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March 08, 2006



You did hear the other two songs they had to choose from right?



I'm guessing that's what the problem was... I mean, I heard that song. I am young, I listen to hip-hop, rap, r&b, and pop. I thought it was completely horrible. I would never, ever listen to that song again.

But you're right. I have no idea what the other two songs were, and they were probably even worse.


You did hear the other two songs they had to choose from right?

There was that problem. Dolly Parton sang some endless paen to God, or self-help, or something that was totally unacceptable, abd the other song - hmm, I vaguely remember the visual, but I don't remember catching anything sounding like a tune.


So, "no award" wasn't an option?


Strangely the guy who wrote the column isn't insane.


Dolly was good! Can't argue with that, but that Crash song was wrist splittingly bad. Dolly might have been a touch better than Three 6 Mafia but close enough where I can't fault the award.


The musicality and poetry is often outstanding. Why is the message so perverted? Remember it's a minstrel show for Whitey. That explains a lot.


I know I'm in trouble when the kids say "Do you know who doing that song?" as I'm starting to jiggle. Sure enough, Keyne.


And along with the marvelous artistry are a plethora of soul searching themes. As for the degout, at least it's dialogue.


Check out 'I gotta stay fly', ah ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah.


Hee hee, gotta go for some camels.

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