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May 22, 2006



Looks like Jason Leopold is not the only bad internet reporter.



If you recall, the demand for the June 23 notebook was outside the demand in the subpoena. Further, Fitz promised her counsel that Judy would not be questioned about other sources except Libby. Perhaps she really didn't recall, but perhaps after a long time in stir and in the absence of counsel the only way she thought she could protect her sources was to "not recall". If she did recall, she should have been forthright and reminded Fitz of the agreement and told him the question was beyond that and that under the circumstances she would only say it hadn't been Fitz.

My spidey sense says Armitage was one of her sources.


***Correction--"it hadn't been LIBBY."


Now that we have connected Miller and Armitage via the Aspens Group I concur. Armitage is her source as well as Novak's and Woodward's and he waited for just the right moment to fess up. Unfortunately the focus is on the VP and his office including Libby. They are dying to get to Cheney ever since he beat them on the Energy commission kerfuffle. Cheney's clean-he's a lot smarter than Joe thinks he is.


That Aspen connection would clear up the whole Libby letter.

“Those aspen trees. I hear they’re all connected at the root. They all turn together”


Here is a pre-scrubbed Armitage and Judy Miller Aspen Strategy Group Screen Shot - May 4th (I was airbrushed/changed between April 17th and May 4th


Sorry, forgot to paste the URL


And here is the Armitage bio TM has linked


You were airbrushed,ts? I like you just the way you are/were.


and Wilson's airbrushed Plame Bio...I know Rocco did this too, first.


grrr me. typo queen

"IT" was airbrushed

Sara (Squiggler)

How many of these changed documents exist? I wouldn't mind doing a single post on my blog of all screen shots showing these changes including any that spill over into the later case involving MOM.

Sara (Squiggler)

TS -- the first link marked HERE goes nowhere.

Carol Herman

Remember Libby's personal letter to Judith Miller? It contained a line about the ROOTS of "Aspen" (I thought trees) "growing together?"

It was supposed to be code. Libby said, Poetry." But there are Aspen "roots" after all, huh?


that is why I did post below it that says

--Sorry, forgot to paste the URL--

Sara (Squiggler)

Duh! Sorry. So many threads going.


I have had my 6 month anniversary posting on this blog and have learned so much about this Libby case. But in some cases we are no nearer a solution than we were back in November. The wheels of justice grind slowly.


Link to Libby's letter to Judith Miller?

I see that Dick Cheney was a member of this Aspen Institute.

Hagel, too.

Now, when was this EPIC speech / convention held?

Rick Ballard

"The wheels of justice grind slowly."

But the billing meter is spinning at warp 9.


So true so true. Someone is getting rich off of this.

Carol Herman

Didn't Fitzgerald ACCUSE Libby of sending Judith Miller a CODED LETTER while she was in prison? It wasn't as if the words "the roots of the Aspens are all connected," didn't get noticed! But Libby said it was poetic license. And, Judith Miller didn't say it was a coded message!

All this was going on while Fitzgerald really didn't know Armitage was the "original leaker." Fitzgerald somehow confuses him with being a "whistleblower."

And, then, I REMEMBER LIBBY SAYING he had been in jeans, and cowboy boots; when he ran into Miller at some Aspen "rodeo" ... AND SHE DID NOT RECOGNIZE HIM! There's a connection to those "Aspen roots" and Libby claiming he tried to say hello to Miller, in person. But she walked away.

When this is over, what label will stick to Fitzgerald the most? Magoo?


Libby/Miller Letter Page 1

Libby/Miller Letter Page 2


I am so glad I had a few minutes to tune into HardBall. Chris Mathews brought some real intellect and sanity into the whole
Plame' affair by interviewing Al Sharpton about the case.

I will never get those minutes back,,,when will I ever learn......


So, according to Hardball, hell I can't listen to any more Natalie Holloway speculation on Fox,( my hunch; Adnan El-Shukrijumah, Atta & Padilla's Mohammed's Miramar pal, tied to the August 2004
Washington plot was at C & Js that day; that would explain alot; there's a whole new conspiracy theory ) Anyways; "Kingsley" I mean Armitage, due to his Azeri oil connections; through his membership in the AIOC and the Baku Chamber of Commerce, which like Scowcroft, Carlucci, Powell,
Baker are also deeply tied to Al Queda donor Saudi oil magnates like Bin Mahfouz and Alamoudi et al is the new star witness, in the Fitzgerald star chamber: Let the fun


Possible deal in the Wen Ho Lee case



anon: I think Drudge is just "ahead of the news cycle". LOL



Your response is here.



"the aspens are turning now out west. Their roots are knotted and grow together"

Judy Miller will be an awful witness for the prosecution.

Wonder when some intrepid reporter will pick up on all these little clues. Can't wait until they scrub "The Politics of Truth".

Doubt they'll noticed anything then either.


It was(1) super secret code talk for "watch out Jason Leopold has sources in Fitzgerald's office who tell him everything that's going on." (2)or everyone is chickening out and pointing fingers at me to save their own asses,you might as well pile on me and save Armitage's fat ass , or (3) just plain drivel.I'm rather inclined to the latter.

Rick Ballard


I'm having fun ruminating on whether Drudge was burned in retaliation for Truthout being burned.

Gotta love that reliance on anonymous sources.

Sara (Squiggler)

Rick -- seems an easy fact to check. Did the DNC support Landrieu or did it support Nagin? Either way it is still did they support corruption or did they support incompetence? When it was all said and done, I had to come to the sad conclusion that Nagin actually was the lesser of two evils.


Inclined towards just plain drivel Clarice?


Didn't DNC spend 3.3 million towards Landrieu; yet, Nagin spent about half a million and won?

Does this sound familiar?

Thanks, capitano! Will go look!

Anon, Guess Foley's friendship with Fitz means he is / was friendly with Comey.


I think Drudge had sources inside the voter registration program at the DNC, but they would have had to be diclosed if the DNC sued him so he withdrew it. OTOH I think Nagin and Blanck are no longer speaking. Mary Landrieu is serving her last term in the Senate and La, is joining the rest of the red state South.

In sum, I think that story was more likely true than not.


I hope Blanck will not win another term. Glad Landrieu won't run again. What does "joining the rest of the red state South" mean? Going back into private life in a red state?


DNC consults lawyers after Drudge Report story on Dean


Louisiana will be Republican--Jindahl will probably beat Landrieu the next time she runs. Nagin was previously a Republican and may return to the party. Blanco will be history.

Rick Ballard

"Didn't DNC spend 3.3 million towards Landrieu"

The short answer is no. The DNC doesn't 'spend' much money in aid of local candidates at all. Did DNC insiders help raise 3.3 million for Landrieu? Perhaps, although his big sister would have been the natural vehicle for raising money and the ploy was really about her anyway. She's up in '08 and desperately needs the NO Ninth Ward as well as the NO resurrection vote to hold her seat. Her brother would provide her with a better sense of job security if he were mayor.


I wasn't a Nagin fan, but I found Vanity Fair running the Doug Brinkley hit job on him at the end of the election period reprehensible. Albeit par for the course.
The powers that be were obviously behind Landrieu, and for that reason I'm glad he lost.

Sara (Squiggler)


Sara (Squiggler)

Let's try it again ...

News article on New Orleans/DNC politics


I love that Jasc Paint Shop Pro software. Not only does the screen capture feature come in handy but it's easy to photoshop pics. If one were inclined for example, one could photoshop a copy of the Niger Forgeries into Wilson's hand in that Vanity Fair pic...not that I've ever done that!

Bill in AZ

What label will stick to fitz when this is over?
Raymond Babbit


why did he stop taking her calls?

When did he stop taking her calls? The past Monday referred to, by which point Mitchell was really really pissed that he was going on Fox and wouldn't give her anything, was, of course, July 14.

On another note, does Libby's letter to Miller have a coded message or not? Is it merely literary flair or not?

Sara (Squiggler)

Lorrie Byrd has joined Wizbang. Her first post was an introduction. Her first blogging post is now up called "The Rove Watch Countdown." Go enjoy.



Holy Crap!

I've always thought flowery goo-goo BUT the turning part...hmmm....wonder if Army HAD TURNED...what a shame Woodward WAS THEN.


Wild Speculation ALERT

But what if --and i have never thought before--Libby was telling Judith that her MAIN source (Armitage) had already turned states evidence -- and so HE WAS throwing sand all this long, long time --- and so that would explain why Fitz asked for NO MORE sources and Judy got her monopoly get out of jail free card and...

What if this all was groovy HAD WOODWARD not been a nice little boy and not FORCED his source to come forward...

Would not some who WAS ALREADY states evidence be considered "innocent accused" before Fitz had a chance to back track his FUBAR investigation?


crud -- I meant

and so HE (Armitage) WAS throwing sand all this long, long time


So you are speculating that Armitage was purportedly cooperating with the SC but was not being truthful to him?
Wasn't the "innocent accused" remark made AFTER Woodward testified?


Wasn't the "innocent accused" remark made AFTER Woodward testified?

Wouldn't you want to try an preserve your "innocent accused" as long as you could ---especially if "innocent accused" HAD been your "states evidence" all this time?

Bit when Woodward and too many inconvenient facts get in the way you would want to revisit "innocent accused" to make sure that "UGO/IAccused" was not your achilles heal at trail?



I am thinking Cowles...a tendency to indict the wrong person and and a tendency to not understand what he is investigating...and so if Army was helping him out all this time, and Fitz choose to go this route then NO DUH why has done what he has done,


It's interesting though I do not see Fitz as a person ever given to self-doubt..Maybe..I have to think about it more, ts

Sara (Squiggler)

I don't understand. Could you explain for the feebleminded, please?



Me, personally thinks that Fitz's star witness, Marc Grossman was not forth coming to Fitx investigators about his 1) personally relationship with the Wilson's and 2) his INDEPENDENT and EARLY knowledge about Wilson's trip

and so I would not be surprised ---since Fitz NARROWED his investigations so early on -- Grossman and Armitgae have been COOPERATING since day one and Woodward just fubard alot of people.

--- BTW

TM was suggesting the reporter PUBLIC reports would give Amry security...well I guess but Cooper said he didn't call about Welfare Reform to the Grand Jury but after, in just looking at those REAMS OF NOTES --- from being new on the beat? Golly gee--- he found he lied to the GJ - so go figure.


I agree with you on Grossman. I am getting the feeling he was not forthcoming but then the questions have not be designed to elicit forthright responses on those issues.(ts) I sent you an interesting article about aspens that I;ve been mulling over for a while..See what you think>) Niters.



I am *speculating* that Armitage and Marc Grossman started *cooperating* with fitzgerald in Feb. 2004 and so they led they way of this investigation this whole time --- hence Fitz buying into a *revenge* and I am saying they were not forth-coming to Fitz about a whole host of issues -- which Libby's team is now raising -- and so Fitz is on the down low investigating his OWN WITNESSES --"innocent accused"

---in otherwords, he is not willing to throw his star witnesses under the train publicly ---they were going to HELP him and he hadn't figured it out yet ---if indeed Armitage and Grossman maynot, in fact, be his babies

Sara (Squiggler)

So this is a State vs the OVP instead of CIA vs OVP? Why? I know there was a point where Powell seemed to go completely off the reservation, but I wouldn't have thought they would want someone to face prison like Libby is.


I said they would be cooperating Feb 2004...scratch and make that day one-ish

and I would add...there would be a motive on Grossman and Armitage to go this route... if they belived like THE REST OF THE WORLD Fitz was investigating a LEAK -- th boondoggle spreader KNEW there was no HARM - No NOC damage so to discount their actual gennisis of all this BS they HAD to feign goodness and help to SP and say meanies were at WH


I know it's silly, but I still think Marc===the ambass of Turkey introduced ''''''''''joe and Va;'''''''''''''' FLAME



the gneiss was inter agency dsan OVP warfare...this investigation -- as far as inter agency interviews it to DENY they had a part and in doing so do whats easy and available and finger CHENEY...

Bunch of dunbass Plam friendlies think this GAME is worthwhile.



I love you AND your mind. But you sure think faster than you type ;)

Assumptions: Armitage source for Novak and Woodward. Grossman source for 1x2x6.

I think the 1x2x6 is key because it set the course of the investigation and would be obstruction if not true. But I haven't a clue if fitz even knows who said that. He didn't subpoena Priest or co-author, and if the source didn't volunteer that info fitz doesn't know. For all he knows the source was in the whitehouse.

But fitz was investigating on the assumption that the 1x2x6 was factual and seems to have ended up with Rove and Libby as the '2'. But he can't find the '1' (and probably not the '6' specifically either). Libby could point to Cheney, but Rove doesn't get his marching orders from Cheney. So fitz is kinda stuck about the '1'.

Unless there was a conspiracy between Armitage and Grossman, which I kinda doubt, and fitz discovered it, Armitage is Innocent Accused because his 'leak' to Novak was without the fitz-required malice.

Even Armitage 'leak' to Woodward wasn't of the required type for fitz. And though awkward that it wasn't revealed earlier, fitz probably got that sorted out and deemed it fine.

And Armitage's supposed 'co-operation' as touted by recent defenders may mean nothing more than answering questions when asked. And we all know how narrow fitz' questions are.

However, as far as Armitage himself sees it fitz would think he has a reason to lie being the leaker and not coming forward re woodward earlier, therefore he wants fitz to be sure that he's cooperating. So perhaps Armitage, who had sniffed out Grossman's behavior, told fitz a couple salient details that fitz may be wondering about.

Perhaps Grossman is actually the '1' (which, again, would leave Rove out of it, but might put Fleischer in as one of the '2') and was deflecting the blame to the white house.

Rove was called back to testify so many times because not only was he explaining the V.Novak stuff, he was answering more questions about Fleischer and perhaps INR.

And fitz, believe it or not, may actually be seeing the influence of Wilson on Grossman.

I think the result of the above, if true, will be no indictment for Rove, none for Armitage, and obstruction for Grossman. I don't know about Fleischer.


I always get confused about 1x2x6.

My understanding is that one Administration source told investigators that two White House officials told six reporters about Plame to punish Wilson.

I think 1 is Grossman, but based on what we know to date, there seemed to be no concerted effort to out Plame by Rove and Libby. The phone calls we know about were on other topics or the reporter called the officials.


I think I get it now.

Aspen have root SUCKERS and they ROVE around

Libby was saying your a SUCKER if your thinking ROVE will be indicted.


Has anybody considered that Marc Grossman may, in fact, be UGO. Meanwhile, Armitage is just peripheral.



WE know that but the rest of the world (and fitz) don't.

1x2x6 was understood to mean that someone told two people to out plame and these two people outed her to six reporters.


A bit of commentary on Fitz...



Thanks for the link info on Fitz.


--I love you AND your mind. But you sure think faster than you type ;)--

no comment.

Has anybody considered that Marc Grossman may, in fact, be UGO. Meanwhile, Armitage is just peripheral.
I believe that when JMH tried pasting in various names into the spots where UGO's name was redacted out, "Grossman" was much too long. (But maybe I'm misremembering...)

cathy :-)


I remember it as you do Cathy. I think Grossman may have worked in one slot but not the others and the only one which fit every redaction was Armitage.


Has anyone else had trouble getting to this link?

REALLY DONE NOW: This Mitchell-Armitage story from July 20, 2003 is classic - why did he stop taking her calls?

This is what I get after waiting for about five minutes to enter the link

To our Readers:
washingtonpost.com is undergoing maintenance and some sections
of the site are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Of course,
the latest news and updates will continue to be available on our home page.

Are they truly undergoing maintenance during the day? If so, someone in the IT Dept made a stupid decision.


What will we all do for entertainment when all this is thru and we have nothing to read???



Reading that Kelley article at RCP sure entertained me. Imagine if he is correct and Fitz's name gets forever hooked to journos in jail? Just too good.....

Sara (Squiggler)

What will we all do for entertainment when all this is thru and we have nothing to read???

Next stop: NYT Leak story, WaPo "secret prison" story, and Mary O. McCarthy trial and all the other rogue leakers and their trials.


cathyf: "I believe that when JMH tried pasting in various names into the spots where UGO's name was redacted out, "Grossman" was much too long. (But maybe I'm misremembering...)"

Only the initials of the paster. The part about "Grossman" being too long is remembered correctly.


BTW, "Grossman" doesn't fit any of the redctions; it's too long in every case.


How fleeting is fame. I remember your work with those redactions as real evidence in a sea of speculation. Appears you were right, too, MJW. I sure thought it was Tenet, back then.


I read that Kelley article too! It was excellent!

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