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April 06, 2006



Either verb is sufficiently exciting to meet my PR requirements. Thank you kindly for the link.


I thought the very same thing when I read that article this morning, Tiger,GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


It is indeed fortunate that 'they' are co-religious with 'us' and the languages are cognate. There'll eventually be statehood for the Pope's divisions and Bolivar's republics and we will be America.


Taxing wire transfers to a particular (or any) country is a ridiculous and punitive idea. My husband is paid in US dollars, we have to pay fees on both ends to get our money transferred here, and are at the mercy of the exchange rate and bank fees.

However, unlike Tiger Hawk I think, illegal immigration can't be tolerated in any country, even if the immigrants are poor. A country has every right to monitor imigration, and jealously gaurding its borders are a resonsibility it owes to its citizen.
I know if someone in my family committed a crime (possibly as small as driving without a proper license)- or we overstayed our visa- we'd be deported in a heartbeat. In Hong Kong they had random road blocks and occasional home raids to find illegal immigrants, mostly from mainland China. They'd deport them in the middle of the night if it came to that, because they didn't feel they could support people coming to their country illegally. That's just the way it was. It isn't a horrible thing to expect people to follow immigration laws, and it isn't a horrible thing to enforce them.

Rick Ballard


Excellent piece. One small note - pretty near every renter of private property is paying property taxes - they're just disguised within the rent.


OK, my spelling is awful, and I'm going to bed.

On the first paragraph above, I was meaning to continue on to make the point that getting money from one country to another is already expensive and difficult enough. For people on the lower end of the wage scale, it must become financially burdensome. There shouldn't be an increased barrier in getting your own money to your own homeland.


In my neck of the woods, white guys are definitely supposed to obey the law, black guys maybe, hispanics? "well not so sure" because the police might find out they are illegals...then the police face uncertain support from higher ups and mountains of paperwork! If that sounds racist, too bad, because its reality.

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