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March 05, 2006


Beto Ochoa

It seems to be status quo for the print media.
"All the news that's fit to print."
More like...
"Fit all the news and print it."


Thank God for blonds and blondes. Without them, humor would die. They are the only subjects of jokes that can be told without fear that the teller will be labeled unPC.


See, it's one of those wonderful circularities. Humour will never die, because blond jokes are forever. Let's preserve the gene so the kids will understand what the joke is all about. At least one for every zoo.


Chest nuts roasting over an open fire.
Hell hath punishments sheer and dire.
Rip that bodice and face furies.
Leer at panties, not the pantries.


Hmmm... I used to be super-duper blonde, but my hair has been getting darker since my 20's. Tell me that isn't evolution in action!



Not to worry. It will turn back to a lighter color as time goes on. Maybe not the blonde of your youth, but certainly not dark. ::grin::


It's always been resassuring to be informed that although reporters may personally hold liberal views on issues ranging from abortion to Zimbabwe (that is from A-to-Z), there are multiple layers of editorial checks and review to ensure that those opinions do not show up in their reporting.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you an example, albeit one small one, of that intricate and failproof process at work.

My confidence is waning (ahem).


Rick Ballard

"My confidence is waning (ahem)."

I dunno if my remaining confidence is waning or not. Do you know how much it costs to rent an electron microscope? It simply isn't worth finding out.

Barry  Dauphin

I'm 47 and still have blonde hair. But I'm a childless bachelor. In order to keep the species going, I'll either have to get busy (please send picture too) or hope that Ray Kurzweil is right.


A study by the World Health Organization found that natural blonds are likely to be extinct within 200 years because there are too few people carrying the blond gene.

According to Paris there is no shortage of peroxide.

Gary Maxwell

Paris? Hilton?

Lew Clark

Is white hair blonde? If so, the top of my head is 1% blonde. I started losing my hair in my twenties and was almost totally bald by my mid thirties. I tell people I am evolution at work, the 21st century man. You don't need a permanent wool cap today, since hunting mastodons in the snow just isn't done anymore. When I do hunt large animals in the snow, I wear headgear stolen from other animals.
Many women tell me they think bald is sexy, but I always see sexy women with really hairy-headed Neanderthals. Obviously women's mate seeking genes have not evolved as rapidly as my hair genes.



Part way down I thought it was all my fault but I guess there are others to carry on.

As to having more fun, this blond blue-eyed lady had plenty :) But that was years ago.

Lew, both of my long-term relationships were with baldies. :) But they both also have nice beards to make up for it.


Savage Men Prefer Blondes.

Rick Ballard

In my ancient recollection, savage blondes sure preferred men, so I guess the opposite could be true.

Jim Glass

"Thank God for blonds and blondes. Without them, humor would die. They are the only subjects of jokes that can be told without fear that the teller will be labeled unPC."

Yeah, well, just don't take that attitude during your next trip to Hungary.


I sent him out hunting a week ago, and where do I find him? With a bottle and a blonde.


And he wants to tell great hunter stories.


Crap, so much for my campaign to put blondes on the endangered species list.

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