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March 10, 2006



Kos has it exactly backwards; it's all about losing, and claiming a moral victory on ideological grounds. His moral high ground, however, deserves wetlands protection.

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

In the Right-angle to Reality world nary one brain cell will be used to understand why their candidate won a moral victory.


Tom Daschle hugged GWB after his address to the nation after 9/11, does that make him a BAD DeMOCRAT too? They have the seat why can't we have some Blue Dog dems in congress. I think Kos is short-sighted and perenially backs loser causes like-the filibuster of Alito. Their credibility is shot.

richard mcenroe

Hell, they just stampeded the entire Republican Party on Dubai, that has to count for something.


Kos did?

Nah. The pubs got stampeded by some pretty one sided polling on the deal in an election year, not by Kos.

Another great example of the utterly abysmal White House 'communications' operation. I wonder where we'd be if it wasn't for Dems being so politically inept.

Foo Bar

Sure, I guess it's fun to dismiss "losers" you don't agree with and ignore the fact that the candidates they backed came much closer than would otherwise have been expected (Hackett was in a heavily Republican district, and it's pretty tough to get rid of an incumbent in a primary, but Rodriguez came very close).

I imagine some people dismissed Reagan after he fell just short versus Ford in the '76 primary.

The Unbeliever

Yes, but did Reagan's rabid supporters declare some sort of a "moral victory" in 1976? Did those supporters previously back 15 losing candidates in a row?

Gary Maxwell

Foo Bar

I dont know where you live but its obvious its not Texas. Here are the facts. Ciro Rodriguez was a sitting congressman form the San Antonio area knocked off two years ago by Cuellar by 58 votes. He has kept the controversy alive in court battles since then until losing recently.

This time Cuellar wone by 6000 votes. He did better in every county than last time.

Fact 52% to 41% ( rest went to a third candidate). You can call it close if you want too. It was not. Ciro was not some unknown Don Quixote riding in from Kosland either.

I dont see any moral victory there. I will stay out of analyzing the special election in Ohio since I am in Texas, but special election are a bit diferent in turnout dynamics so I would not get too excited about a close loss in one of those either.


>"(Hackett was in a heavily Republican district, and it's pretty tough to get rid of an incumbent in a primary...)"

After which Hackett was unceremoniously dumped and slimed by the Dem power elite, who were immediately justified in that action by their little toady-boy Kos.

Croak croak!

Real progressive liberal guy that KoS. Very principled. Helluva guy.


Foo Bar,

How is this considered close?

Henry Cuellar, D (I) 23,870 53.0%
Ciro Rodriguez, D 18,299 40.6%
Victor Morales, D 2,911 6.5%

Cueller won by 5571 votes or 13.6%



Schmidt was not an incumbent. They were both running for the first time to replace Rob Portman who was appointed to another position in the Bush administration.

r flanagan

I get it , Kos was wrong because
o he criticized Cuellar's embrace of Bush
o he didn't support a dem incumbent
o he backed a loser
o he claimed a " moral victory "


That's all just blind men touching different parts of the dead donkey.

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