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April 27, 2006



saw that and right on Mr Beamer!

seems like the people talking about it being "too soon" are worried we might remember we're in a war


Let's roll, indeed.

But first, we need to get rid of RINO's. http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/04/27/D8H8FLV01.html>Sen. Specter Threatens to Block NSA Funds


Is it just me or has Specter become somewhat of a showboat politician in the last year? His name seems to be connected to everything. Does he still need to convince his Pennsylvania constituents that he is fighting for their interests? Stick to asbestos litigation and try to get a decent settlement for the truly ill people who need your help. Try initiating an investigation into one or two of you dem senators who leaked about the NSA program before you de-fund it. No grandstanding please!

Paul Zrimsek

And for your further reading pleasure: A barking moonbat reviews the movie. (Via rottentomatoes.com .)


Single bullet theory Spector has long history of being hot dog

Harry Arthur

As in "super-duper precedent" Spector?

He and Biden do so love to hear themselves talk ...

Tom Maguire

Specter a hotdog? Not proven.


Yeah, the too soon thing is misplaced I think. It's too painful but that's because of the subject. My husband pointed out to me they were making WWII movies (and I believe Pearl Harbor movies- he would know, I don't) even during the war.

I think people who hate Bush don't want to be reminded that he has something that honestly motivates him.


Too soon? Too soon to remember that we are in a war? And who are enemy us? Not hardly.

As for Specter...After the way he handled Teddy Kennedy at the Alito hearings, he deserves a little slack.

Barney Frank

Specter may not be a hot dog but he sure is a weiner.

Barney Frank

And I hope we're all talking about Sen Specter, not our Specter. :)

Specter a hotdog? Not proven.
That's sarcasm, right?

cathy :-)


That's sarcasm, right?

Scottish sarcasm at that.

And you though Maguire was Irish, didn't you?



You mean TM isn't Irish?
A movie about their brave heroism is welcome anytime. I'm sure I'll see it with a lump in my throat.

Jim K.

Here's another loony review of the film. Not that I can comment on the film myself, but this guy actually complains that the families of the victims were consulted but not the families of the terrorists.



I don't think "hot dog" is appropriate. I mean I love hot dogs. If I was to be stranded on a desert island and could only have a few foodstuffs, I would definetely have hot dogs and/or its cold equivalent, baloney.

I would prefer another term for Specter.


With the works of which author would you prefer to be stranded?


I know one, but I can't put a name to it.

Rick Ballard

RottenTomatoes has it at 95% overall and 97% in their "Cream of the Crop" ratings.

I won't be seeing it for a couple of weeks (minding grandkids) but I'll definitely see it as soon as I can.


I checked out the above-linked moonbat review. He offers as evidence the claim that the aircraft for Flight 93, carrying tail number N5IUA, has been seen since. A quick google of N5IUA turns up his page and a whole bunch of pages referencing N5IUA as ham radio call letters. Not convincing.

Paul Zrimsek

"N5IUA" doesn't turn up because the actual tail number was N591UA. You can't even have a valid US registration ending with three letters. Score one more for the alternative reality-based community!


Robert Godwin does the Left's Envy & Spoiling at One Cosmos today.
He uses the reaction to the movie United 93 to illustrate:
United 93: No Heroic Deed Goes Unspoiled by the Left


One could be cynical and say that this is just “spin,” but I don’t think it’s generally conscious. Rather, I think it’s unconscious envy and spoiling.

Even the liberal movie reviewer cannot help himself from getting envious little digs into almost all of his reviews, including today’s for United 93. Although he liked the movie, in seeing it, “It’s impossible not to think of the image of George W. Bush reading the pet goat story in Michael Moore’s ‘Farenheit 9/11.” This same idiot would never review Farenheit 9/11 and write, “it’s impossible to look at this shrill leftist propaganda without thinking of the image of a stewardess having her throat slashed with a box cutter by a Muslim barbarian that Moore would call a freedom fighter.”

In fact, be on the lookout for envious attacks on United 93, that is, “spoiling.” The envy campaign started early, with the “too soon” meme, but that is simply a case of disguised spoiling.

I’ll be right back. I’m going to go over to Huffingtonpissed right now and prove to you what I mean....

-“I haven't seen the movie yet, but there's no question in my heart and mind that 9/11 has been grossly exploited for political purposes.”

--“No one should see this propaganda. Maybe there are some patriotic projectionists out there that'll do the public a favor and run one of the myriad 9/11-debunking documentaries instead.”

--“Is it exploitative? Absolutely. Without a doubt this film exploits everyone in the country.... a resounding slap in the face of everyone who was on board that flight and all the families that are/were affected by it.”

--“This film needs to be boycotted, protested, and shunned by the public. To take an event like 9/11 and turn it into a profit center for NBC/Universal (General Electric).... This is just another form of profiteering as far as I'm concerned.”

--“in the movie we see the terrorist in control of the aircraft diving steeply for two minutes or so. Evidently all laws of physics were suspended at that precise moment, since the magic aircraft did not lose a single engine and the passengers were not fatally thrown around the cabin. Oh well, it's Hollywood and it can be as fictitious as it gets, but the 911 Commission wanting to sell us this ridiculous story as what really happened? Not a chance.”

--”Excuse me for not joining in the paeans in honor of a Hollywood film about 9-11. I sincerely doubt that what really happened that day is going to be uncovered by a Hollywood pseudo docudrama or whatever it is. I want to see an independent invastigation on 9-11 and one who will investigate the 9-11 Commission too while they are at it. I'm not buying the bullshit coming from either Washington or Hollywood.”

--“Has anyone checked further into the rumors that flight 93 was shot down by American forces? Apparently that would be more consistent with the wreckage. And it would not necessarily be the wrong thing to do, if we knew that the plane had become a weapon. However a coverup would not only be wrong, but would be entirely consistent with the hatred for freedom that the Bush mob has continually displayed.”

Here’s a commentor who really has the big picture: “The REAL TRUTH would implicate [the White House] in a well conceived plan to create another "Pearl Harbor" event. This event would would scare the s**t out of most Americans, which would allow them to start a "War On Terror" which would lead to invading Iraq where the "enemy" in the "War On Terror" was hiding with "WMD's" and other scary stuff. Then in the name of national security in "wartime", allow an amassing of power in the "unitary executive" which would lead to secret illegal spying on Americans toture, illegal detention and other "suspensions" of the Constitution all in the name of "National Security". Meanwhile fattening all the purses of Administration friends with huge no bid contracts to re-build IRAQ (which we would not have had to destroy in the first place to get rid of Sadaam) .....need I go on?”

"No, not at all. I think we got it. Unfortunately he is more paranoid than envious, but I think you can see that the two work together to pack a potent one-two punch of leftist boilerplate."


I just saw it. I think I liked the A and E TV version better - you got more involved with the characters. Also I think the movie had too many tight shots, especially at the end, you could barely tell what was happening, although I liked the shots of the ground fast approaching. I did like the background on the controllers as they slowly started to realize what was happening. For that alone I would recommend it.

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