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March 19, 2006


Cecil Turner

And the better Iran's missile technology becomes, the greater its influence and ability to blackmail.

If this is Sanger's actual view, then I think he's answered his own question. (And besides, I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.)

Rick Ballard

Tehran delenda est


I don't know, Rick..the CFR and Scowcroft think it can be contained.

Here's how you write a deeppiece like this for the NYT..Flip your rolodex to foreign affairs/defense..Take a quote from someone at CFR or Brookings or some wacked out academic..set the stage why we shouldn't do anything.

Somewhere in the middle give a little space to an unnamed Administration spokesman (Try not to draw cartoons around that part.)
Wnd up with a really deep thinker like Scowcroft.

Soylent Red

Not to go Johnny Cochran here, but I think the policy is pretty clear, and pretty sensible:

If we cannot isolate, we must devastate.

I'm hoping for isolation and an eventual regime change, and the super-duper optimist in me sees these talks on Iraq as a good starting place.


And aggravate the bejeebers out of them in the meantime. Yesterday the Baluchis, another day the Arabs in the South and so on and so forth..

Soylent Red

The rumblings are that Ahmadinejad is on his way out. I don't know how that happens in the convoluted internal politics of Iran, but the mullahs don't like him.

I think once we get him out of the way, the graybeards are malleable. Their biggest concern is keeping the masses from rising up and commiting mullahcide.


Lots of Kurds in Iran, too. Maniacs like Ahmadinejad always self-destruct. The only question is how many they take with them. That's why the aircraft are continuously re-inspected.

Rick Ballard


They're gonna be a lot more malleable after Buck Turgidson and Jack D. Ripper are finished with them. You weren't implying that mullahcide had a negative connotation were you? It belongs in the herbicide/insecticide category.


Many of the mullah are men of simple faith. It's the foam at the top, the scum, who're deranged.

And mitts off Meshad. I beg. Baksheesh.

JM Hanes

Welcome to the new Jason Leopold thread!


JMH, You are a genius. (And look how well we are all handling being left home alone with no chaperone for a whole weekend.)

JM Hanes

I finally switched to a Macintosh native browser, which I don't really like much, because Internet Explorer ( which MS quit updating for Macs) started freezing at around 100 comments -- in other words, just when things start heating up around here!


LOL...our poop and scoot troll has got himself banned over at Protein Wisdom...top part is Jeff...in brackets is Jeff Goldstein reply

Jeff, these peristent attempts to defend the lamest lies of the Bush administration in support of the war in Iraq are just humiliating to you.

Where’d you go to school again, Ole Miss? Or was it some community colege in Maryland? I forget.

[Towson University, Johns Hopkins, University of Denver, and summer work in crit theory at Cornell; and again, you seem to have me confused with Bob Kerrey. Tell me, is he still a Democrat? I mean, now that he’s had the gall to say we need to better scrutinize the pre-war connections that, should they prove to be true, would force people like you to surrender your entire smug worldview?

By the way, Ole Miss is a good school. Whereas you are just an asshole who needs to start commenting elsewhere - ed]

Posted by Jeff | permalink
on 03/26 at 02:01 AM

JM Hanes

I figure we need a minimum of 10 posts in order to fill up the "Recent Comments" links to the right -- or else pick a fight with somebody on the playground.

Hope this is part of the radio silence Tom referred to earlier, and that all's well chez TM. I suppose it's possible that our host actually has a life, isn't it?


Ask, and ye shall receive.


(And look how well we are all handling being left home alone with no chaperone for a whole weekend.)


TM has a new post up - on Libby filings


Home alone, Hah. Look what happens when we whine.


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