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March 02, 2006



I can't wait to see the transcript and judge for myself, but you're reading the wrong version of Leopold's article. The one on truthout actually contains a relevant bit of the forthcoming transcript. Here:

According to a copy of the transcript from Friday's hearing, Libby's attorney, Ted Wells, said he was "told that there are an additional approximately 250 pages of documents that are emails from the office of the vice president," the transcript states.

Your Honor, may recall that in earlier filings it was represented or alluded to that certain e-mails had not been preserved in the White House. That turns out not to be true. There were some e-mails that weren't archived in the normal process but the office of the vice president or the office of administration I guess it is has been able to recover those e-mails. Gave those to special counsel I think only on February 6 and those again are going to be produced to us. We don't know what's in there. We've been led to believe it's probably not anything startling in those e-mails.

If that's the case, it means at the least that the White House produced those documents after Fitzgerald's letter to Libby's team on the matter. Also, if this is accurate, then somebody's confidence in the WSJ article that there is nothing pertinent in there is a little premature, though that may well turn out to be the case. And if this is accurate, it appears that the answer to AL's question of whether these are the same 250 pages of emails as referenced at the Feb. 3 hearing is no.

It's clear that there has been much misreporting of what transpired last Friday, which is perhaps understandable given the speed at which things presumably move. Another example is that it appears that the AP botched the account of whose tape Libby's attorneys got the transcript of. It appears to be Woodward's or the source's himself, not the investigators. And oh yeah, it appears the factual noose is tightening around Armitage's neck as the source.

Gary Maxwell

WSJ on the one hand or Leopold on the other. A dilemma. How to choose? Remind me again, what was that story that had Leopold as the subject and not as the scrivener?


What neck?


Gary - The good thing is that this is one of those cases where we get to test the two sources pretty definitively and soon.

JM Hanes

Wonder if Squeo's piece is where someone (polly?) picked up the idea that maybe Fitz had confiscated computers?


That was Meeks

JM Hanes

I thought polly(?) linked to the Meeks article, which it turned out didn't refer to computers after all. But then I didn't actually go back to check it myself. :)


Schrummy was annoyed. He'd heard from blog world and Kos in particular that his style of political advising was old school. They were lumping him together with Steve Grossman and those other losers as has been political operatives. Imagine those young ,punk bloggers questioning his political bona fides! It was embarassing and diminishing. Didn't they realize he had been around the block 8 times with some very important campaigns.! Well maybe he could convince John Edwards to take him back as political advisor. He hoped there were no hard feelings after he chose Kerry over him in the 04 presidental primary stage. Oh God! Those were the days! If he closed his eyes he could still envision those cheering crowds and all that adulation for Kerry. Oh well, gotta stop living in the past- gotta focus on the future or I"ll be stuck doing dopey commentary on MSNBC for the rest of my life." Out of my way you upstart whippersnapping bloggers, I'll show you how to run a winning campaign!

Rick Ballard

Heather 'Schrum' glanced nervously at her watch and tried to remember the time difference between DC and New Delhi. She was pretty sure that 4PM Eastern was 2AM in New Delhi and she really didn't want to wake 'Uncle Bob' at that time of night. The problem was that she had never seen Dr. Dean so angry. After his third screaming fit, two hours ago, three regular DNC employees had suddenly claimed ailments that caused them to seek medical treatment - immediately. One of the poor ladies muttered "I've never heard such language in all my life" as she handed Heather her "personal emergency" chit before exiting the office.

The odd thing was that nothing had really happened today that might have caused the outbursts. Sure, the financial reports were dismal but that was not new. A couple more of their "veteran" recruits had sent in letters saying that they weren't interested in becoming candidates but that had been happening ever since the Hackett fiasco.

Her last report to TAC central had even mentioned that Dr. Dean seemed to be settling down a bit. Why he was only going through a bottle and a half of Maalox each day - down from two and a half bottles in January. In fact, he had even smiled this morning when she had taken in the box of Maalox that had arrived by FedEx with the funny joke card inside. He seemed pleased that someone would take the time and trouble to do something like that. It really was sweet - there must be some very nice people involved in the DNC to think of such a gift.

Suddenly, the door to Dr. Dean's office slammed open and he stood there with veins bulging on his forehead and his eyes wider than she had ever seen on any human being in her life. "Heather, you get your damned uncle on the phone this instant or get your ass out of this office by closing." Heather trembled slightly as she thought of what being fired from this job might do to her future. She was only in her second year as a TAC acolyte and as such had not been recognized by anyone but her immediate superior. Unless you wanted to count that demand letter from that nasty KGB man demanding that she pay a penalty for late dues. She wrote explaining that the stamp must have fallen off the envelope and received back a note that said "Interest continues to accrue. Pay up now or face worse consequences."

She had to stay in this position for another year if she were to have any hope at all of advancing to the vVirgin Corps. She straightened her shoulders and reached for the phone....

On the terrace of his suite in the hotel in New Delhi "Uncle Bob" gazed speculatively at the cell phone lying on the table before him. Few knew that he slept only a half hour per night - usually betwee 1 and 1:30AM. Had someone had the foresight to let that acolyte know this fact? Possibly not. Part of an acolyte's training involved making correct decisions based upon available information. This one had shown great attention to detail in her reports - much better than the acolyte assigned to Harry Reid's personal staff had been writing. Her inclusion of the details concerning the Maalox usage had presented 'Uncle Bob' with an opportunity to use some knowledge that he had picked up through reading he had done in chemistry and pharmacology many years ago.

The phone before him on the table suddenly lit up. 'Uncle Bob' smiled as he extended his hand....


It's Friday Night Live !!!!!!!!!!!!


Where's Soylent? Anyone else gonna kick this off?


He was surprised at person on the other end of the line. It was AOL helpline. The English was smooth, fluid, clipped, clearly Indian with no attempt to alter its anglicized finish. The man was speaking gibberish, as if his mother tongue were alien, like the writhers, and snake charmers, and polyglots. He'd seen it in a documentary of a fundamentalist sect in Tennessee, but their like were among the saddhu in the subcontinent. Suddenly it struck him; it was the PM wanting to speak to the cowboy. Gad, he's still hearing the ringing from the shotgun blasts. Too bad the earplug hadn't fit well in his good ear.

HT to Dave L.

Rick Ballard


Look up a few. MaryRose kicked off.


Whoops, herzklopfed. I heard a colloquialism, and misinterpreted your post, RB. All other posts from the other side. At least tonight. Get that bright light out of my eyes.


*blush* Thanks.

R/S/S whistled. "How easy is this?" he thought.
The Patriot Act renewal had sailed through just two months after the oppo had been whistling and stomping with joy that they'd stopped. Even Boxer had hopped aboard.
And this time Kerry had voted against it before he voted for it to prove he was not a flip flopper
"Flop flipper," is more like it, R/S/S/ thought, pouring himself a bourbon and branch water on his deck, looking across the to the darked house of Ambassador Muchausen and his wife who'd fled to higher ground.


Did anyone see my Grossman comment on "this just in"? I dunno...may be old news or doesn't matter news, so hard to tell anymore


At the AP the old 60 Minutes gang were busily at work,"editing" months old Katrina tapes to make them sound new again and in the WaPo pressroom there was hell to pay. Al Ahammari source of the claim that 1300 civilians had been killed in the "civil war" turned out to be a chimera , someone who'd just wandered into the bien pensant bar in the Green Zone and fed it to the Post's Bureau chief who had not set foot outside the place since he arrived.

R/S/S/ had sent him,of course, but it was a very inexpensive way to destroy the paper's credibility--a week's free falafel and shwarma at Abdul's Better than Blimpy's place.


I saw it, ts..And it's very interesting. I can't believe they confirmed it though..MMM maybe it was a prelude to the other case where they turned over classified ino to the defense.


It is interesting the date is the day indictment was announced, (pre-Woodward) , and good catch on the other case lapse---end FNL disruption

Rick Ballard

Karl Rove actually smiled. Not a rare thing for most people but Karl wasn't most people. His life was one of measured response - a raised eyebrow had been known to cause massive incontinence by the person recognizing the awful finality of the error made.

The acolyte assigned to Hillary had just filed an extensive report. While she had not not been allowed anywhere near the inner circle of Hillary's campaign, she had been especially drafted for her appearance - a rather tall, broad shouldered girl, much more comfortable in jeans and Pendleton shirts than anything so feminine as a dress. She was actually a hopeless romantic serving on the basis of a vague promise that one day she would meet Mel Gibson.

Her reports were very acute, sensitive to the violent mood swings that characterized the life of her subject. She was also very, very politically aware and had suggested through her recruiter, the astute and and merciless lady of the veil, that Hillary was much more easily hoodwinked than her fawning press ever revealed. She was in fact a parochial midwesterner who exhibited every characteristic of being trainable - although not educable.

The UAE situation was an opportunity not to be missed. Schumer wouldn't know a port authority from a freight terminal unless one of them had six inch fangs buried in his skinny ass. The part that brought the smile to Karl's lips was the suggestion that the UAE hire Hillary's soon to be ex as an advisor. He knew - from the slattern hired to service Bill on his road trips - that he never spoke to Hillary - voluntarily. And Hillary rarely called her soon to be ex. A perfect match.

This was almost worth a chuckle. Except that there was no time for chuckles at all. The report from the acolyte in Reid's office needed to be studied. Odd that he would trust such a young girl with bank deposits to personal accounts. Was lechery as well as greed and graft touching Mr. Clean Face?


Rove checked in at Tradesports and saw the chance of his being indicted at less than 10%. Whew! he was glad to put that whole sordid ordeal behind him. The problem was he just never saw that particular kerfuffle coming. Everyone knew about Plame and Wilson and then all of a sudden reporters you thought you could trust somewhat-completely turned on you. You have to be fleet of foot to stay vitally important in this town of jackals and power-hungry predators. Well the worst is over- Fitz's case against Libby is falling apart at the seams and he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. My only mistake was inadvertently giving Hillary some press attention by mentioning what a player she will be in the 08 elections. She immediately interpreted that as my being obsessed with her candidacy. Well she won't be getting anymore free publicity from us. Of course her juxtaposed position on Dubai as apposed to her husband's was a laugh-riot. The dueling Clintons- just shows she's got no foreign policy bona-fides and all her tough talking rhetoric is a sham. She's out of her element-and always has been. She'll never be the political player her husband was-more's the pity...


Ten percent-Heck he wished he could hide his identity and take the dough from those saps. If only they'd figured out the super secret communication his lawyer had passed to Fitz at the eleventh hour:

"Dear Fitz,(it began in Miller's easily identifiable scrawl..purple ink with little hearts instead of dots over the i's and jis)

I'll never forget our last night of wild passion in Trenton. But, dear, this S/M game where you subpoena me and throw me in jail until I relent is getting--well, old hat.

I've got some new stuff we can play with handcuffs, latex..Think about it, Mon cher,
Ever yours in every way,


pinging so Soylent can find it.



Soylent Red

Phew. Long day but I made it...

clarice: Nothing as stimulating as a red hot steamy little game of "Reporter and Special Prosecutor".

Now on to business:

The miniature submarine cruised silently beneath the murky water, it screws producing a brownish foam similar to YooHoo blown through the nose of a laughing eleven-year-old.

The Bald Man ably navigated the vessel in pressurized silence. Coming to survey the damaged levee was dangerous, but deep in the depths of Lake Ponchartrain he knew it was a risk worth taking. The Bald Man eased the mini-sub closer to the earthworks near the repaired breach, and sipped at his Cutty.

"No ocean going vessel was worth its proverbial salt without a bottle of Cutty," was how Bill Jr. had put it the previous summer aboard his 106-foot schooner off the coast of Rhode Island.

The Bald Man had smiled at the time, but he had hated spending the weekend with such a terrific bore. The Boss' father had set up the junket, calling Buckley "erudite" or some such thing. Dry as seven-year-old toast was more like it. At least Will knew baseball, he thought, making a mental note to begin fixing the 2006 World Series.

No matter, the Bald Man thought. They were useful idiots, these conservative pundits. Even while the fools were lamenting the loss of "core conservative values" the landscape had already changed. The Bald Man knew, of course, that there were no core values but one: Win at all costs.

It was amusing to watch the Libs salivate over what they perceived to be rifts in the GOP. There were no rifts, the Bald Man thought, because the GOP had always been controlled by the power elite. With the new, young money swelling the ranks of the Republican Eagles, the seeds to the future had been sown. Say what you will about public education, the Bald Man thought, you can't beat them in inculcating situational ethics.

The Bald Man turned his attention back to the controls of the sub, extending the mechanical arms to test the surface of the levee. All was as he had foreseen.

The Democrats had made several attempts at putting a racism spin on the situation, all of which had been planted by the Bald Man's operatives. He chuckled as he thought about how they still clung to his devious storyline.

The hurricane had been his doing of course, but certainly not the aftermath. If he had really wanted to kill coloreds, he thought, he would have VXed a Def Comedy Jam and produced another OBL tape to take credit. No, this was much larger than any of them could imagine.

The Global Climate Change Directional Field Generator (the Bald Man simply referred to it as "Al") had been targeting oil platforms and refinement facilities along the Gulf Coast. The calculations had been very precise to minimize collateral damage, but shit happens, even to geniuses. The Bald Man's cat, Lee Harvey, had jumped off of the top of the control console and dialed up the effects by 13.29 %. Ah well, the Bald Man thought. Mistakes were made. And Lee Harvey was Darby's "good good kitty". Not as tricky and sly as his sibling, the Second Cat (what was that damn cat's name again?).

The mini-sub rotated to face the and the arms retracted. Yes, New Orleans had been hit, but the Principles in Houston had gotten what they paid for. The ensuing spike in oil and gasoline had made them a pretty penny in the notoriously tough third quarter, and a few hundred lives were well worth the gains. Considering that they were all unwashed yobbos, it really was quite a remarkable return on investment.

With the upcoming "60 Minutes" bit, the Bald Man knew that his work must be precise. The increased focus by the always estimable CBS would need to be used wisely. There would certainly be further call for investigation into the levee itself, perhaps even involving the Corps of Engineers and divers.

It was with this in mind he loaded the wetsuit, satchel charge, and pocket watch into the airlock and released the contents. The Bald Man immediately turned the craft and headed toward open water. As the sub receded, the small running lights dimly illuminated the engraved surface of the watch as it drifted slowly to the muddy bottom.

"To Bubba for years of service to his Race.
'Only good one is a dead one!'

Sen. Robert Byrd, West Virginia Chapter"


BRAVO!! I almost missed it..Wonderful, as usual.




Ping..waiting JMH..


Ping? What is that?


Just wanted to make it easy for people to find the thread if they wanted to post on it--without scrolling all thru the comments, ts.


Does it stand for something, and acroymn?...I see it a lot, have no idea what it means. I hope you didn't think I was bing checky, my comment looks like I was, I wan't meaning it to be,


As far as I know it's just an IT convention to keep threads from dropping off the page and being hard to retrieve, ts.



Ping is a networking command. The usual form is something like "ping". It send packets of information to the address and waits for an "echo". It then reports the number of packets sent and returned and the time it took for the round trip. It's used to establish whether a connection exists to a remote computer or network and how fast the connection is.

From that origin, it has become something of a wake up or "look at me" type thing on the boards. In the manner clarise was using it, it pops her name and the thread name to to the top of TM's Recent Comments list to make them easier to find.

Hope this helps.


Fantastic! I

just read it this Sat. morning.Have you ever published any other works of fiction? You definitely have an eye foe detail and story development.

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