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April 20, 2006



topsecretkp - If you look at larwyn's post of April 21 6:33 p.m., you will see that you are totally and completely wrong. I also think it's just wrong to call what Kerry was doing gay baiting, inappropriate and strategically stupid though it was. But I am not interested in having that debate.



Boris is correct.

If valery were classified, sending them to CIA for information would NOT reveal her.

Think about it.

Really hard.

One cannot send someone off to discover something not discoverable.


So if they wished her to be discovered, they did not think she was classified.

If you want to believe they thought she was classified, then harping on being sent to discover that from the CIA ruins your case.


a coordinated effort, on the part of a smaller number of people, to get the word out that Wilson's wife was CIA and that she had sent him on a boondoggle

And if so then Libby's testimony was "criminally" evasive by denying it.

Geven a non "criminal" explanation that fits the same facts without the logic fubars Jeff is apparaently incapable of perceiving, his lock on the nefarious wife outting looks partisan to an obsessive degree. Whatever harm came to Valerie did not come through Libby, so hostility towards him seems purely political.


if Plame was classified, sending Dickerson to ask Tenet would not have discovered her.

First, a point of fact: Dickerson was not specifically sent to ask Tenet. Second, you must be joking. The only way this claim works is if you think Fleischer and Bartlett found it impossible to imagine and hope that an enterprising reporter after a tantalizing story combined with someone at the CIA (or the State Department or elsewhere who they may have known knew about Plame) talking out of school would produce the desire result: the disclosure to Dickerson that Plame was involved in Wilson's trip at the CIA. Do you really think that would be an unreasonable hope?

Furthermore, it's worth differentiating what Libby may have known about her status from what Fleischer, whom Fleischer testified Libby talked to about Plame, may have known. Fleischer knew from Libby it was hush-hush and on the qt; he may not have been entirely clear on just what her precise status was, but knew enough from what he'd heard from Libby not to mention it himself.

If Plame was NOT classified then sending to Tenet to discover Plame simply indicates Plame was not one of their talking points.

Given my response to the first thing, this doesn't really need to be addressed. But: Why? Because then Fleischer and Bartlett would certainly have spoken the talking point themselves to Dickerson? Again, if Fleischer knew it was hush-hush, but didn't know exactly why, but knew she was CIA, which was potentially touchy stuff, it makes sense he would send Dickerson elsewhere in hopes that he would discover more.

IOW if they did send Dickerson to discover Plame from Tenet, they DID NOT THINK SHE WAS CLASSIFIED.

Again, this assumes they assumed that if she were classified, there's no way Dickerson would be able to pry that out of anyone. I am saying that they would have no reason to assume that, and likewise your assumption is therefore unreasonable.

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