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April 07, 2006



Since Wilson won't release the transcript of his speech to the public, wonder if he will accuse the Kos Kid who memorialized it of trying to "smear" him...some liberals not happy with Mr. Wilson's gay and violence baiting...


It's always good to see another liberal come to the realization that Joe Wilson is a buffoon. From Mark Kleiman (via Andrew Sullivan):

I've mostly laid off Joseph Wilson, not wanting to let the issue of his (execrable) character interfere with the question of who outed his wife as a covert CIA officer. But this from Daily Kos

You know when they first started trying to come up with a way to discredit me, which we now know started in March of 2003, they went through the old standbys. "He's had 3 wives, he's a womanizer, he's done drugs." But then they realized they couldn't use those because I've never actually denied them. I mean I'm the first to admit that, unlike Ken Mehlman and David Dreier, I really like women.

is simply intolerable. (I'd hope the report was libelous if it weren't written by an obviously infatuated Kossack with the handle "tlh lib.") The whole entry makes it sound likely that Wilson is now completely drunk on the sound of his own voice. I was glad to see one commenter call Wilson on his completely gratuitous gay-baiting. No one bothered to complain about Wilson's expressed desire to punch Zalmay Khalilzad in the face.

Isn't there some way we can send this jerk back to Team Bush, where he obviously belongs? It's too bad. Given Wilson's history, he could have been an effective anti-Bush spokesman, if he weren't such a toad.


--Jason Zengerle


Good God.

I haven't read Sullivan in a while, but heading over there from gay patriot and reading his take...that is some of the most outright mendacious crap I've ever read from him.


Val thought she was kissing a prince, and he turned into a toad.


And he's one of those with skin so toxic a touch will rot your liver. Anyone checked Val's enzymes, lately? Just reflecting on the eyes of golden blondes.

Rick Ballard

A clean, well lighted place. A little out of the way but certainly not hidden.


Posting so you can find the continuation of the old too long thread!!

I must say I was quite taken aback by the title, having missed the T in my first quick glance.
I suppose "taking (a)back" is one alternating half of the *ahem* sans-T activity... ;-)

cathy :-)

Rick Ballard

What's needed is a chorus of "Show me the way to go home."

I hope Tom had a chance to do the "Tis a far, far better thing I do" peroration before....


Latest on the Duke case: Accuser never mentioned Duke or the boys when she was in the hospital.

Gary Maxwell

I noticed a dearth of lefties today. Only one lame and halfhearted attempt who quickly fled. You think they are waking up to their three day drunk from the Fitz error gorging and the hangover is a killer? Or is it the depression over the California special election? Or both combined?

Rick Ballard


It must be a grey day in Koslandia but that usually doesn't hold 'em down for more than 24 hours. I've been wondering for two years when they were going to awaken to the fact that the President isn't going to be on the ticket in '08.

There is a school of thought which says that low polling numbers for the President indicate something about mid-term elections but it simply doesn't pan out. Mid-terms are generally about the economy - unless someone is trying to nationalize something.

Gary Maxwell

Thanks Clarice. The whole thought of that DA sitting in the forum and milking this controversy for votes is disgusting. I have seen some low life Democrats but this guy has to rank near the bottom.

He says in the article that 85% of sexual assault cases dont have DNA results. But in the ones that do how many successful prosecution occur where the results are exculpary? NONE. If he were not running for office in a heavily Democrat area, he would be looking seriously at charges of making false statements to the police.


Surely, if he's claiming that there's no DNA because the "attackers" used condoms, there's be traces of the lubricant found on the "victim" and apparently there weren't any.
And if she says she fought back, there'd be dna under her fingernails and there wasn't any. (Maybe the guys were completely enveloped in unlubricated condems which Lucy Rameriz is hiding for them.)

Gary Maxwell

Lubricant, latex, skin cells when the condom was taken out and as you said where is the skin cells from when she was fighting back as she clains? Whole deal smells bad. Rev Jessie thinks now maybe it was just an assault! How about the fact that when you cry wolf and there aint no wolf that you cant believe anything that person has to say? Her fellow dancer ( using that word seems wrong too) says she never mentioned a rape to her.

No evidence, conpromised accuser, conflicting testimony from even favorable witnesses. Show me why this guy should not be throwing this out right now and charging her with flase statements.


Perhaps if he and Fitz spent more time with law books and actual facts instead of using their positions to mollify those stricken with class (and power) envy, we'd be a better place.


Thanks for moving! I, happy to have any service at all and exclusive use of this computer, have accepted the "normal" slowness of DialUP - but --- that was starting my "frustration muscle spasms". The last doubled post was appropriate - vision is now doubled too! Need a few quick good laughs to shut the cycle down.
Where is Peter UK. The missing T
helped a lot - but I need more.

LaShawn really gave them hell and has had to close down comments.

I think such comments should all be collected and published on a site, perhaps titled:


Know that Peter, Soylent (where is he?)Clarice, Rick, JMH can do better title - but IMHO idea has merit!


Dr. Sanity beat us to it:"Fixed Delusions"


I linked to Dr Sanity last night.
Think her last line scared them away.
She has few appointments available!

Good Michael Ledeen piece on LSM MENDACITY quoted in that post.


Yes, I sent it to the editors of the WaPo reminding them that another correction was warranted and asking whether they intended to wait 2 1/2 years to do it as they did with Pincus' June 2003 lie-arama on Ambassador Munchausen.


Rove is out publicly speaking on Iran.

Do you suppose he'd be doing that if the WH believed he was about to be indicted? I don't.

Gary Maxwell

The district attorney’s office – in a written request for a court order to obtain DNA samples from 46 lacrosse team members — said the DNA testing would “immediately” provide “conclusive evidence”

The above is lifted from LaShawn's website verbatim.

Sound a little like Fitzy? Tell the judge whatever it takes and then if its inconvenient just discard and keep on truckin'.

I can not seem to shake this strong feeling of disgust.

Gary Maxwell



Hey, how are you making the italics go away? I tried putting in </i> twice and </em> twice on the other thread, and neither worked.

cathy :-)


Maybe we should make all prosecutors sign a pledge never to run for public office--or not to do so until five years have passed since he's resigned that office.


You didn't hold your mouth just right. ::grin::



The DA's in our county run for the office of DA. Is it not the same everywhere?

Gary Maxwell

You want the recipe for my secret sauce? Never!


Nice summation on the Weekly Standard ( blog wrt to "Joe Wilson's Forgetfulness."



While were on the subject of prosecutors, is it possible for Tom DeLay to sue for damages in a civil proceeding against Ronnie Earl if prosecutorial misconduct is eventually proven?

Maybe we should make all prosecutors sign a pledge never to run for public office--or not to do so until five years have passed since he's resigned that office.
What?!?!?! Illinois will be left with no elected leaders at all!!! (Wait a minute, is that bad?)

The prosecutor who hid the evidence that the guy he was trying for capital murder was innocent beyond a reasonable doubt won the GOP nomination for lt gov again. These scumbags really don't get the concept that "tough on crime" and "committing attempted murder" aren't synonyms.

cathy :-)


Place this (') in the appropriate "were" for a readable version of that question.


jwest, it would depend on Texas law I think. Federal prosecutors are really immune from almost all such claims.

Rick Ballard


Larwyn left 2 italics tags open requiring 4 </i>. The ampersand trick is kind of cool - it allows you to show people exactly how to post a link - so they can forget it five minutes later.

I think all blogs should post the three main tags right under the title. Not that it would help.


You wonder how the left will handle Fitz's error? Look no further than>next door.

In re-reading Fitz's entire filing, it seems this is small potatoes in the overall scheme of things.

JM Hanes

Gee, I expected you guys to pop up on the baseball thread.:)


OK, I've switched to Sullivan, but I am definitely switching back.

I was thinking maybe Fitz can't answer the question if Plame was covert because he can't get a straight answer from the CIA.

Were they tubes this or that?
CIA says, we're not sure.

Was Saddam pursuing Yellowcake?
CIA says, were not sure.

Were the trucks for biological weapons?
CIA says, were not sure.

Was Plame covert?
So far all we've heard is a bunch of 'were not sure's"


But according to DiGenova in the referral letter they have to swear she was.

I think they just didn't remove her from the covert list when they were supposed to. Either because of inertia or because there is a pay differential which they didn't want her to lose because they were the ones who outed her last.


Well until we see the referral all we have is a bunch of attorney/client hush hush and Fitz doing a side step all the time.

Why would anyone care today? Why doesn't Fitz just say...Yes, she was covert?

Would that mean he would then have to prosecute UGO? and Hadley? and Armitage? and Tenent?


A camera with a viewer.


And I don't know how a covert agents name would end up in a (just) Secret memo.

You don't just go around with pieces of paper with covert agents names that isn't at least Top Secret and Codeword and Eyes Only.

Such information is so close hold and the people allowed to see it would have to be tracked by there spcial message traffic manager.


No court filing yet?


From all we know I would think it says she wasn't covert but that her association with the CIA was classified Secret.


Jack Ryan was a covert agent. Even his wife didn't know what he did. Come on. I've read Clancey.


Mea Culpa. I have been trying to be very careful- even previewing. I tagged that one in email - then noticed that the pasting had inserted 2 item in middle of KOS statements - so cut and pasted and didnt recheck tagging.
It all was compounded by fact I never saw the completed post - it only showed me beginning. By the time I came back after reading some other emails - problem had been solved!

I see no difference in the posts where I use i> or em>, but I can hardly see a lot of the time.
i> is an easier stroke for me so I've been using it. If em> is preferred, I'll go back to it - so
if I do mess up.........


Put it the other way--the way most consistent with the facts as we know them--that the agency said she was covert but upon investigation it appeared that it was an erroneous classification which would not meet the IIPA test. If Fitz revealed that and revealed he knew that in--let me guess, Feb of 2004--what would that do to his rickety case?


The only thing filed today was Fitz's correction letter.


The response will be filed tomorrow--Probably at the close of business. I should think.


Huh, could swear it was due april 12th. Oh well.


I should think Libbys response will say something like:

Fitz is a jerk and a dweeb.
Followed with a correction letter.


Well--you may be right..It should be the 12th--I misspoke..


I'm starting to get the idea that all of this old news as if it was new news is to cover up the sound of documents being transcribed. The more Iraqi captured documents released, the more noise we are going to hear from MSM and Larry Johnson and his ill gotten friends.

Rick Ballard


It is absolutely no big deal - Cathy was just asking about why the fix didn't work, I was curious so I took a look via View Source and saw what had happened. I appreciate the fact that Preview is a real pain in a long thread with a slow loader.

Besides, Preeviw is only for danmed sisssies anywoy.


The last words on Flight 93 cockpit recorder...,2933,191520,00.html>Transcript

10:03:02 — (Allah is the greatest.)

10:03:03 — (Allah is the greatest.)

10:03:04 — (Allah is the greatest.)

10:03:06 — (Allah is the greatest.)

10:03:06 — (Allah is the greatest.)

10:03:07 — No.

10:03:09 — (Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.)

10:03:09 — (Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.)


Luckily he said it while being killed.

The CIA still believes his weapon was not 'SUITABLE' for hijacking an airplane.


Matthews on Hardball corrcting Shuster's report about Wilson but saying that Powell isn't on board and state dept isn't either. said Cheney had his finger on scale about Iraq war. Then he had Hitchens on who debunked all the pevious spin and trashed Powell.


At this point the Lamestream media and the Democrats are so set on the template that Bush lied about WMD, they are all willing to lie about Bush lying about WMD.


MR-wow. Some serious crow eating by Matthews. Shuster is an idiot and I've been following his ridiculous reports for awhile now. He should be fired. Having Hitchens on was Matthews way of doing penance. But only for one night. He'll be back at full throttle Bush bash tomorrow if not sooner.


McClelland asks for a public annoucement of apology to WH for false statements in Leak case/.Brit Hume exposes Fitz for the blunderbuss that he is and says how much he has gotten WRONG in this case including not knowing about Woodward. I think Fitz is going down but not without a fight.


Cheney had his finger on scale about Iraq war.

Matthews was claiming similar things before the first Gulf War. E.g., that Cheney and the "hawks" in the Defense Department had too much influence and were running too many aspects of the policy. Back then, Matthews was against removing Saddam from Kuwait as well as, as we know, removing him from Baghdad. If he had had his way, Saddam would be in power today, in control of Kuwait and with nuclear weapons.

But I guess the Middle East would be stable. Right Chris? Mustn't destabilize things. Realism rules and all that. One would think he'd learned from his Kuwait views. That is, sometimes doing nothing is not always the best policy. Even if Scowcroft thinks so.

I'm not sure what land Saddam had to invade before Matthews thought it might be a good idea to turn the man back. Perhaps Georgetown?

'Course he didn't use the "neoconservatives are destroying the universe" line back then since the "neoconservative" movement was nascent at the time. So he was a bit more tolerable back then than he is now.



I think the fact that Shuster was mentioned by name by the Captain and other blog sources really shook them up at MSNBC. A post showed where Shuster lied three times with incorrect information. He was starting to feel the blowback from this false reporting and Matthews continues to trash Cheney at every opportunity. Evan Thomas said the administration was trying to send a message to the Arab world after 9/11.


send a message to the Arab world after 9/11

Don't mess with Texas. You'll be dead and your people will be free.


The message the left wants to send all the time, on every issue is: we surrender. No wonder they all love the French.

MR-I can't believe I missed it. Would have loved to see the look of Matthews' face when he had to retract idiot Shuster's report.


I don't know if it shook them up, I think they just felt dumb. And they should, they were.


Mathews can take heart that he only has to retrack his reporting to less then 100,000 people (his ratings).
He could probably personnally call all his viewers and apologize.



Like Olberman when he is going after O'Reilly? No one is watching Countdown. ::grin::


Next they'll be saying Cheney was aiming for bin Laden in Afghanistan, but was startled off to the side and took out Saddam instead.


Coulter Is Paid $32,000 to Give 30-Minute Speech at College

By E&P Staff

Published: April 06, 2006 11:30 AM ET

NEW YORK Columnist Ann Coulter certainly gets paid well to give audiences an earful of her right-wing views.

The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun, in a story about Coulter's Wednesday appearance at the University of Florida, noted that UF's student-run speaker's bureau shelled out $32,000 of its $370,000 annual budget to bring Coulter to campus. The $32,000 includes her speaking fee, travel, and lodging.

Wonder if ol'joe is going green. This appears to be considerable more than what he is getting paid.


Rebroadcast of Matthews on now. Hope I didn't miss the Schuster/Hitchens segment.

Left him on original with his saying to Andrea Mitchell:

"Why don't we just salute them {IRAN} on their technology knowledge and just welcome them.."

Gen Bernard Trainer who KNOWS IRAN IS DECADES AWAY - backed Matthews up with "Why we've gone to GENERAL QUARTERS on this....

Matthews then threw the Isreal card in - OLD ANTI SEMITE PAT IS TEACHING HIM WELL.

With David Ignatious, they are dicussing what we should give to them {IRAN} and Ignatious(sic - but seems somehow freudian} adds how Kennedy gave SOVIETS all kinds of things under the table to stop the Cuban Missle Crisis.

dry heaves.


"Lawyers for I. Lewis Libby, Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff who was indicted for obstructing the investigation of an outed CIA agent, made a new filing in the CIA leak case Wednesday afternoon, RAW STORY has learned.

The filing has not been publicly released. RAW STORY will provide more detail when it becomes available.

Libby's filing comes in response to prosecutors' assertions that he was authorized by President George W. Bush to take part in an effort to discredit Joseph Wilson, a critic of administration's Iraq policy and husband of the outed CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson. Wilson traveled to Niger to investigate claims that Iraq had sought uranium from the African country; he found the claims to be spurious."

So says, half baked
Sue? Libby_makes_new_filing_in_CIA_0412.html


$12,500 more, he's raking it in on this schtick

One of Wilson's main suggestions was that American troops stop killing Arabs. He said he believes it does no good and believes that the United States is essentially caught in a civil war between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

"It is not effective to bring freedom with an M-16 (rifle)," Wilson said.

Wilson also recommended that the United States be more focused on training Iraqi soldiers, offer legislative support, assist Iraq with intelligence and develop a system to find Al-Qaeda.

During the press conference, Wilson also gave his suggestions on how the United States should deal with Iran. Wilson said America needs to be "intensively diplomatic" with the Iranians.

"We also need concrete nations of support," Wilson said. "Not just to take sides."

After discussing Iraq, Wilson went into the "sexy stuff," meaning he was going to talk about the story of how he and his wife became well known.

He discussed the reasons the Bush administration used for going to war, all of which he said were lies. ..

...Wilson said he felt he had been ignored by the Bush Administration to the point where he had to write his now-famous op-ed piece in the July 6, 2003 edition of the New York Times.

Eight days after writing the article, Wilson's wife, who is publicly known as Valerie Plame, was revealed as a CIA agent in a column written by Robert Novak.

Wilson said he believes the administration had three reasons for leaking this information. He said the first reason was to change the focus of him not finding any evidence of WMD's to him being a disruptive and unpatriotic American.

The second reason, he said, was to scare other people so that they do not disagree with the administration, and lastly, for pure revenge.

Because of all the actions that this administration has taken, and because the Republicans control both the House and the Senate and are not doing anything about the war in Iraq, Wilson said he plans to campaign for Democrats in the fall.

"This administration has highjacked the Republican party," Wilson said at the press conference. "Until otherwise, I will most likely vote for a Democratic candidate. I will not even vote for a Republican to be a dog catcher."

He's such a sssexy rock star now! (lisp off)


Rick Ballard

I sure hope it comes up on PACER so I can post it quickly. The photocopy stuff is a pain.



So says, half baked

Are you calling me half baked? ::grin::

Nothing else on PACER, yet.


I should have said the "Pacer Princess" ::grin::



They file these late, right? Or would they wait till tomorrow? Seems like a Fitzy one went up late friday night.


It could be filed already and not on public view yet. I think I remember one of the filings showing up later one night.

Rick Ballard

Perhaps it's a request for sanctions based on the half assed nature of Fitz's retraction? Maybe there is a little bit more inventiveness involved in his paraphraseology than that of which we are aware.

"Dear Judge,

Fitzie is being a big poopyhead - make him sit in the corner all day tomorrow."

Could be.

Rick Ballard



Non of htis princess stuff.


The hypocrisy of the media knows no bounds. Do a search for Fitzgerald and whadda ya get? Right wing blogs correcting the record. I'm with Spruiell. Every news outlet that ran with the story should amend their stories so when you search later it will have the correction attached. Won't happen, but that is what should happen.


I answer to anything. Even half-baked. ::grin::


Ooop, she is too tough for that, my bad.

Anyways, the George Ryan trial, well really jury, is just a wreck, more Jury problems

---"...With the assistance of counsel, the court initiated and conducted a brief inquiry of a report concerning an alleged contact with a juror," Pallmeyer said.

She said that "because of concerns for juror privacy the record of the inquiry is under seal." But she added that "all jurors continue their deliberations this morning."

Pallmeyer met in her chambers for three hours Tuesday morning with prosecutors and attorneys for Ryan and co-defendant Larry Warner. They refused to reveal the topic, but it may have been a man who called WLS-AM's "Roe Conn Show" on March 28.

He said he had a small business, that one of his customers was on the jury and that she told him real deliberations hadn't started at the point where Pallmeyer replaced two of the jurors.

The jurors were replaced with alternates March 27 after it was discovered that the original jurors both had arrest records they had failed to disclose on their jury questionnaires.

Defense attorneys have subpoenaed the tape of the radio caller..."---

Just saw a report on the actual radio call...up next.


---Observers said the meeting could have been about a phone call made to a WLS-AM radio talk show on March 28, the day after Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer replaced two jurors with alternates.

A caller identifying himself only as a small business owner named "Dennis," told The Roe Conn Show that a female who is still on the jury had told him that the replacements were unlikely to slow down deliberations. The call came shortly after two jurors were dismissed from the jury for lying on a questionnaire.

"She had mentioned that they really hadn't even started the deliberations yet, that basically, up until that time, they had been going over the rules that they had been given," the caller said.
Jurors are prohibited from speaking about the case or deliberations outside the jury room.

The caller also said that the female juror told him that the son of one of the dismissed jurors referred to his mother as "George Ryan's only friend on the jury."

"She said, 'That's one of the reasons she's off the jury," the caller said.

"Potentially somebody said something to the juror about a news report, which is really bad," jury expert William Healy said.---


Chris just showed a clip from Jimmy Kimmel live last night on Chris discussing Zell Miller.

Kimmels' line:
What a name - like a combo of Zeal and Hell...

Olberman leads with
" Not only were the stories of mobile labs untrue, but the President knew they were untrue"

"honesty challenged" White House.

Some have already apologized for misreported - the timeline has been all over - yet KEITH keeps up the meme.

I think God will forgive me for wishing fire and brimstone down on NBC'S head!

They are evil liars and I am having problems trying to only hate the actions and not the actors.



The picture of Wilson on the link you provided was hilarious. You so pegged him with "rock star." Full lisp please


Okay, so I am going to go out on a limb here (like I did last time - heh) and say this a definite appeal, if not a mistrial.
1 - Dismiss - Frank Cowles
1- Dismiss - Hung Jury in favor of defendant and evidences issues, lawyer guy

Big goofer ammendment and a tagent goof on classified on the Holy whatever in Feb.

Can you say too much on a plate?



I thought so too, I was going play a tri...ah what's this? Very important hair (and shoes)?



please stop!!! I am positively swooning... It's almost like I could touch him!!! Hair and shoes make the man. (y'all decide what it makes him)


That gut overhanging belt? Didn't wear Val's white lace corset that day. (forgot what they call them now?)


Over at Huffington, a commentor says the judge won't make the flight recording public because it was a fake. Air Force shot down plane. People, people, people...where do they find them?


He can afford to eat better now that he's a *****star*****


Hair and shoes do make the man, but add a perfectly dimpled tie and you will do some serious swooning.


Smokin' Joe's Teddie, Sweetie.


Over at>WaPo the headline is "Trailers Carried Case for War". Yesterday, pre-admission of makey stakey by Fitzgerald, it was uranium, Niger and tubes made case for war. They have to think their readers are clueless. Wait...most of them are...


"Fitzie is being a poopiehead"
LOL and I did. You never fail to amuse.
sad: You've gotten into the spirit of things here with your great sense of humor.
Am I the only one that loves that new show" Deal or NO Deal?" I try not to watch it but it is addictive!
Kind of like 24 but on speed.







Understand that it can be downloaded at iTunes after it broadcasts.


Hey sad and TS:
Ole Joltin Joe looks like he's dancing or jiving I can't figure out which.


always the humor
never the brains
tee hee

Maybe I'm really joe
minus the hair, shoes, and tie


Check this out OUCH


Shocking...who would have thunk it?

Wilson said he plans to campaign for Democrats in the fall


The guy on Deal or No Deal just proposed to his girlfriend while he is trying to win a million dollars. Howie Mandel asked his girlfriend: Deal Or No Deal? She said yes; he hasn't won the million yet.


JIVE TALKING jOE IS YESTERDAY'S NEWS AND A DEAD WEIGHT TO ANY DEM RUNNING FOR OFFICE. I told you he still sees himself as a player. I'm so glad Ann Coulter commands more money than him. At least her books actually sell!

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