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May 18, 2006



If he really wanted us to understand his activism, he should just make public his tax returns.


I'm still waiting for the Barrett report and the E True life story of Whitewater and Madison Guaranty Savings! Any chance of learning anything new about that in the near future?

richard mcenroe

Bill Clinton: Defending Frank Rich's civil rights since 1996...



*shrug* Valerie Wilson's got a $2.5 million dollar book deal.

I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy one, but go figure.


I do so hope he humbly credits his charitabe efforts in connection with fellow humanitarian Ron Burkle. As senior advisor of the Yucaipa Corporate Initiatives Fund and the Yucaipa American Fund, Clinton pledged 'socially responsible' investment promoting "urban-based minority or female-owned businesses."

I do hope the millions invested in Al Gore's TV business and Sean Combs clothing business pay off for the pensioners.

See Peter Shweizer's NYPost's: "A Fund for Friends"



Did that book he "wrote" right out of the WH make any money? Seems the last I saw as it was on the tag end of the sales curve and headed for remainders was that the saucy advance (later topped for Hillary! No?) had not quite been recovered on net. Whatever else one may say for a Clinton vis a vis the book biz we must be certain that their peak is well behind them. At least regarding that ONE toke at the Presidency. How they must aspire to a sales record like Newt's couple dozen books...


Whadya think Slick Willie talks about his favorite subject: himself?

And how terrific he is...

Good god, how does he walk through doorways with a head so large?




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