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April 24, 2006



My Daddy once opened with two points but 11 clubs. His partner searched in vain for aces and kings 'til Blackwood had humped them to the top of the wall. But Humpty Daddy had no grand fall, his slam was not into the ground.


I'm a bridge idiot; maybe it was 10 clubs.


fwiw, an opening bid of '3' shows length but not strength. If your dad opened 3 clubs with 2 points and 11 clubs, no problem.

btw - it's called 'bridge' because in the game you need to bridge from either your hand to the dummy, or get the lead from your hand to your partner's.



He had the queen, and the ace in his partner's hand and the other two split. I don't think he opened three clubs. He was proud of the hand, but no one else was.


I cannot believe you made me read that column, Tom.


I love bridge and playing it has spoiled all other card games for me. No other game seems as challenging.


Never played it. I've never run into anyone that offered. The newspaper columns on it might as well be in Greek.


You can see why I don't play bridge. Everytime I comment further on his glorious hand, I get the details more bolluxed up. I should go ask him but the situation is coming to resemble the story about the old woman I once knew who was known far and wide as having the recipe for the best lemon meringue pie. She had been a hotel cook in a small town, way back in the day. She used to constantly tease her daughter about taking the recipe to her grave, but her daughter was sure she'd eventually reveal the secrets. Well, unbenownst one season, Dr Alzheimer consulted on her case in the nursing home. Now we have only to ponder the smell and taste of the pie closest to perfection this side of heaven.

Another cool trick of my Dad's was to ask waitresses what color of pie they had.


bridge is for white sissies who can't play golf



He never tried golf. Brave, though; he flatopped his hair to protest the lefting of academia. Nut on Midway, too.


My term for most modern universities: Macademia.


not talking about your dad Kim...that was aimed at out fabulous lacrosse hating host!


No offense possibly taken about my Dad. He is the best.



Golf is for sissies who don't like to shoot things.



actually I can shoot even par or better on a good day!

I killed a duck once on a course in Vegas...poor little guy wandered in front of the tee box and got beaned


My Mother and my Aunt were champion bridge players ... they once beat Charles Goren and his partner in a tournament that lasted nearly a week during a cruise. My Mother's biggest disappointment was that her daughter (moi) preferred playing double deck partner pinochle over bridge. She blamed it on the sixties although I never quite figured that one out.


Your dad sounds like a really great guy. My dad was too. He taught a card game called "Pedro' which we still all get together and play.


With 11 clubs and 3-4 pts ya need to open at 4 clubs. Your not looking slam here.


Rumor has it that Duke`s replacing their LaCrosse team with a Bridge Club. Word is those cardplaying ruffians overdose their exotic dancers with Darjeeling, then holler out harsh invectives like your "Your Granddaddy macrame`d my Great Aunt`s doilies". Harsh.

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