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March 27, 2006







Autoplagiarism? But it's still madness.


Look, it's plagiarism to copy your schoolmate's essay. The AP is nuts, and stupid.


Hey, it's a step up--usually they just grab handouts from advocacy groups and run them as news stories--

Christopher Fotos

Like I said in a note to another blogger, this is the best news we've gotten in years. Now bloggers can filch from their newsire and announce We do not credit AP


I knew this would the beginning of something _____________ .


"Now bloggers can filch from their newsire and announce We do not credit AP"

Why would any respectable conservative blogger want to take credit for the dribbling propaganda that the AP claims as news?


What Kim said.

And said.

Now there's how you provide attribution.

Which is more, er troubling? The AP quoting from a blog or a blog quoting from the AP?



The scary thing is when they lift things that aren't true (like Clarice mentions advocacy groups and pols)

but also erroneous "reported" rumor as fact...

you would think it would be in their best interest to attribute...but since they have no concern...apparently this is just a flat out admittance by the AP they are nothing but propaganda peddlers period.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Larisa and the others at Rawstory are a bunch of commies who don't believe in private property, aren't they? From each according to their ability.


From each according to their ability.

Indeed, this is simply pixel redistribution.

After all, there's been a troubling maldistribution of pixels in America since the Bush Junta took over.

Only fair that it's redistributed.

Venceremos, to the keyboards.





Jake - but not the one

Commies who don't believe in private property?

More cheap laughs.

And "archaic" cheap laughs at that.



Someone will audit the AP and then the lefty bloggers will find they are the majority of the victims.

Once the obvious dawns on them (Oh, the media is - that liberal media!), they'll resort to the flattery/"well it's accurate" canard.


I read that post earlier and was pretty well amazed. Oh...its ok to steal their work because they're bloggers. Gotcha.

Honestly, the content in newspapers has become so thin and biased I have no idea how that industry is going to survive. I knew reporters - and more importantly their editors - were lazy, biased and ignorant. Now we can add dishonest.


Jason Leopold found a cozy home at Raw Story, so go figure.


After President Bush spoke our local newspaper ran 6 letters all panning. Bush. Then this past Sunday on our editorial page the omsbudsman said they would print in favor letter after the complaints they received.The paper is a rag with guess what? declining readers. I'm all for the AP publishing opinions from the JOM web-site. For some people it will be the only truth they ever will be told.

Barry Dauphin

Molly Ivins: I have long argued that no one should be allowed to write opinion without spending years as a reporter

Oh, so that's the advantage of being an AP reporter...taking other people's work and claiming it as your own.


Man, that is funny.


Just Another Example...

(turnabout is fairplay...)


...of how the "new media" runs circles around the dinosaurs of the traditional press. Over the past year, this blog has devoted several posts to the threat posed by shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles, most recently this column, published last December. We noted the widespread proliferation of these weapons, and the lack of missile defense systems on most commercial aircraft. While the Israelis have already outfitted their passenger jets with protective systems, the U.S. is still weighing the issue. At a cost of roughly $1 million per aircraft, it won't be cheap, but it may be more affordable than the alternative: the successful downing of a domestic passenger jet, the loss of all souls onboard, and a likely death spiral for one--or more--of the major carriers.

Two months later, ABC News joins the fray, with its own report on the man-portable SAM threat from ace investigative reporter Brian Ross. Mr. Ross is supposedly one of the best in the business, and I applaud him for tackling the story. But you'll note a number of similarities between Ross's report, and our blog entry from December. And remember--you read it here first. Of course, we didn't ask Barbara Boxer for her thoughts on the issue, but then again, we try to eliminate the fluff from our reporting.

Providing story ideas and angles for the MSM is one of the many services we provide in this forum. Keep checking back, Brian; I'm sure we can come up with something else you can use.

r flanagan

Only slightly related to the subject
as others have suggested you would certainly be the right choice for Domenech's replacement. I don't agree with a single one of your positions (at least I hope not)
but they are expressed intelligently
and maturely. It's unfortunate , first for him ,and then for sensible discourse that
BD was such a poor choice. Altho in his case perhaps it's better that he had this humiliating defeat now rather than at a later age when he might not have the resilience to recover. I hope and expect
his friends will support him altho not to
the extent that he is able to convince himself that he really didn't do anything wrong. It was wrong , there are lots of worse
things done but that doesn't make it OK.
See ya, I won't be back.(You're in luck!)

Gabriel Sutherland

Call me crazy, but the top level editor should be making the case on behalf of Raw Story, not the reporter.

Is Raw Story even a blog? I always viewed it as a netzine of sorts with some kind of operating staff, an office, and ads.

And Communists do believe in intellectual property. You just have to be the first and then hope the revolution moves all future discovery credit to the state to protect your idea. Marx deserves more credit for his cunning concepts.


Maybe cuning comments.


Love the list at the end of her piece with examples of looney-left theories the MSM has co-opted. No wonder MSM is slowly killing itself. RIP


Back in the 60's and 70's the communist chinese had a store in Chicago. My dad came home one night laughing that they were having a sale.

cathy :-)

john henry

What about copyright? If the AP lifts a blog post do they violate the blogger's copyright?

I suppose they could make an argument for "fair use". But would it fly?

John Henry

Navy nerd

That's ridiculous! If it's not their ide, it's not theirs...it's plagarism!


It's not plagiarism if they refuse to acknowledge the source. Just protecting their sources, mind you.

Protecting their ability to inflict their bias on whatever topic they like without a hint of irony.


Just read the link via Instapundit on the AP story.

"The article written by the AP, 'Security Clearance Rules May Impede Gays,' attributed its information to gay rights groups, who happened to be wrong and who received their information from Raw Story."

Had the AP attributed everyone they wouldn't have egg on their face, as it is they have an omelette.

So they they the advocacy group push rip-off a story that is wrong. Nice.


So they let advocacy group push a ripped-off story that is wrong. Nice.

too fast


In the last analysis, Dead Tree Press is publishing yesterday's newspaper. No one reads that, especially if it has turned wrong in addition to old overnight.


The people interested in news are getting it, virtually free; the people interested in entertainment, are paying through their knows's.


anyone dealt with credit counciling firms before?

is this a plagiarized copy too? http://www.moneysavingfreetips.com/consumer-credit-counciling.html

"Thus as a consumer, you have to beware! Avoid "debt settlement" firms who promise to completely get rid of your debt within months and who ask for a $3000 upfront fee. These usually turn out to be scams who upon receiving the money will run off from the country, disconnect their phones or set up a new firm under a new name."

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