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April 05, 2006



It is confounding, isn't it?

Cecil, I wasn't aware there was any issue with the NIE back in June when Armitage was blowing Plame's cover with Woodward. I also wasn't aware that any given fact can play one and only one role in the world for all eternity.

Forgive me if I am putting words in your mouth, but I could swear you have insisted that there was and has always been an issue with the the Intel all that way, way back when Armitage was blowing her cover, after all it was only a few weeks? later that Libby met with Miller.


You act as if Fitzgerald told you Bush authorized Libby to leak information about Plame.

Sue, you are right he does *ACT* that way, which a not characterizing the position of another at all.


topsecret - What I mean is, I don't think anyone has yet claimed that the NIE played a role in the conversations where Armitage blew Plame's cover. The larger point doesn't strike me as something that should be that controversial: Libby disclosed info from the NIE and disclosed info about Plame as part of the same strategy. That's all. I'm certainly not claiming that because Libby participated in a somewhat fishy disclosure of parts of the NIE that necessarily means there was some parallel process (Cheney to Bush to Cheney to Libby, or whatever) with regard to Plame. It appears not. But to try to divorce what we've just learned about Libby's conduct vis-a-vis the disclosure of parts of the NIE to Miller and Libby's disclosure of Plame info to Miller is just the merest Cecilian literal-mindedness taken to extremes simply to discount a problematic point.


You act as if Fitzgerald told you Bush authorized Libby to leak information about Plame.

Why? Just because I think this is big and interesting news? I think you're just being defensive. And on the contrary, if anything I think this was all another Cheney-driven enterprise, with Bush not even fully realizing what he was participating in. I mean, if they wanted the damn thing declassified, why not just ask Bush to declassify it? Why ask Bush to approve disclosure, compelling Libby to go to his pal Addington to get expert legal opining that Bush's approval amounted to declassification? Why shouldn't and wouldn't Bush just have been unambiguous about it?

As I said earlier, the question of whether Bush might have authorized or directed Libby to leak about Plame appears to be answered in the negative. For a while, I was thinking that Libby's point about the NIE being authorized for disclosure was meant to suggest that he was or threatened to argue at any trial that he had been authorized also to release info about Plame, thereby negating the very possibility of charges regarding the disclosure of classified info etcetc. But evidently not, at least as far as Bush is concerned. But there's always Cheney.


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Siem Riep it was. It was indeed spectacular, and amazing that it was found so relatively recently. I couldn't help imagining how the experience of going to Siem Riep and seeing Ankor Wat and Ankor Thom will be in a few years.


" Somewhat fishy disclosure from the NIE report." What the heck are you babbling about now? THE PRESIDENT IS ALLOWED TO DECLASSIFY ANYTHING FOR ANY REASON SO SHUT DOWN THAT INANE ARGUMENT. Libby was AUTHORIZED to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT TO COUNTER WILSON's LIES! Get your facts and your head on straight.

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