mention to boot.


Lew Clark

But is he ready to take on Paul Mirengoff? Or has he seen pictures of Kennedy and Durbin's twitching bodies being loaded into ambulances and decided to "not go there".


"Then, without warning, the blogs became my messengers. I opened my inbox on Thursday morning, the day after the article was posted online, to find a link to my piece in a blog called JustOneMinute. By that night, the post on JustOneMinute had been linked to the Huffington Post, an opinion blog popular enough to be part of Yahoo News; and to my jaw-dropping surprise, Huff-Post writer Arianna Huffington had linked back to my column, quoted from it, and said some kind words about its author (which left me blushing and grateful in equal measure)."

But surely he's not suggesting you're not as popular as the Huff-n-Puff-Post?

Outrageous! ;)

Lew Clark


JOM is different. It's just like those other secret societies that rule the world. A very select group of the "wisest of the wise" with a silly troll allowed in the back door periodically just for laughs. JOM is not a popularity contest. Ruling the world is serious business.


Do I owe someone bratwurst? Speaking of which Iowahawk mentions that culinary sensation today. http://iowahawk.typepad.com/iowahawk/2006/02/seething_midwes.html

Appalled Moderate

Clarice & Lew:

Do you think Tom Maguire could also be...karl Rove?

Lew Clark


Could tell ya, but have to kill ya. But a hint. Tell me one instance where GWB has done something that wasn't suggested much earlier by Karl Rove or Tom Maguire.


Can I ask a stupid question?

Was being a WMD analyst driving to and from Langley every day part of Valerie Plame's "cover" from her REAL duties as a super-secret Jane Bond covert spy?


AM, You know that never occurred to me..I mean Karl having to play Soros AND Sheehan seems to me to be a fulltime thing.


Rove as Sheehan ? hmmm Isn't she taller than him? However the hair length works. Is her nickname Turd Blossom too?


He wears lifts and wigs when he plays Sheehan and Kerry....oops didn't mean to let that last one out of the bag*


Rove as Kerry?
How does he elongate his face? I was unaware that Rove could speak French- or yodel for that matter.


Forget I said it. It's on double secret not for attribution.


This just in: Rove seen in company of Jim Carrey, both practicing facial distortions. Film at 11.

Lew Clark

Come on! If Rove can jinn up a category 17 hurricane and direct it at only black people, you think a little shape shifting is any big thing to him. Wouldn't be surprised if he's that giant panda in the DC zoo too.


Lew Clark - Sometimes you're funny. Not tonight. Tonight it's just the jackass part.


Hoo Boy, don't bray at me,
We found, a spot to poke.
He found, his agony.
Rove can, change Fitz's vote.


Look, it might provoke an incident with China, but the risk may be worth it. For a chance this fall, the Dems will have to get to the bear. Can they subpoena him so they can make a fool of him at a Senate hearing? Probably better just to poison his food.

Lou Grunt

TM is getting lazy. I want at least 4 new threads from him each day....or else! Or else what you say? I'll get angry. Angry like Hillary...well not that angry, but I will be mildly upset.


Hillary angry is a beautiful thing. Especially when her voice goes up a notch or two...or three...


Whaddya bet Bill has high frequency loss.

Rick Ballard

I understand he still has imbedded ash tray shrapnel...


Now we have the AP saying that Fitz has written that "he had been "authorized" by Cheney and other White House 'superiors' in the summer of 2003 to disclose classified information," the NIE in July 2003.

Politicials all over DC leak classified information to make a point to support their positions. The difference here is that the President is the ultimate authority on deciding what is and what is not classified by Article 2 and statue, and Libby was two steps from the President. This was probably the most legal leak in town.

Rate this on your "wierd-shit-o-meter" as a big DAH.

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