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March 15, 2006



I doubt they could care any less about the Security Council.
Russia and China aren't going to allow anything to happen there anytime soon.
They've been playing the same card since this charade started. Delay, delay, delay.
Now, they're just posturing. "We're trying to reign in that madman, but he's freely elected so whatayagonnado?"
If they don't like what the President is doing, they will tell him to stop it. Just like the previous, "reformer" sock-puppet they had as president.

They're just trying to delay, delay, delay. The worst thing for the US and Israel is for this to actually go to the Security Council. Then, the Iranians can drag it out for a few more years until they actually have the bomb and then tell the UN to go screw and start lobbing bombs at Israel.

R C Dean

If you are in the Iranian government, playing for time while you bring your nukes on-line, you want to give the world a chance to hang back, wait and see.

In other words, you want them to believe that the long-awaited and never-arriving "moderates" are about to take over.

This is, in other words, exactly the story I would cultivate if I were the hardest of hard-line Iranian mullahs. Color me skeptical.

Curious George

That censorship is terrible! The "supporters" need to know what they are actually supporting, rather than being kept in the dark!

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