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March 02, 2006



Yep, could be a good one. But what inquiring minds really want to know....Does Ruth snore?


The reality based community seems to be lacking knowledge of how the world works, doesn't it? I mean if a thank you for support in a difficult battle is twisted into something sinister...

Gary Maxwell

Who cares what they think? He serves for life or until he no longer wants the job. I wonder how many e-mails PFAW and NARAL got? A lesser man would remember his enemies and their actions for a very long time and look for opportunites to pay them back. I am hoping he is a lesser man than I believe, since what was done to him was reprehensible and actions should have consequences.


Now we know something new about Alito; his mother apparently taught him to write thank you notes. He probably gives up his seat on the bus to ladies also - could it even be possible he holds the door open for them...is it possible he once helped a lady change a tire on the side of the road?



Ooooh..that is evil Gary.


I'm outraged. I bet Alito even thinks his job is to decide cases in such a way that he will be praised and thanked by particular groups and persons. I mean, that would be like the guy who wrote Roe - you know, Blackstone - being thrilled by the comments he's received over the years for that opinion . . . wait . . . never mind.

Lew Clark

Just proves he's nicer than the Clinton's. I bet the Communist Chinese government didn't even get a thank-you note for there sizable illegal donations to both campaigns. Although they did get some really neat classified military hardware. But, that's not as nice as a thank-you note.


I get it. The joke is the link to a site called The Reality Based Community. Right?

JM Hanes

Writing thank you notes? They told us the guy was out of the mainstream, but there's no word for this but EXTREME!

Lou Grunt

It's not that the Lefties want a separation of church and state (i.e. government pushing a religion)...it's that they want the destruction of the church, period. Oh well, good luck.

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