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March 18, 2006




I followed the link, and then another, which led me to Glenn Greenwald.


That was weird.

I mean totally weird, but insightful.

The level of animus toward the President is astounding.

I mean, I didn't really believe the BusHitler stuff was supposed to be in earnest. Really now, McChimpyHitler PretzelRoveZombie was all for laughs, right?



It is so depressing, actually.

The so-called Democratic Party now pandering to the likes of these imbeciles.


Well, I can only hope that Kos and his ilk keep up their good work.

So far, so good.

Good luck to Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

I can't believe I voted for that guy for 12 years.

Live and learn.


The so-called Democratic Party now pandering to the likes of these imbeciles.

Actually MTT this is a good thing. The pander will stop when they realize their money isn't worth it. What did I just say about pols and money? Nevermind...it is a better thing after all.


I've been struck recently by how aptly Bush Derangement Syndrome illustrates the 'Great Man' theory of history. Who can they blame once he's off the stage. The post-partum blues may make today's Democratic psychoses look like a calm walk in the park.


Or perhaps we're in the midst of an excellent illustration of that theory?


Once there was JDS; Julius Derangement Syndrome.


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Rick Ballard


I don't think I can agree with that.

JM Hanes

Oh dear, now I'm totally confused! I've never seen/used the three letter & l t combo before, but even if I substitute the < that I do use, I 'm still not sure what the code you've laid out in lines 3 & 4 is meant to do. Haven't felt like such a newbie in awhile!

JM Hanes

OK, I get that a compressed & l t will make the html actually appear in a message, instead of simply operating on it, but I'm still not clear on your third & fourth examples. Maybe I should just retire and think about it some more before I end up making your original post scroll right off the page! I do think a preview page is a terrific idea.


JM copy the whole comment and preview it ...

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