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March 08, 2006




Here is the order of events

March 2, 2006
Jean C. Edwards biography lists Brewster-Jennings as her former employer. Google cache

March 7, 2006

Article posted on Indymedia stating that Jean Edwards biography listed Brewster-Jennings as her former employer

March 9, 2006
Jean Edwards biography altered to omit references to Brewster-Jenning and the CIA.

It seems clear that the Indymedia article caused Edwards to change her biography page. Interesting how quickly it was done.

The Google cache page won't last, next time Google scans the web the new page will be in the cache.


how could they not have noticed that the CIA seemed to hire a lot of B/J people?

I think it's likely that these Edwards and Ellmann were working for the CIA in the years that they stated they were working for Brewster-Jennings.

What is interesting is that we now have 2 more people who used Brewster-Jennings as a front company.


polly-Yes, I agree these people were CIA when they were with B/J.
What I'm wondering, though, is how good anyone thought this cover was any more. Ellmann was, oddly, a consultant for B/J while he worked on another project- the Eastern University Teaching project.
But Edwards and Plame, on paper - for their cover, looked as if they went from B/J to the CIA. So if B/J was supposed to be fooling anyone, the people it was supposed to be fooling might easily notice that B/J and the CIA seem to have a pretty cozy relationship.
Am I making sense? It couldn't have been a top secret cover any more.



I see what you're saying now. I think that Brewster-Jennings probably dropped off quite a few resumes after July 2003.

I think Brewster-Jennings was viable as a front company until July 2003. The only reason I can see that Edwards and Ellmann continued to use Brewster-Jennings is because they wanted to fill some holes in their resumes and/or they are now out of the CIA and it doesn't matter.

Why would Jean Edwards suddenly change her biography as a result of the Indymedia article? I'm guessing she is out of the CIA now and was comforable listing the CIA and Brewster Jennings as former employers but after the Indymedia article she changed her bio to avoid attention.


Since they listed both the CIA and B-J on their resumes, it seems obvious that it was never much of a cover.
Why they airbrushed it now is interesting:(a) Did they want to hide how non-covert it was to help Fitz, or (b) did they realize now that it was an open secret they'd be asked about it?


Hey, here is an update indymedia by same author with more info.

Haven't the time to read through too much.


Ellmann never mentions the CIA on his resume.

Ellmann lists Jindrichovsky & Partners as his current employer, either it's a very small firm with no web presence or it doesn't exsist.

Here is the google search for Jindrichovsky & Partners.

Clarice, I think it is as you say now an open secret since Plame was outed. Before Plame was outed, Brewster Jennings would have been a secure front company.



http://www.boston.com/business/globe/articles/2003/10/10/apparent_cia_front_didnt_offer_much_cover/>Or not



I don't see how Brewster Jennings would have been known if Plame hadn't been outed.

The article you provided was published after Novak outed the company and Plame.

Gary Maxwell

Yeah you have a point Polly. However I would guess you would conceed that its about an 8th grade level attempt at concealment. Doesn't the law here have some requirements about the CIA actively taken steps to conceal an identity to lead to a criminal outing? Maxwell Smart was better at it than this bunch, apparently.



Does anybody remember that weirdo tinfoil guy who lived in Miami and said Valerie Plame and a bunch of others were recruiting him or something like that?

Yep, here he is.


Thanks Polly

I had forgotten just how kooky

As I walk through the store, a short, young blonde woman with a scarf sprays me with cologne ( or maybe a UV fluorescent marker dye?) without saying a word and quickly turns her face away from me. She’s not wearing a store employee name tag.

UV Fluorescent Marker?

So I wonder if many involved in Brewster Jennings did domestic spying? I mean the first lady Jean, wonder if she airbrushed because colleagues during the time would realize she was spying on them rather than working with them?

Also, I have no idea how things work, but maybe Valerie really was a recruiter and not an WMD expert? That part never made sense to me, how did she become a WMD analyst?

Maybe she really was a recruiter and that is why she suggested Joe. My feeling is the CIA made the referral in an effort to shift scrutiny (throw the hot potato and all other scrutiny far, far away) for the lousy handling of many operations. Harlow handling alone is embarrassing.


Really silly spy stuff

You know, the Tom Christianton guy is weird, but if there were any truth to his account, maybe he was being checked out because he raised his own red flag.

March (?) 1995
Applied to CIA.

Spring 1996
No response. I was irritated. Sent a letter to the CIA complaining about their slowness and requested that they make a decision.

Who sends a letter to an organization complaining why the heck they hadn't responded their application, let alone asking for them to decide? He's not entitled to work there.

I know his tale doesn't deserve this much thought, but I was thinking that maybe when someone behaves like him, with nagging "hurry and hire me" letters, the CIA becomes suspicious that these kind of characters might be infiltrators/counter spy and they check them out.

In Tom's case, turned out he was just a paranoid delusional pain?


pollyusa responding to MayBee: I think Brewster-Jennings was viable as a front company until July 2003.

Yeah, it was a deep cover, all right. Ms. Edwards applied to Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, Associate and probably other companies, listing "Brewster-Jennings consultant" followed by "CIA case officer" on her resume. And apparently others had similar job historys. But, of course no one in any of the human resources departments would possibly put two and two together. I'd say it may have a viable front company until the CIA started allowing "Brewster-Jennings" and "CIA" to appear together on ex-employees' resumes -- which was a few years before July 2003.


I don't see how Brewster Jennings would have been known if Plame hadn't been outed.

One theory - Joe Wilson publishes an op-ed in which he admits to doing some part-time consulting for the CIA.

Someone who does this for a living decides to learn more about Joe Wilson; they quickly learn, from his on-line bio and her FEC filing, that Ms. Plame works at Brewstwer-Jennings.

And once they start poking at Brewster-Jennings, they realize their is nothing there (which was the Globe reporter's experience).

Now, that doesn't mean it could only be a CIA front, but any intel pro would be intrigued by the odd coincidence of a retired diplomat turned CIA consultant with a wife who works at a company that doesn't exist.

Follow her to work, and voila - she is CIA.

OR if her driving habits make her impossible to follow, what does that tell you - that she is just a harried housewife?

Of course, this investigation might have been short-circuited if the foreign intel service figured that no American spy service could be working with a guy as indiscreet as Joe.


Yes. MJW and TM, exactly.


UV Fluorescent Marker?

One of the more entertaining guys in my Wacko bookmark folder.


Ms. Edwards applied to Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, Associate and probably other companies, listing "Brewster-Jennings consultant" followed by "CIA case officer" on her resume. And apparently others had similar job historys. But, of course no one in any of the human resources departments would possibly put two and two together.

I haven't seen Ms. Edwards resume, the document mentioning Brewster Jennings is her biography at Akerman Senterfitt. Edwards began working there no sooner than 2005.

I have my doubts about Ms. Edwards emplyment at Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas. I haven't found anything linking her to this company except her recent biography. Actually Jean Edwards doesn't appear anywhere that I can find until 2003.

The press release announcing her employment at Dickinson Wright PLLC in September 2003 makes no mention of Brewster Jennings or the CIA.

And apparently others had similar job historys

I haven't found anyone else listing both Brewster Jennings and the CIA in a resume or biography.


For 23 years, from 1976 to 1998, I was a career foreign service officer and ambassador. In 1990, as chargé d'affaires in Baghdad, I was the last American diplomat to meet with Saddam Hussein. (I was also a forceful advocate for his removal from Kuwait.) After Iraq, I was President George H. W. Bush's ambassador to Gabon and São Tomé and Príncipe; under President Bill Clinton, I helped direct Africa policy for the National Security Council.


After consulting with the State Department's African Affairs Bureau (and through it with Barbro Owens-Kirkpatrick, the United States ambassador to Niger), I agreed to make the trip. The mission I undertook was discreet but by no means secret. While the C.I.A. paid my expenses (my time was offered pro bono), I made it abundantly clear to everyone I met that I was acting on behalf of the United States government.
NYT 7/03

Yep, the first thing I would do is start following his wife.

Gary Maxwell

Polly is it so hard. You pull out the dusty old Whos who and find Joe has stuck Valerie Plame in there, start seracxhing around and find out about Brewster Jennings. Thinking that odd since its in Boston( My memory here might be faulty) you scratch alittle more, and cant get a line. Where does an investigaotr go next, follow the car on Monday morning and see where it goes. Not that far fetched, all right! far fetched but possible.


Yep, the first thing I would do is start following his wife.

Really? First thing? That was much further down in my to-do list - I would only think about following her when I realized that the Ambassador's wife may have secrets of her own. Sort of a "cherchez la femme" thing, or even a "do the homework and complete the dossier" thing.



It is even more simple than that. A phone call or two and you will find out that Brewster Jennings doesn't add up. The reporter found out that the real estate company was already suspicious of Brewster Jennings. No activity. I will say it again, if this is the best we can do in super duper secret spy stuff, no wonder we sucked at what Saddam had.


made it abundantly clear to everyone I met that I was acting on behalf of the United States government.

Oooh, that man never fails to crack me up.

I think TM has a good point. I'm not sure if anyone would bother to follow her to work, but even so. If B/J was good cover in 2003, there's no way he should be announcing his connection to the CIA with her name and her employer "Brewster Jennings" right there on the internet- all his own doing, by the way.


was already suspicious of Brewster Jennings. No activity. I will say it again, if this is the best we can do in super duper secret spy stuff, no wonder we sucked at what Saddam had.

Unless Brewster was never intended to be a "true" cover operation. I think the Brewsters are set for for CIA employees who aren't covert, but what they work on is classified or more generally sensitive.

'Where do you work?"


"Oh really, what do you do?"

"I'm an energy analysts"




The Boston article quotes an anonymous source (don't you love them) who says Brewster wasn't her cover overseas. The same people who are worried about revealing Brewster Jennings are the same people who could care less that someone gave to the NYTs a real undercover company, one that was active. I don't remember the details, but it involved an airplane company.


Of course, not TM's doing. Joseph Wilson's.

Sorry, early Saturday and I haven't had enough coffee yet.



Early Saturday? Where the heck are you?


She's in Japan!!


She's overseas Sue in Japan I think. Strange that it is Saturday already there.


Wow. Can you tell me what the lottery numbers for today are? ::grin::


Hi Sue-

OK, it really isn't that early, but I did just get up.


OOps, sorry to be the THIRD person to answer that. Funny about the lottery numbers!!

I do feel like a time traveller sometimes, like I should be able to tell you how Friday ends. I remember the first anniversary of 9/11, waiting until midnight and then being so happy the day had passed without an incident. Then I remembered it wasn't even noon in the US.



How have you remained so sensible while living abroad? Or maybe I'm assuming you're American.


I am American, but I'm shocked you find any of my ramblings sensible!

I've noticed that Americans are very hard on Americans, and Europeans and Australians have a bit of an anti-American bent. But the US is not unpopular in Asia, and it helps to put America-bashing in perspective when you see directly all the problems other countries have to deal with. Also when you can see the America-bashing often serves a country's ulterior motives (as in Hong Kong, the press is horribly anti-American but it's to keep the people from wanting democracy as the PRC gains more and more control).

But our media makes us look horrible, imho.



I don't think you ramble. I enjoy your posts. I am told by people on another board that Americans overseas are embarrassed by the US. I like proving them wrong, every once in a while.


One of the producers of "24" Joel Surnow on O'Reilly tonight
said that Barbara Striesand watches "24". He said she was
on Ellen Degeneres (sic) and said it was the only program
she watches!

Bill was a bit flabbergasted.
"Barbara Streisand watch "24"! Who knew!" he exclaimed.

Hard one to get your mind around.


FNL has not started anywhere yet.Streisand is probably watching 24 because her husband James Brolin likes it.


Where is everyone tonight? Too sick last week to participate. Going to put what I have here as may be another early to bed for me as I cannot entirely shake this thing.

Writing in the secret double encrypted program that protected his personal journal, he shook his head. Oh, he was being called much worse then "turd blossom" by many, but not by the "boss". The "delegator" gave him the goals, the outcome, he wanted. It was understood that HE didn't want to know the hows that would be used to:

1) Stop Islam from gaining a foothold in America as it had in Europe without appearing to be discriminating against a religion.

2) Show the Arab/Muslim world that our tolerance does include toleration of intolerance.

3) Prove to the American people that this GWOT is a "long war" against a very serious and determined enemy worming its way into our society and using our freedoms and laws against us.

4) Destroy the multiculturalism doctrine of moral relativity

5) Force the Judeo-Christian community to stand up against all the forms of secularism.

Almost finished, he reached first for a pile of clippings and blog entries on the drop in viewers for Sunday's Academy Awards with a synopsis of the nominated films plot lines. The actual films were already downloaded into"Operation Clooney" "Tell Them How To Vote" subfile. He hummed "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" as he fed these into the scanner.

Next, the clipping from yesterday's WaPo sat at hand, it would just about complete tonight's entry.

As the war in Iraq grinds into its fourth year, a growing proportion of Americans are expressing unfavorable views of Islam, and a majority now say that Muslims are disproportionately prone to violence, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The poll found that nearly half of Americans — 46 percent — have a negative view of Islam, seven percentage points higher than in the tense months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, when Muslims were often targeted for violence.

Finally, the note from
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al- Maktoum:
"Never have I felt that my country is more secure from the mad Iranians and their Islamist dogs. We who want modernity will be greatly helped when our elite read that the American people have pulled the wool from their eyes.""

The PS would be a great title for a historian allowed access to this journal in 2058. It read:

"T.B. You're not as dumb as you look! "


Heh..I do hope you feel better soon, larwyn..


Great entry tonight-will check back later I'm going to watch " Monk" a secret favorite.


Sue- there are certainly a fair number of people that are embarrassed by the US right now. I would guess it might be worse in other countries. But you know the type- they are the people that will tell you within the first seven words upon meeting them that they hate Bush, or the people that put Canadian flags on their backpacks in the 1980's. Then there are people embarrassed by certain things- like the way people started shooting during Katrina (or at least, people were reported to be shooting), or because they think all Americans are fat, or public schools are awful.

I've heard a lot of my friends say things like "George Bush is making the world hate us", but the truth of the matter is these people were all Dems to begin with. And things like Fareheit 911 don't help. It should have been illegal to play that movie in foreign countries, and I can't forgive Michael Moore for that.



My favorite part was when Dems left Congress early to go to the DC premiere of Farenheit 911. Topped with a seat of honor at their National Convention next to Jimmy Carter.

Gary Maxwell


If you got your news on Katrina from CNN I have some information for you. It was all mostly hype and dead wrong. Americans acted just as you would expect. They felt compassion and opened up their hearts homes and wallets in an unprecented display of generosity for those unfortunant enough to be caught up in the disaster. Coming on the heels of the unprecedented American response to the Tsunami in Indonesia and elsewhere, it was even more impressive.

Remember and never forget America is the most decent and caring and upright Nation that has ever been on this Earth. Called to take on task that everyone secretly knows needs to be done but few will shoulder themselves. You dont need any more proof than the line that queues up at any embassy trying to get visas to come here.

God bless America.


Oh, I know all of that. The problem is, much of the world sees the US through CNN. THAT is the face we put out to the world.
Imagine if the coverage had been more focused on the Coast Guard rescues, or the people reaching out and helping, the brave doctors, the sheer number of people being saved. There are, as you point out, so many different ways to have covered it.
As I said, though, CNN is everywhere in the world, and the way they cover us is the way others see us, and people who don't like Bush use that to make their point.

PLUS- and this is a big thing- we expats live in a little bubble. We enjoy many of the benefits of our host countries without getting involved in most of the day to day issues. We can't vote, we don't have any say in the politics of the country we live in, so somethat say, hates the US abortion law, can live in a foreign country without really even knowing what the abortion law is. People who are against domestic wiretapping can live in a country and have no idea what that country's wiretapping laws actually are. You can hate Bush's war on terror but have no idea how the country you're living in may be participating. You know what I mean?


sorry, I know I am really rambling but
ps. The last thing, about lining up to get into the US is so true. That's why I tried to make the distinction between European/Australians and people from other countries. People that live in countries that really lack freedom, or economic opportunity just love America. I was in Vietnam just a few weeks ago and the people there spoke so highly of America. The people I meet from developing countries do love the US, they know what we are. I wish more Americans would feel that. We're so self-hating.


polly - That is some outstanding work. My favorite detail so far is that Jean C Edwards appears to hold a patent on a folding griddle. But what do you think is actually going on? Edwards includes simultaneous work with CIA and Brewster-Jennings on her bio because the cat is out of the bag? Edwards doesn't appear before 2003 (April, best as I can see) because? I don't get it.


MayBee, In DC I've spent lots of time with DoS ,foreign service types, etc. They are truly clueless about their own country. In fact, I find the entire "international set" rather repulsive. And clueless,

Most of the cab drivers here are recent immigrants. Largely from Africa. Most came here to get an education for themselves and their children. I can have more intelligent discussions about politics with them than I can at an Embassy cocktail party.
Any Day of the week.


Ellmann is odd, too. He is working for Brewster Jennings at the same time as the Eastern European University Teaching project, although I can't find that particular project on google.

I think Jean might have actually been cryogenically stored until 2003. That is some baby face.

One thing is certain, these are mult-faceted people.

clarice- I can imagine. The problem with the international set is they glorify countries that embrace their homeland, all the while distancing themselves from their own.


That is some baby face.

See. I mean to have graduated in '77, doesn't that makes her roughly 50, 52?

She looks late 20's to maybe late 30's.

She definitely does not look (with all the other crap she has on there) had enough time to develop and "patent... a folding griddle" too?


Is this it?


So true, C, about the cabbies. There are some extremely bright and extremely poor people coming here. I have vast hope. They are not choosing fanaticism.


The folding griddle is my favorite detail so far.


The folding griddle is my favorite detail so far.


Tom Christian

Ok. I'm a little tired of being libeled over the internet.
If topsecretk9 and pollyusa would like to be the first in a libel suit, feel free to continue smearing me.

I have truthfully presented the facts as I know them.
None of you have disproven in any way my account of events so it seems very unwise of you to be attacking me.

To topsecretk9:

"paranoid delusional pain"?
How quickly do you want to be sued for libel you imbecile?
I waited almost a year for a response from the CIA, so I think I was being pretty damned patient. So you can shut the hell up.

"weirdo tinfoil guy"?
You don't even know me shithead, so you're not in a position to make that judgement.

see above comment.

"Fluorescent Marker?"
Yes dumbass. It's a version of the fluorescent "spy dust" that the Russians were known to have used during the cold war. If you weren't so freaking stupid you might envision a narrow-band optical interference filter placed in front of an image-intensifier tube allowing a spy to spot his target in a large crowd. Of course, one might figure that out if one were not as god-damned stupid as you obviously are.




I woouldn't be such an a-hole to you if you had more proof than say your UV spray.


I waited almost a year for a response from the CIA, so I think I was being pretty damned patient. So you can shut the hell up.

How come you didn't think they just weren't interested in you, IF I am wrong...PLEASE correct me.


How come you didn't think they just weren't interested in you, IF I am wrong...

I have to guess, "people skills", but I probably ought to STFU.


Sorry, that should be "STHU".

Tom Christian

I think you would be an asshole to anybody. As for proof, I've provided over 10 ten pages of facts and details which someone should be able to corroborate if they do a serious investigation. And that's a hell of a lot more evidence than anything you have said.

"How come you didn't think they just weren't interested in you,
IF I am wrong...PLEASE correct me."

I will correct you.
A. It did occur to me that perhaps they weren't interested. But without a response I have no way of knowing.
B. Your comment is irrelevant. The point is I was patient.

"People skills?"
Now you're really sounding stupid. If anyone should be accused of bad people skills it's you. I have been extraordinarily
patient in tolerating your vicious, mean-spirited and unjustified attacks on my character. You for your part have behaved that way repeatedly. Now that I am confronting you and your bad behavior you accuse me of bad people skills.
You should learn to be more respectful of other people and also learn to accept the possibility that the truth may not be what you expect it to be.


TS is someone I respect through the posts on this blog.
Tom Christian try living up to your name and speak respectfully in the future please.

Harry Arthur

I believe I've seen this movie ... Mel Gibson?


and also learn to accept the possibility that the truth may not be what you expect it to be.

I'm kind of jumping in here blind, not having followed the argument, but if it is whether or not you should have been tasked to become a member of the CIA, I'm appalled they didn't pick you for the job. You would have fit right in, from what I've seen, anyway.


Tom Christian

No you are libeling me.

People skills?"
Now you're really sounding stupid. If anyone should be accused of bad people skills it's you.

I didn't say that. SLOWLY re-read and you will see.

You should learn to be more respectful of other people

So see? It happens.

What was Valerie Plames job role/title?


No=Now, sorry

Tom Christian

To: maryrose

I don't care whether you respect TS or not.
If you respect him that's your choice not
mine. Personally I have seen no evidence so
far that he deserves my respect.
As for my name that has no bearing on my character.
However I think that as far as my character goes, I have displayed
excellent character and integrity far-surpassing any that you
people have exemplified. I have been far more patient and
tolerant of your unjustified attacks on my character than
you have been on my justified criticisms of you.
I think YOU should be more respectful in the future.

Don't push your luck asswipe. The facts remains: You have libeled me in the most egregious ways on many occasions. And if it continues, I will sue you if I have to spend every last penny I have to do it.
I don't see that Valerie Plame's job or title is at all relevant. It does not entitle her to break the law. So shut the fuck up. The only sorry I want to hear is from you, you evil mean-spirited scumbag.

TM (*NOT* TS9)

Mel Gibson?

Excellent, but who was the female lead? And no peeking, even though I am drawing a blank on the name of the film.

Tom Christian - although you have been a wildly amusing guest, this board does try to maintain some basic standards of civility. "Paranoid delusional" is not a phrase I would be reluctant to repeat at a church meeting, to my mother, or to my kids; just about every sentence of yours has a word or phrase that really would not be appropriate with those audiences.

So why not display a bit of your extraordinary patience and above-par people skills and try to make a sensible point sans invective?

And some free legal advivce - no need to sue TS9 for every penny; if you can get a class action suit going and collect a nickel from everyone who thinks your web posting is kooky, you should be set for life.


Julia Roberts I think.


It does not entitle her to break the law.

Tom Ch., I'm not sure how Valerie Plame broke the law as it applys to you, how did she?


Northern Europe, STHU.
Southern Europe, STFU.

TC, you'd make a quinessential spook. Sooner or later your genius will be recognized. Remember, when a true genius arises you can recognize him by these signs, that a Confederacy of Dunces will speak against him. by kim, the Dunce on the Hill, Not in Europe.


Look, my Son the Christian: It's all a racist plot. So you have to look out for people of all colors of skin. Here's a clue to get you through today. All the world is divided into two classes of people. There are good people and there are bad people. Which are you? You sure sound bad.


I'd like to throw in 2 cents on Tom Christian's story. I went over to his site and read it. If it is true (I say if, because all the names he mentions were in the public domain before he wrote his piece and the line about them all checking out a magazine and using their real names while surveiling a subject seems a little far-fetched) - then it is a sad tale.

It is sad because it sounds like Tom was subjected to what I would think would be standard recruiting practice at the CIA and just reacted badly.

They would surveil a recruit to make sure he wasn't a potential plant from a competitive intelligence agency and to make sure he was "clean" in other respects. The interviewing process would not necessarily have been the most friendly. When I was at Business School, Investment banks would send recruiters who at some point in the interview would give you the silent treatment or behave badly in some other way to see how you handled stress. I think they may have been doing much the same with Tom.

In recruiting a new operative, the CIA would probably have followed the time honored recruiting method of having him interviewed by some of the people he would be working directly with, ie, other operatives, nocs or whathaveyou.

Also sad is that from the sounds of it, Tom would have made an excellent operative. He managed to detect his surveillance on more than one occaision and seems to have good memory skills. I think this is why the CIA continued to be interested in him when he clearly told them no.

Tom C- if you read this, I suggest you lighten up a little. From reading this blog for a while, I believe the people here are really interested in an intellectual dialog and while they may view your story with some scepticism, it is healthy to question things and your story is no exception. There are ideas and facts that you can constructively add to the conversation, eg, TS was serious when she asked you Valerie's job description. If she interviewed you, you may have some special insight that was contemporaneous to the time.

Gary Maxwell

I will sue you if I have to spend every last penny I have to do it.

I thought you were out of work and looking for a job, thus the many applications to the CIA. Not a real good use of scarce funds to hire shysters to file lawsuits. Libel BTW requires you to prove three things: Statements made a false, the person making them knowingly made false statements and that you were materially damaged by the knowlingly made false statements. And truth is a complete shield to a libel accusation.

I would say you might better focus your efforts and scheckels towards finding a paying job. Since the CIA seems uninterested you might start looking elsewhere.


Gary Maxwell

How do you sue an anonymous poster on a blog? I guess if you have the skills to be a super spook, you can easily determine who is mashing those keys?


Actually if Tom Ch. read what I said, I did give him the benefit of consideration that Valerie was a recruiter and maybe I didn't say it very nice, as JF says--you just can't believe everything you read.

Tom Christian

To Gary Maxwell:
"many applications to the CIA"?

That was ONE application to the CIA in 1995.
And for your information I was looking elsewhere a long time ago.


Clearly you're not stupid. Tell us about Valerie.



I'm with you...Tom Ch. isn't stupid, it is just is story is a pinch questionable (and I mean in the unverifiable way) . I'm not sure why he won't just jump in an tell us more.

Tom Ch.

I got your email. I did have an anonymous "opinion" of your stated as fact website, but I never libeled you my friend.

William Pence

Tom Christian,

You should remove all confidential US government information from your web site.

You really should.



This is interesting...this was one of the people that put Brewster Jennings on their resume

May 3, 2006 I received an e-mail from a Robert Ellmann at ellmann@seznam.cz . He stated that he had not worked for the CIA. According to him he is doing "an internet research project": "What I am doing is an internet research project. May I ask you to fill it out?" I declined to "participate".

Yeah, Larry's email to TomC --"listening to your phone calls, got friends on the inside" -- Did Larry go to FISA for this? Always wanting to be the 4 year, 17 years ago expert.

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