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March 14, 2006


Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

For donks, when it comes to voting it'll be, "Fein-who"?


I dunno Tom ....

Your guys seem to want to push this as a new Dem wedge issue, but I'll give you the "Bush is a real man for Breakin' the Law to protect us" meme if you explain

Dubai Ports, and
South Dakota (the "Coathanger" State), and
Sandy O’Connor on the “judicial activism” of Delay and Cornyn, and
the Zogby Poll in Iraq ("our troops don't support our troops?") and
Drezner Hart and Bartlett in the LA Times, and
Abramoff, we hardly knew ye, and
Claude Allen, our White House Katrina “quarterback”, at Target and ........

Speakin’ of polls, what is this I hear about a new low?

Les Nessman

Dubai ports, explained :

"We don't want them Muslims owning our ports. But it's not because they're Muslim. Even though it is."


Dubai ports, Dem's line: "Better, more enlightened racism than the GOP can provide."

!" NO, that's not what Feingold said! But its what polls say people are hearing

Which polls?


52% supporting impeachment? That poll?


52% supporting impeachment? That poll?

Go for it.

House contact information:

US senators contact information:

Talk the talk, do the walk.



Dana Milbank on the Dem fandango today:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/03/14/AR2006031401519.html


Zogby. That's the same pollster who was telling us that things were looking good for president-elect Kerry around lunchtime on Election Day '04.

Take his polls with a deer-lick block of salt.

And man! I went to "firedoglake" and read the comments and could almost feel the feverish insanity rolling in waves from my monitor screen. Those folks are obviously terminal BDS sufferers. Bad news for them: The only cure is January 20, 2009.


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