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April 15, 2006


Barney Frank


You are ordinarily wrong, but honestly so. In this case I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn't read what actually occurred. The student's 'private' telephone numbers were placed, by the students themselves, on a public press release as the contact info for their antiwar group. They made their phone numbers public and their numbers continue to be publicly listed on two or three left wing sites.
None of that excuses death threats of course, but with some lefties calling for Bush's assassination, not to mention the routine death threats most bloggers receive, I don't think comparing lunatics would be entirely fruitful for either side.


Then again maybe TT just doen't understand the basics of internet etiquette. When you post about what someone said, as TT does above, it is considered appropriate to link DIRECTLY to the complained about site rather than to some third party's take on it.

Since reading TT's post might lead one to believe that Malkin somehow found these guy's private telephone numbers and nefariously posted them, I think it fair to point out that Malkin simply reposted info from their press release, not some secret revelation as TT would have you believe. An example of the left's typically deceptive behavior, that. And by all means check out the e-mail she's been getting.

Thus do I find myself defending Malkin, one of my least favorite people 'on the right', right down there with Coulter.

FWIW, I read TT's posts fairly closely when I see them - not because I dislike TT, but being a born and raised lifelong Texan I am interested in what someone says that would actually claim Texas in their moniker.

Put it this way, in the Texas I've lived in all my life you don't throw down the gaulntlet and then fail to back it up when challenged - and to do so and then return repeatedly to claim victory will make you an unwelcome laughing stock. That's just the way folks are down here.


Shall we say the volume of political discourse has traveled infernally with Abednezzar and is a little charred around the edges with all the incendiary and improvised explosive devices concealed inside.


I’m probably gonna regret this, but I’m gonna ignore my own advice and dig one more time.

You are absolutely right that comparing lunatics is not fruitful - which was the basic idiocy of my argument. (Oh, I compounded the idiocy with spectacularly poor execution - I'm well aware of that.)

Maryscott O'Connor is not representative of me, or anyone I know - just as I'm sure that these folks sending death threats to these college students are not representative of you or your friends.

But I did read what actually happened in the Malkin case - which was reposting the phone numbers after being asked not to and after the contact information had been taken down by the students. She found it in the cache, the students wiped the cache, so she found it posted on a highly trafficked left wing http://sydney.indymedia.org/node/36508/print ">site and posted it again to make sure that her audience could find it easily. If linking to Malkin is important, here is her second post.">http://michellemalkin.com/archives/004999.htm">post. (although it certainly isn’t difficult to find.) Malkin has a huge megaphone - these kids are, well, kids. It is also true that Malkin received some disgusting e-mails, but it is difficult to believe Malkin didn't know what she was doing.

You might he interested to know (since I doubt you read him) that Atrios">http://atrios.blogspot.com/2006_04_16_atrios_archive.html#114537473175230527">Atrios sorta kinna defended Malkin. I think he is dead wrong here. People with as much power to influence as Malkin and Atrios shouldn’t be able to dodge responsibility so easily.


Thanks for the stand up way you called me a liar. (“typical deceptive practice”) I see you are not satisfied with an acknowledgement of error. I’m glad you so proud of being a Texan that you “watch my posts” so closely! I’ll try not to sully that proud name again.

OK – I really am going to shut up now. See ya.

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