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April 15, 2006



Dry enough to be a fire hazard.


Another shrink (per Larwyn) does, too.http://onecosmos.blogspot.com/

Well, I'll keep checking DSM to see if they set up a new category. Kos Derangement Disorder or something.


What I like about Somerby's latest is that he can now make vague references to 'moist places' or 'the waterfront' and it's completely understood that he is referring to the far-left 'fever swamps'.


CK=psychiatrist. Nit, now picked; however the point may be even more precise. There is pathology there to be remedied, not merely understood.

I already regret the 'merely'. It is not possible to write such that you cannot be misunderstood.


Gee, I guess a lefty liberal bias icon like
Wapo has flipped it's little lid too!


If you go to Kos, you'll see the blogger profiled is actually quite pleased with the piece.
I guess when you live in a fever swamp, and everywhere your eye can see, you see swamp-- well then, you look at your little bit of the swamp and you are darn proud of your little piece of real estate. You may consider yourself queen of the swamp.
Never realizing the people living on the beaches find you swampy.

Paul Zrimsek

It's okay. They're not eliminationists.


Maybe someone over at the WaPo read Neville Shute's 'On the Beach', and wondered about the aura of inevitable doom hanging about the Wilsons.


I wonder of Joe is a 'joy racer'.


And speaking of terminal dipsomaniacs, has anyone looked into her eyes, lately? What are the reflections of a golden blonde?


Looks like the WaPo's got its "angry" marching orders from Rove. LOL!


I blogged two pieces today though I don't know if or when they will run in AT. The first is on ts's point about the NYT's curious silence on the other 6 people about which interview notes were sought and the rest of the media's lack of curiousity about that selective disclosure of only Tenet and Fleicher.

The second, riffing off TM's Chris Matthew lies, to Spruill's David Schuster lies and the NRO and Capt Ed's Waas Nicht dissection. I contend that these repeated, demonstrable lies by msnbc and Waas are akin to the psychological phenomenon known as folie a deux. They'll keep lying so their delusionary viewers will keep watching.


This uncontrolled politically driven rage is akin to the "Two Minute Hate" described in George Orwell's book "1984".

JM Hanes

Evolution of a leftie:

"She agonized over low wages for overseas workers every time she bought a $40 leather purse. Then George W. Bush was elected."


Disillusion is best combatted by denial. It's best resolved by insight.


In other news (h/t Kaus) Nevada Republicans are calling Reid a "rich Anglo"http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/nevada/2006/apr/13/041310264.html


riffing off TM's Chris Matthew lies,

I started to respond that your judgment of Matthews (lies) was a bit over the top.

But then I read his colloquy with Ben-Veniste last night and one can't help but conclude that he is either dishonest or so completely seized by this "The-Neocons-and-Cheney-Run-the-World" chimera that he can't see things clearly.

E.g., Matthews:

[T]he [White House made a] case for a nuclear threat from Iraq, when we now know that was an isolated discernment [in the NIE], that many of the other agencies, including CIA and State did not share it, but yet it was portrayed to the reporter Judy Miller and Matt Cooper and the others apparently as the consensus belief.

As any person reading the NIE can see (link), the nuclear threat was the consensus view of all of the agencies and it was only the State Department (INR) that had doubts about the uranium-from-Niger allegations.

BTW, that entire Ben-Veniste/Matthews exchange is quite a hoot.

Matthews is either a functional illiterate or, well, a liar or deeply confused. And since he's written several books and hundreds of columns, one can only make one of the harsher judgments.

And to think, folks like O'Connor in the WaPo piece view Matthews as a White House shill or apologist.



I also saw that Ben-Veniste interview with Matthews and I have to tell you on this topic they are both "Off the Hook". Deeply confused is probably accurate although Chris has been against the War in Iraq since the get-go. He continuously has people on who support his position so you have biased reporting. He interrupts people who disagree and then goes to commercial Many times he only has one point of view presented. He has a vendetta against Cheney because he blames going to war in Iraq on him.Folie a deux is absolutely the right way to descibe what is going on. Shuster has been marginalized by the blogs yet he continues to report falsely on this story by exaggeration,innuendo and outright lying.

Florence Schmieg

Chris Matthews really is not very intelligent. His books leave much to be desired and can be read in about an hour.


I cannot for the life of me imagine why else Matthews and others would repeatedly falsely report facts which are in the public record except that they need to give their viewers what they know they want:a fairytale. The trade off is they'll pretend they are providing the news to readers who pretend they are getting the news.


Daily Howler on Matthew's

You think in Matthew's case it's a combination who's briefing him (Wilson) and memory. I definitely think he has Wilson on speed dial.


I cannot for the life of me imagine why else Matthews and others would repeatedly falsely report facts

I'm lost too.

Of course, they say the same thing (more or less) about us.

But how anyone can read this key judgment in the NIE:

Although we assess that Saddam does not yet have nuclear weapons or sufficient material to make any, he remains intent on acquiring them. Most agencies assess that Baghdad started reconstituting its nuclear program about the time that UNSCOM inspectors departed--December 1998.

and then state, as Matthews did with Ben-Veniste, that it was the minority view in the NIE that Iraq was seeking to acquire nuclear weapons is mystifying.

Again: Most agencies. He remains intent.

How much more clear can one get? What is he reading? What does he see that we don't?



Seixon and Bob Somerby were masterful..Bob's "rubes and runners" take on the Ben-Venists, Zakaria, Biden, Kerry and Matthews bald face lying was, as usual, fantastic.


Please stop ascribing motives to Libby which just aren't there. On the July 8th meeting which you seem to obsess over Libby did NOT tell Miller anything he wasn't supposed to. He didn't lie to McClelland about not being involved in the leak. You want this to be true so much you can taste it but you are WRONG!
I frankly am disappointed in Matthews . I thought he was better than this.


I've found that reading Angry Lefty blogs while whistling the 'Feeling 7-Up, I'm Feeling 7-Up" jingle puts everything they're writing into perspective.

Go ahead.

Give it a try.

~ feeling 7-up, I'm feeling 7-up! ~



Jeff is spinning round and round on the hamsterwheel....I get dizzy when I go there

Barney Frank

I think people like Chris Matthews and the rest keep putting out the same old tripe, which drops them ever further into the pit of shrinking audience hell, because of their ideology. James Burhnam made the fundamental point in "Suicide of the West" that the left is an ideology while conservatism is not. Leftism wants the world to conform to its 'ideas'; sensible conservatives and the few sensible liberals conform their ideas to the world and human nature.
Its the same reason Hollywood makes awful, stupid R rated lefty movies when they know they can make far more money on G and PG non political movies. They can't help themselves. BDS is just the latest name for a very old malady.


It's called denial, and it is wonderful solace in time of sorrow.


Leftism is a faith,if you discuss any of the catastrophic socialist experiments,where millions perished,the retort will be,"That wasn't socialism,real socialism hasn't been tried yet",a direct analogy to the question,"Why haven't my prayers been answered?"..."Because you didn't pray hard enough,sincerely enough or in the right way,go back and try again".

brenda taylor

i saw the chris and ben show it shows how the 9-11 commisson got around able danger and every other important detail the public would like to hear about .chris has a motive and he said it right on that show if he keeps showing cheney saying one thing one time and different the next he is obnoxious discusting and repulsive.i had a change of mind about chris when he treatrd michelle malkin and zell he is a creep.


Say what?


Are you a Matt Head?


Maryscott is truly pathetic. You have to wonder what would happen if she turned her energy and talent to something productive rather than indulging herself in pointless hatred. Apparently there are lots more where she came from.

I really hope she and the angry multitudes continue with their blogging. It keeps them from having the time to do the things it actually takes to win elections, like fund raising and get out the vote.


The really pathetic thing is that her addiction now is the rising numbers and the release of vituperation by expression which stimulate the rise. Tolerance, even to intolerance, develops. There is a time to unto all things. What next for her?


Me and my Cindy McGee.


I can't decide if Cindy McGeehan or McSheehan would be better, there; or better left alone. Come vote, Purdy Word Tat.


"Riddled with empathy"

I had that too, but a good dose of antibiotics knocked it out


[O'Connor's] very first rant, which concluded with a wish that Bush, “after contracting incurable cancer and suffering for protracted periods of time without benefit of medication,” go to hell.

She wrote it, sent it to Daily Kos, saw it appear online, watched as people responded to it — and learned something about the effect of being both heartfelt and vicious. “It’s impactful,” she says. “It gets attention.”


Calling Dr. Krauthammer, stat, real bad case of BDS in the ER.

Freud once argued that if it wasn't for sex, men and women would be at war with one another.

That was Freud, mind you.

I'm wondering though: if it wasn't for "X", the left and right would be at war with one another.

Fill in "X".

We're still a long way away from open violence. But I'm increasingly unsure as to whether that distance isn't diminishing very quickly.

One thing I do know: it's sure not getting wider.



C'mon - wingers have been milking the "Anyone who criticizes Buhs is deranged" meme for years now. Why is this news?


ghee whiz.

Jim C.

Chants, I've been thinking of the 2 Minutes Hate for a long time. It's interesting to see with O'Connor and her readers that it's almost literally true.

Quotes from the article:

"'I feel like I'm being molested everytime I hear his voice,' one person writes on the Daily Kos Web site while watching a Bush news conference."

I'm sure people who actually were molested appreciate that comparison.

"'Powerlessness' is O'Connor's explanation. 'This is born of powerlessness.'"

Finally one of them admits it. It's about power, not anything else. I'm sure it's a huge shock after decades of having Congress. It's called democracy, majority rule. Deal.

"'I am this close to being one of those muttering people pushing a cart.

'I'm insane with rage and grief.'"

Newsflash: the only difference between you and them is that you have a computer instead of a cart. But at least you got the insane part right.

What a bunch of malignant drama queens.


C'mon - wingers have been milking the "Anyone who criticizes Buhs is deranged" meme for years now. Why is this news?

Wishing that the president contract cancer and die a horrible, painful death is simply "criticizing Bush"?

I'll agree with an olive branch offering that the "meme" is extravagantly used by folks on my side.

But why can't we agree on both? That the right liberally uses the charge but also that the language used by O'Connor and (some) others in the netroots community is ugly and really shouldn't be acceptable discourse in the country.

But let's do the flip.

If we had a Democratic president and prominent conservative websites - not fringe ones - had posts wishing for the president to contract cancer and die a horrible death and those posts were encouraged and celebrate, you would have no problem with it?

It wouldn't represent, to you, something troubling, something "deeper", occurring within a political movement or ideology?

I'm not going to bring out the old (by now) Hofstaedter paranoid style argument stick. But it's clearly not a healthy sign, don't you think?


JM Hanes


"I had that too, but a good dose of antibiotics knocked it out"

Not to worry! Finkel tells us "the daughter got better." On the other hand, like many who quit their meds because they just feel so much better before the dosing is complete, she appears to have stopped somewhat short of full recovery. I'm trying to remember the last time I heard someone saying: Hi. I'm Maryscott and for several years I drank to excess.

JM Hanes


Anger makes the helpless feel powerful.

Harry Arthur

mkultra, this discussion isn't about the assertion, it's about the proof.

It seems the "compassionate" left has lost even that vestige of civilization.


Let's ee two of Chris and Shuster's colleague (Mitchell and Russert) are likely to go before the jury at which time the defense may well explore the question of bias and (we think) Libby's complaint to Russert about MSNBC's coverage, do you think it's a good thing or a bad thing that this week Chris and David win the Press Pinnochio award from everyone?


Last Sunday the WaPo writes a reasonable editorial on the Libby case. This Sat we have the left nutsos..What is going on?

Harry Arthur

Finally one of them admits it. It's about power, not anything else.

Yep, and that's always been the case. The same goes for the far left's version of so-called free speech. When they are speaking, the demand is that we listen. When we "wingnuts" are speaking, they have the right to exercise "free speech" to interupt and shout down the argument. Funny how this hasn't changed since I was at UC Santa Cruz in the late '60s.

The other interesting point here, though, is that the "free speech" radicalism of the left in the '60s actually caused me to understand that all their ideology was truly about was power. In coming to that realization, I literally became a conservative overnight. I can't help but wonder why those on the looney far left still fail to see the connection.


"Last Sunday the WaPo writes a reasonable editorial on the Libby case. This Sat we have the left nutsos..What is going on?"

It is Easter,Passover,schools out,those whose parents have put a porn lock on the computer are simply manifesting their frustration here,it's the Democratic way.


Clarice & Kim,
Here's hot link to Robert Godwin's piece and "moist" - I remember Vanderleun used "moist men" in one of his masterpieces - or it was Godwin. I'll look.
Great Leaping Leftist, My Corrupt and Degenerate Soul

For what I really wanted back then was for my conscience to be asleep, and the last thing I wanted was to be around someone with an awakened objective conscience. That would have bummed me out. Big time.

Dr. Sanity is doing series on DENIAL - They are must reads.

Just joined in and confess only read comments thru 7:43AM this thread.

My darling daughter announced last night that although she had filed the Fed Taxes, that we did together last month, she hadn't completed the PA State for herself and the student grandson. "Would you read the book, so I do it right?" I never slept - and am having very nasty thoughts about what I should put in her basket.

So tuned into to JOM for diversion from very unholy Holy Saturday thoughts.

Promise I will tag nothing today!


Oh,go on Larwyn,have a quick tag,you know it will make you feel better.


"Somerby's latest is that he can now make vague references to 'moist places' or 'the waterfront' and it's completely understood that he is referring to the far-left 'fever swamps'."


It was great post and would love to link it for all.

Patrick R. Sullivan

'The cigarettes are because of a personality that she describes as compulsive.'

SHE describes?

As pathetic as she and her friends are, is it really all that far from what goes on at Kevin Drum, Brad DeLong, or Angry Bear's comments sections?

Even our own beloved, 'chew gum and walk at the same time' Jeff, just posted a doozy of a piece of double think on the 'Meanwhile Back at the Washington Post' thread. We all know he knows the NIE backwards and forwards, yet he can still write:

'The trouble is that the Bush administration did not make an honest set of arguments in justification of the war, and that's where the use and misuse of evidence to support that justification comes in.'

Which is just about as pure an example of keeping two mutually contradictory ideas in your mind at the same time as you can find.


Dear God!
If you begin to hear a report on the murder of a 10 year old girl in Purcell, Ok do not listen.
Worse than anything from the pen of Thomas Harris.
Evil, pure evil.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Speaking of double-think, the Somerby post linked to above for its fairly accurate take down of Matthews and Ben Veniste, opened with a complaint of the WAPO piece that is the subject of this thread:

'EXPLORING THE OUTRÉ LIMITS: Pathetic. There’s no other word for this front-page Post profile of fiery blogger Maryscott O’Connor. We assume that many others will discuss this pathetic report, so we won’t bother doing so here. But it’s hard to imagine a more transparent attempt to “frame” the current lib web discussion. Liberal bloggers are deeply outré ! Here—we’ll show you a foul-mouthed ex-drinker! This is one of the more pitiful efforts we have seen in our eight press-limning years.'

With the numbers of hits she and her ilk are getting passing right over Somerby's head, apparently.


Which is just about as pure an example of keeping two mutually contradictory ideas in your mind at the same time as you can find.

Round and round and round we go.

Their argument is that if Bush or his staff - chiefly OVP's folks - "manipulated" once single piece of evidence or claim, then the entire pre-war intelligence house must come down.

It doesn't matter what Kenneth Pollack said. Or what the Clinton Administration claimed. Or what the French or German or British or Israeli intelligence services claimed.

The SSCI report is a partisan document. The Butler Report has no credibility. The NIE isn't really clear - hey, check out those footnotes.

We look for evidence or material that supports a White House claim. They look for material that contradicts or dissents from that very claim.

If one single report or claim was made by an intelligence agency that dissented from the consensus that Iraq had WMDs, the White House was culpable in not seizing that claim and overthrowing the consensus view.

Dissent rules the day.

Unless, of course, that dissenting view or evidence indicates that Iraq was working with al-Qaeda.

Then, a whole new set of rules is used.

Amazing really. Parallel universes.



Yes, I'm afraid he thinks that there are more sane Dems than may be the case.Btween DU, Kos, MoveOn Media Matters, the fever swampe are well-populated.


Can we program those posts I put in last night from American Thinker with the Clinton and Clintonista Cabinet gang quotes


the skinny on the A* General ...
is it Sh***i(?)

to automatically post every hour on the hour on Libby threads?


"Yeah, they like to show us President Clinton's quotes but we knew he would never let our sons and daughters die on a foreign soil in a country that just isn't ready for democracy.
Bush is so dumb, he belived all that sh-- (need hipper word)....

and I need to do the dishes and calm down.

Help requested and accepted.

I'll use one of my daughter email addresses - that'll teach her to procrastinate and ruin my Easter cheesecakes making plans!

Rick Ballard


It's midnight of the first business day after the 15th when the 15th falls on a weekend. Monday will do the trick.


Thank you Rick:
I wish I had known that as I was racing to the post office this morning. I have to pay so I wait to the last minute.
My husband used to live in Camp Hill near Harrisburg. Do you live near there or would you rather not say? We love to visit Gettysburg and Amish country near Lancaster and Bird-in -Hand.

Harry Arthur

Only if you owe the IRS. If they owe you there are no penalties, other than the obvious delay in receiving what they owe you, for filing late.

I file an extension every year and include a check for what I inevitably owe. Then I finish my return whenever I feel like it. Of course to file an extension you sort of have to complete the return anyway ...

"Just my way of 'sticking it to the man' ..." And, unlike the commercial, no, I'm definitely not "the man".




Now tell me this makes any sense:

In PA you must file if you make $33.oo (Thirty-three dollars) -
the tax rate is .0307. On $33.00
the tax is $1.01.

YOU do not have to pay tax if you owe $1.00 or less, but $1.01 must pay.

I wrote emails to my State Senator who is on the appropriation committee - a PuB and the Chairman also a PUB requesting the cost of
the ~50page booklet they mail out the processing etc etc.

You and I all know this is a make work get more State worker Union members ploy.

My Grandson went to Goethe Inst/Munich last summer and only then did pick up jobs so his tax was ony $13.14. It is insane and cannot be cost effective.

Sure a lot of parents that want to teach their children responsiblity are sorry they began to report grasscutting and babysitting jobs.

It is nuts.

All those dead trees (channeling Gore) all that oil for production distribution delivery, then waste removal.


And when you have paychecks w/o witholding/pu jobs - you're sort of led to filing as a BUSINESS.

Oh yeah, I wanted my grandson in this greedy state's Business file so we can get notices that we don't have permits etc etc.

What do you think - good point for Pubs to bring up this midterm.

Lots of angry parents I am sure!

Barney Frank


I also always file an extension. It supposedly reduces the risk of an audit, the reasoning being that a larger percentage of the early returns are kicked out to be audited.
Whether this is still true or not I'm not sure. Especially since I got audited a couple of years ago. But they ended up paying me back a couple of hundred so maybe they'll leave me alone. :)

Rick Ballard


'Tis so the 17th for PA state income tax.


Do you get to keep any of the cheesecakes? I love cheesecake. Sorry but I kinda of fixated on that part of your post. The tax system in PA. sounds kind of goofy.

Harry Arthur

Barney, my reason is simpler - I'm just a serial procrastinator. Doesn't mean I'm an especially bad person ...

Another point to be made is that there are two potential penalties about which we're concerned here: failure to file on time and failure to pay on time. These are percentages based on what one owes. These payments of "interest" on money owed the US can accumulate to large sums if delayed for significant periods of time or if one owes large amounts of money, due to their cumulative nature.


Mayhap you folk realize what those of us who tilt left feel when we read LGF, or Redstate, or Hewit, or powerline, or the captain, or any link from Reynolds. I can almost duplicate the posts on any issue.


We had a small battle last night regarding when this must be filed.
She claimed she went on the website and it was Sunday Night - which was crazy. She is going away for the weekend and wanted to pressure me to complete before she left to mail from PA vs Ohio.
I do not know why she did not file online as we did with Fed - I
thought all was complete. Had it been her's only, I would have said
"tough" but I didn't want my grandson messed up so I muddled through with both.
PA forms and rules are very different from the FEDs. No difference in Long/Short term Cap Gains, so you can't use same Sch.
But you can only take a loss in the specific catagory of income.
You could lose an amount on Stock and deduct not 1 cent of the loss from any other catagory of income such as Gross compensation. And that applies to each catogory.

I could really just cry right now,
I am so utterly dissapointed that I fell for that ploy - so she could mail tonight from PA.
Knowing I have to hold mag glass - that I would only read what is necessary plus knowing that I also knew how strange the PA forms and requirements are. I bought it.

Bad when you have to "trust but verify" with your own daughter.

We are in W.Pa. - SMG just posted
regarding possiblity of violence between the Rights and the Lefts - think he wrote the gap was narrowing. As I am as most of you are quite candid in our views best to not give exact info.
I smiled at SMG'S post - the left has been de-boying boys for years hence, "The Voice of the Neuter" "The Pathetic Last Men", "the moist men" - they would have to use "freedom fighter" tactics.

Prolonging this untill she gets out the door - I will do not want to lose temper on Holy Saturday, just as I did not press issues last night. Time for reflection.


Texas Toast:
I can almost duplicate the posts on any issue.

Okay, do it.

Re-post comments/statements from Powerline that are the equivalent of "wanting Bush to die a painful death."

Let's go. The floor is all your's.



Amazing really. Parallel universes.

Tell me about it.

What is so disheartening...no, frightening and frustrating...especially for one, such as me, who hobnobs with many of these people in other venues and totally enjoys their company and has loads of fun with them...is that I'm muzzled.

I cannot speak one word in favor of Bush. Not one word. I have been totally silenced. Otherwise I will be thrown out of the group. No more sharing of tips and tricks and oohs and ahs over accomplishments and help with problems. And we thought PC was bad? This is totalitarianism.

Believe it or not, some of these people are fine people. But never ever ever bring up the subject of politics. It's Jekyll and Hyde time. And that includes my family.

I don't agree with conservatives on everything but I can argue with them, they do not throw me out and shun me.

How can one group of people completely excise half of America from their lives?




At the moment, Powerline is wafting eloquently re the 100 most dangerous porfessors in the US. Anti-Intellectual BS.

I'll pick up your challenge - look in this thread tomorrow. Should be a hoot.


I never made the cheescakes. Plan was to let ingredients soften overnight and make first thing this morning - my best time.
With the 25% Italian - mine are a mix of a ricotta pie and trad. cheescake - I use half of each and a few more eggs than normal. We like the cheese taste and then serve with a warm melted chocolate, and raspberries or other fruits in season sauces - so you get to choose. I use chocolate crumb crust. Wish I had a piece vs grrrrrrrrr.



You are nothing short of delusional. Please find one post by by the proprietors of the sites you mention that comes within a mile of the vitriole shown by O'Connor.

I do love it - there is a large portion of the left that does not undersdtand how sick they have become and how it is holding them back.

One way to make a moonbat explode is to ask them to explain what they are for without mentioning anything about right wingers - they can't do it - their entire world view is based on what they oppose.

Rick Ballard


Here is a site to download a freeware magnifier. It works and it's a tiny program so it won't burden your harddrive.


100 most dangerous porfessors in the US

The problem with challanging them on this kind of issue is that is as bad or worse to the "reality based". Notice the foam flecked distortion of "The Professors" by David Horowitz.



Professors? Dangerous?

Only if an education is indoctrination - not exploration. My experience with my own kids leaves me to believe they are quite capable of making up their own minds. I encourage them to read this very blog as an example of a usually predictable rightwinger who writes well.

How absurd.


Powerline is wafting eloquently re the 100 most dangerous porfessors in the US. Anti-Intellectual BS.

Criticizing left-wing professors who misuse academic freedom and abuse tenure is similar to the blog material reported in the Post story?

Let's take the Powerline subject: Are you seriously arguing Toast that some radical left professors in academia don't abuse their positions? That they don't try and indoctrinate their students? That they don't present one-sided scholarship on subject matters?

Yes, please pickup my challenge, indeed. I'm surprised you don't have dozens of examples of the top of your head or the tips of your typing fingers.



Thank you Rick,
But I can read most of the time on the computer monitor. On some that use a small font and light type - I copy and paste into an email and then can bring up the font size.
It's dead tree matter I have trouble with = have mags all over house so I can read cooking inst etc.
Actually when my grandson set this up for me is was to read books on line - but current affairs just kept coming. That "interesting times" curse.

And with all the plots within plots and subplots with Libby/Plame Affair - LeCarre at his best couldn't have duplicated.
I truly hate fact I have to sleep, and eat a lot of days. Reason I do not dare get online until I have major chores done in the morning.

What about the $33.00 filing
- what do you think would be bread even at rate of .0307?

We are talking handling and processing handwritten forms - actually we did handwrite state last year - their site was problematic and not user friendly.
But I did not deserve to be manipulated. Had she just fessed up and asked I would also have done. Nice to be useful.

on Texas Toast challenge:
HBO has been running a special with old 60's/70's lefty Jewish NY comedian - the NY Jewish is part of his act. Name escapes me but saw about 10 first minutes - came on after something we had been watching - did Intelligent Design Jokes - in Southern Bubba voice visiting "dino lab at MIT and saying "The Creator made them on the ____day" (paraphase) changed channel. Betting they will come back with that meme.


"My experience with my own kids leaves me to believe they are quite capable of making up their own minds. I encourage them to read this very blog as an example of a usually predictable rightwinger who writes well."

Texas are you sure that after this they don't say,"I told you dad was talking crap"



Off the top of my head - can you explain why there is a filter at LGF that changes the word "raghead" to "arab"?

I posted there one - and only one time - yoy can find me in tha archives only because of the responses I drew. Discussion is not welcome.


Off the top of my head - can you explain why there is a filter at LGF that changes the word "raghead" to "arab"?

Powerline Toast, Powerline.

And the subject is bloggers, not the posters.

Not the jerks who post at LGF, too many of whom are ugly bigoted folks who either are real bigots or try to be cute and don't really understand what they're posting.

I'll not defend the posters there, that's for sure. And I'll not defend the proposition that only the Left does it.

Ugliness on all sides, to be sure. But the quantity and, if you will, quality of stuff from the leading bloggers on the Left is far more unacceptable than the material from the Right.




Here is Malkin.

Send the LA mayor a message

Earlier this week, open borders L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave a divisive speech on behalf of illegal alien protesters in which he declared:

"Today we say to America: We've come here to work: We clean your toilets. We clean your hotels. We build your houses. We take care of your children. We want you to help us take care of our children as well."
Many law-abiding L.A. residents who clean their own toilets took umbrage at Villaraigosa's McCain-like contempt for self-reliant Americans and his us-vs.-them militancy. Now, there's a campaign underway to answer Villaraigosa.

With toilet brushes.

KFI's John and Ken show has details of the "Amnesty Brush-Off."

Reader Jeff M. e-mails: "So many people are sending in toilet brushes that prices have been climbing (even on Amazon where toilet brushes have been hitting the # 1 spot on their sales charts)!"

Some nice ones available here and here.

We should be outraged? At this? Malkin is actually defending the folks who clean their own toilets?


I bet you are a great grandmother. It's so nice your grandson set up that computer for you. I know your daughter is grateful for your help and that you have a nice Easter even without the cheesecake. Your up thread reference to the Baltimore Catechism made me chuckle. " Who made you? " Who is God?
all the great existential questions reduced to single sentence answers. Life was so simple then. Everyone knew who they were and what they believed.
Syl: I'm sure you remember your Baltimore Catechism as well.
I agree with your point about not talking politics with liberal friends. It's why I post here. Every now and then we have a lunch table discussion with like thinkers otherwise it can get too explosive. My side of the family pretty much thinks along the same vein.


I think this toilet brush idea is a laugh riot!


We should be outraged? At this? Malkin is actually defending the folks who clean their own toilets?

You're not being serious, my friend. This example is reaching beyond any fair standards.

You think that this sophomoric toilet brush stunt is equivalent to O'Connor posting at DKos that she wishes the president contract cancer and die a prolonged and painful death?

And then followup posters at DKos congratulating her for the post?

Toilet brushes/cleaning versus cancer?

Provide for me posts from bloggers on the libertarian/right side of the spectrum who dream of the deaths of Democratic figures. Or liberal Hollywood actors.

You can't do it. There is no equivalent on the right side of the internet of the Zunigas and Blacks and O'Connors.

To be honest, I think I should withdraw my little (it was a bit more mischievous than serious) challenge. It's not going to get both of us anywhere except perhaps more angry at one another.

Another example, perhaps of the gap between good folks on the left and right. Not sure how we got here; that divide has always been here (and elsewhere). The tribalism of politics, so to speak.

I guess there are left and right posters on a blog in Costa Rica yelling at one another right now too.



Maybe your granddaughter wanted face time with grandma, and was impressed with the performance under pressure bit.


That Baltimore Catachism wasn't so simple in high school with the old style Ursuline Nuns and Augustine Priests came in twice a week for discussion.
We have an extensive list of what is a lie, for instance. And Matthews used to always talk about Christian Brothers I think/Catholic H.S. - Isn't he Holy Cross? Anyway, I know he knows the list - and thought that perhaps it was combo of Good Friday and Gen Tommy Franks taking no guff that he was laying low.
Then BenVenista came on and I had to wonder if Chrissy was heading to the Confessional so he could parade tomorrow morning.
Have you visited Vanderleun lately. American Digest - he's got Eliot w/ Gerard visuals up for
past two days. Read the other Friday post - "Some policies are not for changing" paraphase.
Can't take the circular battles
but isn't that how lawyers hone their skills?

The Toilet Brush thing:
What TT doesn't get and what he is buying into are all these "rich" lefties who do the "they watch our children, they clean our houses,do our gardening, they take care of our elderly"
They don't watch any of my daughters' children, clean there houses, do their yards or take care of me - why should my daughters and people like them pay taxes to help out the spoiled rich. Erica Jong was on Bill Maher week before last (Thomas Lifson/American Thinker posted about Maher week before - so I looked in) Jong said "if it were
not for immigrants she would never have been able to develope her
I'd say that is one strike against the illegals!

Happy Easter - in case I fade after the all nighter.


Ward Churchill/David Horowitz debate on CSPAN right now.

Just don't have stomach for it tonight.



I'd say that is one strike against the illegals!

I disagree. It's one strike against the rich lefties. It's not the illegals fault that the rich people eat them up 'cause they work cheap and work well.

If the rich folks weren't so eager to hire cheap, there would not be as much incentive for these people to cross the border.

We have millions of illegals here. Now. And we can't just throw them out. Think of the logistics of doing that! We can complain about the policies that brought them here. That's fine. And we can make changes so this won't continue.

But most of these illegals ARE hardworking and decent people. And I think we should find a solution that's the least disruptive to our communities, our businesses, and the illegals.

As for our tax dollars being spent on them. Our tax dollars are being spent on a lot of things. It would be interesting if someone actually figured out how many pennies it costs us each year in comparison to everything else and in comparison to how much it will cost us for changes in policy in terms of enforcement, a wall, whatever the legislation finally is.



Here is a quotation from David Neiwert of Orcinus.

"The main mechanism for converting mainstream conservatives into right-wing extremists and white nationalists is a process I call transmission: extremist ideas and principles are repackaged for mainstream consumption, stripped of overt racism and hatefulness and presented as ordinary politics. As these ideas advance, they create an open environment for the gradual adoption of the core of bigotry that animates them.

This strategy was first enunciated by Patrick Buchanan back in 1989, in a nationally syndicated column that expressed a level of kinship with David Duke, who at that point was building momentum in a bid to win the Louisiana governorship. Buchanan thought the GOP overreacted to Duke and his Nazi "costume" by denouncing him; he urged:

Take a hard look at Duke’s portfolio of winning issues and expropriate those not in conflict with GOP principles, [such as] reverse discrimination against white folks.

It was a simple formula: Look at the issues that attract white supremacist votes, strip out the racism (or anything inimical to good public relations for the GOP) and present them to the public as fresh, "cutting edge" ideas. In the process, you’ll attract a lot of middle-class white voters who harbor unspoken racial resentments."

The top drawer right wingers are too smart to make it obvious. Others are a little easier to spot.

Posts - not comments

Jeff Goldstein

1. "Chimpy McHitlerburton's Smirky Rodeo Ride Through History, 20"

A Jeff Goldstein - post title. No one on who is serious on the left actually uses "Chimpy" etc. except childish commenters who are a pale imitation of your typical LGF commenter - but folks on the right seem to view it as a disease. Its like people who use the word "democrat" as an adjective instead of "democratic" - if you hear that, you know where they stand.

2." The Center Will Not Hold"

The moral sense has been bred out of certain sections of the population, like the wings have been bred off certain chickens to produce more white meat. This is a generation of wingless chickens, which is what I suppose Nietzsche meant when he said God is dead."— Flannery O'Connor

Another Goldstein post - identifying himself as the center. That seems to be a rather common affliction among folks like Jeff - sort of like the poster upthread who labeled yours truly as "delusional". Those who disagree with him have nor moral sense! :) I've also been accused before on this very blog as having the same MO as the rapist-murderer in a Clint Eastwood movie. Label yourself as the center - label those you disagree with as "the lunatic fringe". Its very easy to do and leads to lots of people talking and no one listening.

Not to mention Goldstein' s whole "question their patriotism" meme.

Charles Johnson.

1. There are no words: Muslim father enlisted wives' help in raping daughters. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

Rapes also happen right here in the good ole USA with depressing frequency - and in fact my ex-wife was an psychologist who had many, many clients who were victims of childhood sexual abuse. "Islam" has nothing to do with it.

2. Who says Saudi Arabia never invents anything useful? Why, they're actually supplying other countries with these fabulous new devices: Amputation Machines.

This does not invite commenters to spew on about how Arabs are "uncivilized", to keep it clean?

3. This is not good news, as Italy seems to be taking a big step toward appeasement and Communism: 2 Exit Polls Show Berlusconi Losing.

The terrorists are winning. You know, the Italians just might be voting for other reasons than the Global war on Terror. We may think that everyone reacts to us and only us - but I'm afraid that's not so. Prodi has been Prime Minister before - but one would never know it from this.

Michelle Malkin

"Aztlan is a long-held notion among Mexico’s intellectual elite and political class, which asserts that the American southwest rightly belongs to Mexico. Advocates believe the reclamation (or reconquista) of Aztlan will occur through sheer demographic force. If the rallies across the country are any indication, reconquista is already complete"

This was part of a smear campaign against Cruz Bustemonte in California. She give us no proof of this - and it is real easy to read this as if Mexican immigration is a Mexican nationalist plot - not a bunch of people looking for work. I doubt the guys who fixed my roof are plotting to retake Texas.

Let me close with another quotation from David Niewert:

"Thus, the editors at sites like Little Green Footballs, Free Republic, or RedState provide few substantive instances of outright racism — but plenty of examples of repackaged extremism. Their commenters, however, are another story altogether; as we've seen, their audiences are all too glad to revel in the underlying bigotry.


The end result is a poisonous environment in which not merely the ideas, but the endemic attitudes and worldview, of the racist right receive not just fresh clothes but a whole new generation of adherents. This is why, for instance, so much naked eliminationism aimed not just at illegal immigrants and Muslims but, generically, "treasonous" American liberals has become inextricably interwoven with right-wing rhetoric in recent years."

Its all there - just look.


There also seems to be a sense of self righteous indignation on the left leaning blogs when anyone tries to inject a bit of humor in dissenting comments.

Recently, in an opposing comment to an essay in FireDogLake, I started the rebuttal with:

“Perhaps your BDS has given you mental cramps”

The balance of the post was an expletive-free, reasoned counter argument to the thrust of the original essay. This rather innocent witticism was met with a stern warning that similar blasphemous phrases would earn banishment from the “reality based community”.

Granted, had I lost the number of elections the left has had to endure or was tasked with defending the positions they do, I might be a bit touchy too. However, I think this cosmic-scale anger so prevalent on the left today has destroyed what little sense of humor they had to begin with.


My "josh" was that w/o those particular immigrants we would have been spared Erica Jong.

Didn't you read the prior graph
regarding the Rich Left's plea based on their own sense of entitlement to CHEAP labor to do all the dirty work. Perhaps it was a lame attempt to make fun of those who present the issue in their selfish terms.

Our stars are crossed? Or is this payback %) for last night? %)
(those are grins)

But look what I found at Godwins just now:

Robert Godwin's post today was updated when he read WaPo piece:
(link is to site- not archive) I tagged to match his post!

OneCosmos: Mind Parasites, Divine and Human
Saturday, April 15, 2006


What an outstanding link sent to me

The Left, Online and Outraged
Liberal Blogger Finds an Outlet and a Community

This is one of the most vivid accounts of leftist mind parasites I have ever read. The idea that this has only to do with George Bush strikes me as somewhat preposterous. After all, we all have George Bush as President. And yet, not all of us are plunged into an infinitely malevolent psychological space as a result:

"In the angry life" of this blogger, "the rage begins as soon as she opens her eyes and realizes that her president is still George W. Bush. The sun has yet to rise and her family is asleep, but no matter; as soon as the realization kicks in," she is "out of bed and heading toward her computer."

In the persecuted world of the Angry Left, she has the reputation "as one of the angriest of all. 'One long, sustained scream' is how she describes the writing she does for various Web logs, as she wonders what she should scream about this day."

"Should it be about Bush, whom she considers 'malevolent,' a 'sociopath' and 'the Antichrist'? She smokes another cigarette. Should it be about Vice President Cheney, whom she thinks of as 'Satan,' or about Karl Rove, 'the devil'? Should it be about the 'evil' Republican Party, or the 'weaselly, capitulating, self-aggrandizing, self-serving' Democrats, or the Catholic Church, for which she says 'I have a special place in my heart . . . a burning, sizzling, putrescent place where the guilty suffer the tortures of the damned'?"

Ah, the truly AWESOME power of the symmetrical unconscious!

"'I feel like I'm being molested everytime I hear [Bush's] voice,' one person writes on the Daily Kos Web site while watching a Bush news conference."

You ARE being molested, my leftist friend! But I'm afraid it's an inside job.

"Powerlessness" is one weak explanation. "This is born of powerlessness."

Yes, powerlessness in the face of something that absolutely envelops and smothers the conscious mind.

"It has come to the point where the worst people on Earth are running the Earth." As a result, "I am this close to being one of those muttering people pushing a cart.. I'm insane with rage and grief."

badda-BING! It is so rare to stumble upon truth. When one does so, it is best to stop searching after it. Rather, try to digest it.

"The cigarettes are because of a personality that she describes as compulsive. The nonalcoholic beer is because for several years she drank to excess. The note [above her computer] that says 'Why am I/you here?' is because she is in constant search of an answer."

Oh baby. Compulsiveness. Impulsivity. Addiction. Molestation. Powerlessness. Rage. Splitting. Projection. Identity confusion. If you're a psychologist, this was a beautiful article, in the way I imagine the equations of quantum physics are beautiful to a physicist.

And I haven't yet checked Dr.Sanity or Shrinkwrapped.

And IstaPundit has the links to the OSU profs "threatened by a book list" - if anyone is debating
Profs with TT.

richard mcenroe

Texas Toast — The Aztlan movement is very real, very active, and very scary in LA. Even lefty papers like the LA Weekly have done extensive features on it. Were you not aware of that or did you simply think we wouldn't be?


The tax thing is about PA State Income tax which requires filing if you made more than $33.00.

So many children/students doing odd job are required to file. If you put in "compensation" line you must have W2's or fill in form that say you tried to get them. The only other choice seems to be to file as Business.
There is nothing in the booklet that gives a parent directions on how to easily report the young grass mower's or babysitter's earnings.
The rate is .0307, $33.00 =
tax due of $1.01! (S1.00 or less you don't have to pay) At what amount is my state actually increasing revenue with all costs of forms processing etc. That was my question and why I have been up since yesterday and having an Easter without the cheesecakes! Sad tale or procrastination & deception and skimpy dessert table all up there somewhere.

Happy Easter and may we have new begining with the morning.


Oh good lord please read back over this thread and imagine there is no such thing as irony.

Happy Easter and may we have new begining with the morning.

chin chin

JM Hanes


You haven't posted a list of righty/libertarian outrages, you've just posted a list of opinions you disagree with.

What amazes me however, is that you blithely explain the lack of actual vitriol in your examples by asserting that folks on the right are just smart enough to know they have to cover up their bigotry. You could hardly seem more determined to offend, which is pretty bizarre given the context!

One of the reasons I post to discussions over here is because you don't have to spend nearly as much time shoveling stereotypes with folks who simultaneously seem to have almost zero self-awareness -- not to mention absolutely no ear for either satire or irony at all.


The quotes by Texas Toast are just that,quote,no more no less,certainly do nothing to back up the claim that right wing bloggers are guilty of hoping the opposition die of cancer.
TT uses the old witch hunter general trick of,used by "anti racialists" that the mere mention of racial subject makes one a racist.Malkin does not hope the Mexicans die horribly.
All very lame stuff from TT,wildly off the subject of the challenge.


This is from the Rumsfeld thread
Psychopathic poison unsuited to civil discourse.



So we should take an over the top leftwing writer seriously (kill President Bush, for instance), yet over the top rightees get a pass? The other side's extremists are scary and ours are humorous. Right? I guess it all depends on one's point of view.

Maryscott O'Connor is the Rude Pundit - with a heavy dose of irony. Its a gag - a pose - yet she is the primary example in the Post of the unhinged left. Should we take also take Jesus' General seriously?

Richard, above, takes the Aztlan stuff seriously. There may, in fact, be a few Hispanic nuts who long for a reconquista, but the "movement" is a creation of Reynolds and Malkin and others. Every group has its crazys - but applying their goals to the entire Hispanic immigrant population seems a bit over the top, n'est pas? Should we also suppose that all (or most) rightwingers have the Minuteman agenda?

Crazy leftwingers in this country write horribly rude e-mails to the Washington Post. They weren't civil when the Post tried to paint Democrats with the Abramoff stuff and when they hired a founder of Redstate to achieve "balance." This hitjob on leftwing bloggers is the response. I don't see Marshall, or Drum, or DeLong, or Mattman included in their examples. Nope, we get Maryscott, some KOS diarists and commenters at Eschaton or FDL as the prototype. The Washington Post doesn't get mad - it gets even.

Crazy rightwingers, OTOH, blow up Federal buildings in Oklahoma City. Isn't that a fair comparison?


Crazy rightwingers, OTOH, blow up Federal buildings in Oklahoma City. Isn't that a fair comparison?

And the unabomber had a copy of Gore's book.

Although neither had a blog, the unabomber made public rants and seems rather more insane than McVeigh.

Since you admit our side is less crazy in print you're just prolonging the debate you already lost to get in some more bashing. From your POV Malkin might seem as bad as Maryscott but asserting that here just discredits your point.

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