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March 19, 2006



Like with Kerry's 'special' coverage, they'll allow him to think he's done something.

Les Nessman

Apparently, he knows he hasn't done anything yet. Good for him.
I can't blame him for fawning coverage; that is the MSMs fault. They are desperate to promote a Dem who is beloved by the country. That he is black is a twofer for the MSM. If he turns out to be a Lefty or Liberal, well, it'll be a threefer for them.

Gary Maxwell

There is no "if" Les. Threepeat it is.


Gotta give the guy credit for that comment, though. What with eliciting McCain's fabled wrath and all, I might start liking him myself.


I call Obama, Hillary's secret weapon. I think McCain might also.


I think Less Nessman nails it. Being beloved by the country is going to be #1. And OOH! If we can find someone that is beloved by the WORLD? Imagine.


He made a good speech at the Dem Conv and his voice reminds me of JFK's. They have run a few of those sentences in ads ever since. I still hear them to this day. Somebody chose him to be spending that kind of money. I say Hillary.


She knows NOTHING of Barrack's election. I'm a hoosier, but I'm on the border of Illinois, so I'm innundated with illinois politics.

I don't dislike barrack, actually, his bio WAS good, but compare him to Ryan. Ryan was ONLY excluded from contention (though he wouldn't have won, cuz Illinois is a robotnik of the dem's) because he wanted to nail his wife EVERY TIME HE THOUGHT OF NAILING HIS WIFE. True, some of it might have ben untradtitional, "honey does this turn you on?" is the context, but. . . .mind you this? Who is Barrack Obama married too?

No offense to Barrack, I'm sure his wife is very attractive, but Barrack was not married to JERRY FRIGGEN RYAN!!!!

Also, Ryan didn't have the allies in the judiciary that CLEARLY the DEM's, not Barrack specificaly, had. The JUDGE HIMSELF!!!!!!!! THE FRIGGEN JUDGE!!!!

said that there is no value to the public that will be released, and it will likely(LIKELY) be counter to the interests of the child (the basic reason that BOTH PARENTS OPPOSED THE RELEASE OF INFORMATION) but the judge released it anyways?

Basicaly, the Judge said "fuck your kid, fuck your privacy, fuck your marriage and fuck the rulings of YOUR OWN JUDGE, and the YOUR OWN RIGHTS! cuz it is more important that the public know that the candidate is of an opinion other than mine."

Let me tell you this, I'm not running for office, but if I were, I wouldn't be affraid of this ruling OTHER than the idea (in this case FACT) that I had a child. Ryan was married to JERRY FUCKING RYAN!!!! THAT is one hot, beautiful babe. If I didn't want to fuck her every time I saw her? I would be SERIOUSLY F'd Up. Ryan should have called the dem's out for it (they say it was the other 'pub who released it, but it wasn't actually it was BLAGOIAVICH! who released the info, and barrack backed away from it, ONLY cuz he got the clean slate) F ing moron voters, and f ing moron 'pubs. Ryan was the BEST choice.

HELL!!!!! Barrack had a good bio, Ryan had the BEST, toss in "wanting to sleep with my wife, and raise a kid without them knowing about my sex life" Wins, in fact he wins. Dem's FORCED a CHILD to face the fact that his 'pub hating teachers will use the fact that his mother is hot against him.

ODD that in Illinois, Durbin's home state, has no respect for privacy, but he wants to impeach The President of The United States of America, for violating the privace of those who consort with terrorists.

It is okay to violate the privacy of qualified senators, against the desire of the WIFE of that opposing senator, against the best interests of the CHILD of that opposing senate candidate, but hey? listen in on those who talk to terrorists? Lets Impeach him.


Sorry, I think that Illinois/durbin is at the CENTER of hypocricy.


Just what is so good about Barak's bio. Black father who left them, white mother who looked after him. No longer talks about white mother. Am I missinig something here or is this another case of the "America's first black president" (Clinton) syndrome.


Woof, wp, bad on someone, but not so bad on the Big B. Does he have a brain to match his face, does he have character to back his voice? Mom, despite being liberal, may have been sterling. Why the no talk?


For the pony I should have referred to him as the second Big O, and the question about Motherhood and Apple Pie is to Davod.

R C Dean

Mom, despite being liberal, may have been sterling. Why the no talk?

Because highlighting his white mother will poison the well of his black support.


Oreo alert. What? Not a brother. It's hard out here for a token.

Rick Canion

I have yet to see a photo of Barak Obama with his wife. Is she in the FBI Witness Protection Program?

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